Hey Donald Trump - Climate Change Affects You Too!


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  2. Koa Arias

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    You're A Bad Ass Jimmy, Keep Up The Good Works. Aloha🤙🏽

  3. wagzel


    How does a nation that aspires to greatness have questions of science answered by a reality show host?

  4. Jon Dishmon Music and STUFF!!

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    Wait...11/22/18 mark that on your calendars. This fool just tweeted that it is very cold on the Eastcoast, therefore, there goes the argument on Global "Warming." And I mean he used uppercase because he thought he had us in checkmate mode. The fool does not understand that Global Warming does not mean just warm weather literally. I have NEVER seen such a fool as this man. Has he not read a F**king book? Somebody, please read this fools tweets before he sends them. The entire world is laughing at us

  5. Mr Amazing

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    Trump can’t change the climate

  6. Ana Abreu

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    Lol really good. But honestly this is not a laughing manner. Please vote in 2020 save the Earth

  7. Goahead

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    I argued with a Pro-Trump guy regarding climate change. As expected, he thinks climate change is a BS.

  8. Otto von Bismarck

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    I’m not Americans so what am I doing here

  9. Ataraxia

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    LOL like as if the global warming is trump's fault. You liberals are so dumb omg

  10. 정우진

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    They certainly don't know the difference between climate change and global warming.

  11. Stephen Brown

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    he said he doesnt watch you.he never lies?

  12. Jayden Powell

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    Funny how Obama is never criticized 🙄


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    Kimmel I want you to expose yourself for who you really are. Reach in my pocket and tell me what you feel.

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  15. L.E.S. Sosideblock

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    Hey Jimmy aren’t the devils you work for trying to control the climate? ☝️ thing I can say that I don’t hear or see about since Obama’s presidency is chemtrails

  16. Victor Mello

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    The only thing wrong with this commercial is the "smoke" coming out of the nuclear power plants, its just water, not CO2.

  17. Kelly Kerr

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    What a world we live in that it takes the talented comedians to report some things cable news is not willing to. Thank you!

  18. Joboo Luvs u

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    Kimmel is a drunk pervert, who’s wife smells like meatloaf.

  19. ahmed karam

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    Trump he believing only on sex

  20. sarkaniemi

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    I hope he gets the message.

  21. Quincy Recalde

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    The climate always changes nothing new.

  22. Esteban Guillermo

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    The biggest Trump's mistake is this one, about climate change, the only one, but be aware that he did it to make your economy grow, so industries that pollute produce with less limitations. Anyway, it is a terrible one, and I like Trump, but even I admit it. Anyway, Hillary would have committed worse errors.

  23. Steven Blackburn

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    12 MILLION subs and less than a 1000 comments fake news folks ! Fake ass mother fkn news

  24. Steven Blackburn

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    Climate change isn’t real stupid fkn liberals and the guydamn earth is flat. The founder of the weather channel even came out and called your bs

  25. The Salty Boat

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    Was that supposed to be a joke at the end of the video? Fail.

  26. The Salty Boat

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    Global warming is real. The climate changes everyday so... I guess it's real.

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  28. K.C.

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    Maybe you should turn in your Mercedes and take a train a little b****

  29. X109

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    121 Degrees In North Dakota - threporter.com/v/วีดีโอ-ojQ6HoyS1dU.html

  30. tyrone shoelaces

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    So is it getting hotter or colder or both? Or neither?

  31. Jessica Blue

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    Me: I hate Donald Trump. (Don’t @ me about my own opinion) Other person: Why? Me: Why WOULD I, I mean WOULDN’T!

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    Trump bastard won´t be around for so long, he doesn´t care....

  33. NC387

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    Jimmy is hilarious, but some people just hate Donald Trump so bad, they cant see the stuff he is doing right. They see only the bad, and blame whatever they can on him. I dont know what for, he will win a second term.

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  35. franaba nana

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    pendejos qliaos

  36. Internet Explorer

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    Who voted on this Stupid guy?

  37. Jasmine Bykerk

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    That video is trash! It’s out of line and so disrespectful to our President. You may not agree with what Trump is doing but there’s no need to get ugly.

  38. jojoinhere

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    do something american. you guys use the most resources as a country and as per capita

  39. Maverick Milestone

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    The earth temp by thousands of years. i50.tinypic.com/2ezibfp.jpg

  40. Supreme_ 76

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    Good thing global warming is total bullshit

  41. DeadlyMargiKarp223

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    @DeathZombee 99 Pretty much every credible scientific organization disagrees. royalsociety.org/topics-policy/projects/climate-change-evidence-causes/basics-of-climate-change/ climate.nasa.gov/evidence/ ocean.si.edu/conservation/climate-change

  42. Pedro Leal

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    And again people who don't understand what Trump will do for America because they're all delusional people who are ultracrepidarian.

  43. Ömer Faruq

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    well everyone talking about to many things.. i just wanna know who is those girls at 1:21.. badly need this info for my next college assignment.. please somebody help me

  44. ExerciseMachina

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    If climate change is happening then what is the goal, climate no change? You think you can get the climate to stop changing? If so than how do you prevent ice ages, because those are much worse for life on earth?

  45. W.W

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    Show me any climate scientist that is saying the goal is to stop climate from changing completely.

  46. live humble

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    I don't like trump that much But he's right about one thing This is FAKE NEWS ..

  47. Thomas Boulet

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    Rather ballsy. Not TOO balsy of course, but hey the guy's got a life, can't blame him. Just the right amount of balls. PS: these are non-gendered balls I'm refering (aha) to, be they testicles or ovaries

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  49. Nattalie McShan

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    Animal agriculture IS the problem

  50. mark haas

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    For some people "science" is a religion and scientists are the priests who shall never be questioned. Never mind the fact that even priests like to get paid well, and have a vested interest in exaggerating the Devil and the power of prayer. If the State is supporting the church monetarily then that's even better, right? I say this as an evolutionist myself, incidentally.

  51. Jeremy Harris

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    Tell him Obama created climate change to destroy America, then he'll do something #ClimateForce

  52. Aravind Sunukumar

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    Winter is coming!!!

  53. ReL0ad3r

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    *Only 337,407 Views* and you're supposed to be *a major network show?* *Weak Sauce* Kimmel, *Weak Sauce!*

  54. ReL0ad3r

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    Disgusting talk show host

  56. Yoda

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    May he be thrown in the fire pit of his own making. The man needs to go straight to the hot place

  57. You can’t know Ha

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    This makes him worser

  58. David Phillips

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    LOL! you're right libtards, climate change is all Trump's fault!

  59. Mary Rose Kent

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    David Phillips That’s not what he’s saying.

  60. Nancy Ramirez

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  61. Aaron Mijail Herrera Castro

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    *Is the thirsty girl, the girl from photostock?*

  62. Sochea Johnson

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    Why effect Trump? Climate changes women won’t wear clothes and he likes it

  63. Dendrobial Bright

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  64. Jay Jay

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    Ever heard of studying fossils dumbass. Can you really be that stupid?

  65. Topspeed350

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    wattsupwiththat.com/2018/08/07/failed-prognostications-of-climate-alarm/ Again, celebrities are not very smart. Lolol MAGA

  66. Topspeed350

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    It’s ok just messing with you. All in good fun.

  67. Mary Rose Kent

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    Topspeed350 😡That’s what happens when I post without enough sleep. 😴

  68. Topspeed350

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    You can’t even spell admirers lol

  69. Mary Rose Kent

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    Topspeed350 Smarter than the admirerers of The Orange Menace.

  70. Dendrobial Bright

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    Only criminals violate rights to free speech, THreporter...

  71. Dendrobial Bright

    Dendrobial Bright5 หลายเดือนก่อน

    Speech is being shutdown because the truth is coming.. the ones scared of free speech that control media and social media are scared to death

  72. Dendrobial Bright

    Dendrobial Bright5 หลายเดือนก่อน

    THreporter, you are a media outlet for free speech... not bogus science and theories. Please... KNOW YOUR PLACE!

  73. Dendrobial Bright

    Dendrobial Bright5 หลายเดือนก่อน

    Who from THreporter staff is fit to "fact check" anything dealing with weather when our own weather people can't get tomorrow's forcast right... let alone predict 100 years from now? How many THreporter staffers have lived a few thousands years monitoring this situation.. hell, how many lived a few hundred monitoring it?!? NONE?!? WAIT A MINUTE.... So what facts are you checking.. when you have NONE??

  74. Dendrobial Bright

    Dendrobial Bright5 หลายเดือนก่อน

    FACT:: global elites created "global warming" to collect a "carbon tax". PROVE ME WRONG.....

  75. Dendrobial Bright

    Dendrobial Bright5 หลายเดือนก่อน

    I'm here to challenge the THreporter "fact checkers" on the theory of "climate change" aka and formerly known as "global warming"... LET'S GO!!!!

  76. Dendrobial Bright

    Dendrobial Bright5 หลายเดือนก่อน

    DeadlyMargiKarp223 NASA is a former Germany scientist setup from ww2 and the royal society has an agenda you dumb animal cracker eating oar tugger.

  77. DeadlyMargiKarp223

    DeadlyMargiKarp2235 หลายเดือนก่อน

    @Dendrobial Bright I'll take the word of credible scientific organizations such as NASA and the Royal Society who say its real over a random youtuber who deny's it.

  78. 2thePtBassTuT

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    This is destined to be a classic!

  79. Mr. Sarcastic

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    SAFSAF SAFSAF5 หลายเดือนก่อน

    Who are the two hot chicks?

  81. Alexander McGrath

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    It's true, though. Trump actually complained about climate change affects on a resort he owns in Scotland.

  82. Kasun Gayantha

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    😅🤣😂.... hope after watching this he believing the global warming

  83. Crystal Giddens

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    Global warming is a scam that proves there is no limit to human stupidity. co2 is plant food! no, plants don't poop co2 out. they "poop out" oxygen! A simple experiment with two coke cans proves the entire premise behind global warming is a fraud! that they use comedians for brainwashing the public ought to be a clue to you morons! buy a clue people! they are lying to us! and when we buy their stupid lies they know we how thoroughly programmed we are. you idiots make it dangerous for the "commoner" to have a brain! they know that the more unreasonable the lie is that we buy the more programmed we are! they don't use "believable" lies to judge our programming. They use the most ridiculous lies to gauge how programmed they have us as a whole. damn! people are truly idiots today!

  84. TheSourAppleProject

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    Dude where are you getting these statistics??😂 for real! These are not in any way proven! Hottest it’s ever been? No.

  85. Ernest Ang

    Ernest Ang5 หลายเดือนก่อน

    that was so clever kimmel

  86. Zack Priv

    Zack Priv5 หลายเดือนก่อน

    Trump 2020

  87. Mary Rose Kent

    Mary Rose Kent5 หลายเดือนก่อน

    Zack Priv Well, to begin with there’s the extreme corruption of his businesses, his son-in-law’s businesses, the business of employing his son-in-law and daughter in the White House, the extreme corruption and severe incompetence of _all_ of his cabinet choices (many of whom have been forced to resign because of said corruption and/or incompetence). He’s made hundreds of thousands of dollars from people toadying up to him by staying at his Dupont Circle hotel and his Mar-a-Lago “resort” (where he doubled the prices once he became president). Add to that the 🍊💩’s odd subservience to Vladimir Putin and his ongoing attempts to impede Robert Mueller’s investigation into the affirmed Russian interference in the election. And then there are the lies...the thousands of lies he has told in the last 600+/- days. As of the end of April there were *three thousand,* so extrapolating from that to today would put the number to roughly *six thousand.* These, of course, as just the ones that have been made publicly-we have no way of knowing how many he’s made to various world leaders in private. He’s a revolting human being and he does our country a disgusting disservice by being at its helm.

  88. LadyDynamitez

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    Hmm, perhaps all the law breaking, raping and sexually harassing women, caging up little children (which got one little girl dead), spreading hatred and nazism and treason? Idk, just wild guesses...

  89. Zack Priv

    Zack Priv5 หลายเดือนก่อน

    Mary Rose Kent all this impeachment bs which you know is not going to happen because you can’t tell me one reason why he should be impeached is only helping trump get re-elected

  90. Mary Rose Kent

    Mary Rose Kent5 หลายเดือนก่อน

    Zack Priv Once a president has been impeached I’m pretty sure it’s not possible to run again-even if The Creature from the Orange Lagoon were shameless enough to want to do so.

  91. Meriem#

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    Monsieur Donald Trump est too #-

  92. AnoniemHK

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    'Significant man made global warming' is a HOAX....

  93. Mike Hawk

    Mike Hawk5 หลายเดือนก่อน

    Trump 2020

  94. Magdalena Lechner

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    Advocate sleep dig encounter annually lady impossible within frame


    TOXO REED5 หลายเดือนก่อน


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  98. Mladen Djambazky

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    Jummy is a sad picture

  99. Leivang Pauzamung

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    Next time do Obama

  100. Mia Zimmermann

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    Mom regulate familiar cause contrast movie far flood article appreciate.

  101. Arnel Lozic

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    Oh Jimmy.. sweet sweet Jimmy. Get ready for a lesson. Carbon Dioxide or CO2 is a compound that humans and all other living things ,aside from plants, respire out of their lungs when we inhale oxygen. You're gonna tax us for breathing Jimmy? (If that's even you're real name). On top of that. There exist to this day no relationship between the output of CO2 and our weather patterns. IT DOESN'T EXIST. If There is one. There isn't empirical evidence to support it because ehat empirical evidence doesn't even exist! On top of all that. You need to recognize. The weather of the earth. It changes, Jimmy! It did when we had the ice age and it did especially when the ice age went away. It did when the Earth was a firestorm hell ground, it changed when the Earth cooled. No amount of taxation (or theft) and regulation will solve any of that. They even found that the impact of the Paris Climate Agreement wouldn't do anything for global warming or climate change by 2030. Face it Jimmy. You're in denial just because you don't like the government in power. So instead of being funny (which you're not good at anyway) you choose to spread propaganda about the planet. New low for You! And your ratings show it.

  102. akina

    akina5 หลายเดือนก่อน

    I'm not an expert in climate change or anything, but this is a video I found to be very informative: threporter.com/v/วีดีโอ-OWXoRSIxyIU.html The thing about the scientific community is that their research is peer reviewed and checked and researched over and over. Only when there is overwhelming evidence is it established as a theory. Such an overwhelming majority of scientists, who spend years researching this issue, agree with climate change that it has been accepted as a fact. The scientific community involves years of cross examining, fact checking, and experimentation. Its not just a conjecture that one scientist makes. The scientific method has been, for centuries, the single greatest method for finding truth: unless everyone is corrupt, like you suggest. Don't you think it might be a little absurd to think that 95%+ of scientists are corrupt and put their credibility at risk for research money? Not to mention the fact that you'd assume a significant number of scientists are more interested in finding the truth over getting research funds. There are many reasons for climate change, many mentioned in the video above. Not everyone can spend their lives researching every fact: maybe they never did find that habitable planet, or maybe black holes or dark matter is a lie - maybe they doctored it all to steal funds. However, once we are able to trust in the scientific method, we can put trust in the 90%+ of scientists who say that climate change is happening and caused by humans. (I'm not saying that you shouldn't look into the facts themselves. I'm sure plenty of people on this thread who can help you with that. The point I am trying to make is that we can trust such a large scientific consensus.)

  103. Border Dude

    Border Dude5 หลายเดือนก่อน

    I don’t understand .... I don’t support trump whatsoever but if people really want to stop climate change .. stop using your car , stop going on airplanes .. become a vegan .. a president doesn’t have control on that .. the human does .. you make the change

  104. So Ni

    So Ni5 หลายเดือนก่อน

    Brilliance, and sadly necessary.

  105. Gary Hudoff III

    Gary Hudoff III5 หลายเดือนก่อน

    I hate you Jimmy Kimmel.

  106. Anna Espinosa

    Anna Espinosa5 หลายเดือนก่อน

    But he says it all fake news wait till he is in hot water, he is going to cry like a woman give birth ,but that's our president 👍😂.

  107. Oneill Highlight Productions

    Oneill Highlight Productions5 หลายเดือนก่อน

    Did you know climate change isn’t real? Y’all are pathetic

  108. David Lee Roth

    David Lee Roth5 หลายเดือนก่อน

    Shhh! - Don't tell Jimmy his show leaves a carbon footprint!

  109. Janie Meador

    Janie Meador5 หลายเดือนก่อน

    Haha I wish it was true 😂😂😂

  110. MLG HELP

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    Shud hav included that there wud be a shortage of cheeseburgers. Lol😅

  111. WPAM88

    WPAM885 หลายเดือนก่อน

    The well-funded, thoroughly debunked and discredited "global warming" hoax is the most fraudulent scam in history. Good, though, to see that know-nothing, utterly feminized, crying, weeping, hysterical, pussy hat-wearing, beta "male", leftist/feminist nitwits like Jimmy Kimmel are feeding the "global warming" hoax to their twit audiences.

  112. Peter Galbraith

    Peter Galbraith5 หลายเดือนก่อน

    WPAM88 Look into flat Earth! You'll fit right in!

  113. abc D

    abc D5 หลายเดือนก่อน

    Normally i am standing more conservative but on environment i m fully on your point of view -we must protect the environment!!! Go also vegan/vegetarian it saves a lot of water and also feels very good.

  114. Guy Fieri

    Guy Fieri5 หลายเดือนก่อน

    I wanna be just like him

  115. Joanna deymonaz

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  116. NicoNaut 9000

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    Jimmy Kimmel is just political now used to be Great now it sucks