12 Amazing Android SECRETS, TIPS and TRICKS


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    Hi, thanks for the vid. wanted to find out how i can add the facebook like widget to my home screen. the current links to the fb like widget are not active. Any pointers from you would be great!

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    Love your podcast. I just wanted to say ty❤ for all your help. I have a question? When i tap build 7x i get a entre password what can i do to get around that? Ty


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    I wish you explained a little more in detail how to get to the different settings

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    Need to show how each trick is performed not just talk about it.

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    I accidentally turn developer mode on by pressing it 7 times and I thought it's bad like I won't be able to get any software updates but now I just realize from that video that it just speeds up my phone. But if I turn it off (i tried clicking it again it says im already in it.) will it change my phone back to normal of should I just leave it on?

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    Had no idea that Samsung phones had a secret front camera, have been living under a rock the whole time. Thanks for the advice! Now I dont have to turn my phone around to take selfies!

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    I know this is an old video, but I want to thank you anyway. I have been looking for an app that turns my volume keys into music playback options ever since I stopped using lineage OS on my 3T, which had that feature natively built in. I was very sad to lose it, but Oxygen OS is way better than anything else in my opinion. I can now have the best of both worlds, so from the very bottom of my heart I thank you as a music enthusiast. Also, I purchased the 5T after hearing your opinion on it, and it's truly a great phone. :)

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