AMAZING All You Can Eat BBQ KEBAB Buffet in India!


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    Its 2 am... 😭😭😭😭😭

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    I'm vegetarian but...u really convinced me to eat meat!! 🙈

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    Where is this place located in india kindly help me

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    I drooled throughout the video🤣

  5. Harsh Gautam

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    Those are Cajun spiced potatoes and coming from a meat lover like myself... OMG they're amazing! Tbh there's a reason why you loved all the vegetables there. The thing is a lot of Indians are vegetarians so every place that wants to make a name for themselves as great food spots in town have to make equally delicious meals for both veg and non-veg people. If they don't, it sort of hurts potential business that they could've had, so yeah that's pretty much why even us meat lovers love the vegetables there

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    oh yeahhhh

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    Hclashckjadbv,sdbv,sdbvksdbvsdbjvdskbvsldjbvsd,mbvsekjvbesfbsdkjvbsdkjvbsdkjvbsd Ch-ch-ch-chicken M-m-m-Momo?! You’re right mikey I cant eat really adorable stuff

  8. Brendan Dever

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    You made a good choice. BBQ Nation is really bad compared to this. However, your "shark meat" probably wasn't shark meat at all. Still, better stuff than BBQ Nation.

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    How is this guy not obese?

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    The reason for subscribing ur channel is iNdiaN food ❤❤❤😍

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    10 usd

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    Bro you made me hungry

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    10 dollars for all of this delicious food and service I can’t believe it 😱

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    Yes it's 10$, that corn and potato is the best of em all.. even the desserts are great . Good place for meat lovers 😍❤️

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    You must have a crazy workout regime to not be ovese

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    My dad used to love bbq pineapples. One of the few things he still ate after his health got bad.

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    Is he the beyond science guy?

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    Love how his tongue is on fire and he wants ice cream but the chef goes "give me 5 min, gotta make it purffect" XDDD

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    You always have a BIG appetite and that's what i love about you this is the best eating channel

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    some meow meow nd sum woof woof nice

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    If you loved this place you would go nuts for an Indian Restaurant called WOW ... 100 times better than BBQ Nation or AB's

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    Anyone know of a good kebaba place near Los Angeles, ca?

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    Lmao bro had to flex for the camera with the machete flip

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    Camera man:Stands There The Guy:Has a Dream world eating food Its not fair

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    'Aww yah...aww yah..AWWWhh yahh...aww yah'

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    Sharks dont have bones😅😅

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    Awesome... I m sure u really enjoyed.

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    Its the first time ive seen a foreigner liking paan flavor😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

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    isn't emu an engangered species of bird??

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    Asians eat rabbits you

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    i think he made me hungry for 100 years at once.....🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤪🤯

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    come to turkey, then start to talk about food baby

  37. PTSD


    What is the name of the restaurant and what city? Thanks

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    AB restaurant Hyderabad

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    How can you stay fit?

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    com on bro you eat more than you can thats not right day r ppl that don't eat at all thats not cool

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    You guys don't say no no one can eat that much its what it is god forget you

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    But good job for not eating the 🐰 I'll not eat ot to bro👍

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    Why you eat so much its just food bro p..s.. It don't look good

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    You must be blind then

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    This guy eats more than goku

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    10$ wtf....

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    Food just keeps on coming lol

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    Your life span surely will decrease but still it will be a happy death😂

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    I was watching another indian food vlog and he couldnt even try the main course after having starter......u r the real foodie..

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    Am I the only one who prepares food before watching this

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    You eat like Goku. You are incredible.

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    4:19, so nobody's gonna inform this poor guy and let him know sharks don't have bones, only cartilage?


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    Damn its in hyderabad i hope they have a branch in mumbai

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    Any Indian Here?? 🙋🙋🙋

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    8:30 i just saw chana motor 😂😂 glad he taste it.

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    Indian momos are the best 😋 😋 😋

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    You T-series you lose, but damn that looks good! Subscribe to PewDiePie!

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    I've subscribed to both Thank you.

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    It can't be $10. Don't friggin kid us!


    FRUST VIZหลายเดือนก่อน

    Its around Rs. 650 - Rs.700 in normal days. Its around Rs. 700 - Rs. 800 in Weekends. Convert it from INR to Dollors in Google.

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    He's holding the knife in his left and fork in his right hand 😱😱😱

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    My diet is 1/4th of him

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    You need to visit iberostar star hotel in montego bay Jamaica they have the best buffet style in the world

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    oye zalima..........

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    Indian mums will be so satisfied and content feeding Mike! Love that he has an amazing appetite. He knows how to eat everything in portions

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    I'm a vegetarian and my mouth is watering Shame😭

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    It's a shame you are a vegetarian 😭😭😭😭😭

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    If you eat Indian food you'll just end up a rapist like them. I'd rather remain American.

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    And if I eat American food, I'll end up a mass shooter like them? What a prick you are.

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    +GAS GROUP Indians are not a race.


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    U are racist

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    Potatoes 😂 😂

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    A Shark is a fish!

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    Oh ya.... Oohh ya..... Uuuhhhh yaaaa 😁🤣

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    Did you eat everything?? 🤣🤣🤣

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    Legit i'm just sitting here like : when will be the next time my mom makes me some kababs? maybe in 2 years . Until then i'll drool over ur videos

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    10 USD

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    Sharks don't have bones buddy.

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    Legend has it that mike is still eating

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    Mikey DO NOT EAT SHARK!!! I am warning you there is alot of shaddy stuff when it comes to shark fishing and if you see anything that goes into it you feel bad for eating it

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    These aren't real sharks 🤗

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    you shouldnt eat the seeds part, in the chillies. its always hot

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    And they sprout inside stomach 😅

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    Ur right

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    "One of my favourite Indian desserts" is said for almost every dessert.

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    Oh, don't worry, you didn't miss anything... the Barbecue nation serves almost same stuff.

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    coal bbq and bbq nation in chennai man.. thats where the real essence of meat buffet is!!!! next time if you are ever to make a stop in south asia... make it to there

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    Visit one you will love it

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    Sharks have no bones. And are cute.

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    That is in hyderabad and the other buffets in India is Bbq nation which is not that good comparing to ABs


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    come again!

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    I have tried ab's and their crispy potato is insanely good

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    lol when he ate that naga jolokia pepper not knowing. that aint your mama's chinese pepper lolollolo

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    improve grill plz

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    ABs barbeque us great barbque nation is sucks uo

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    Oh yeah😉

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    lol great video but Ajwaini is not the name of the fish.. Ajwain is carom seeds, it's the spice that's used on the fish..

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    You never looked so happy in any other videos as in indian food videos...

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    No he looks the happiest in Japan

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    Did no one see the swastika at 17:12 ?

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    Man you eat a lot😂😂

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    “I love mutton. We are best friends.” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    10 dollars !? I'm moving to India!!!

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    No one ever treated me like that *flashback, Mcdonald’s employee: “would you like some sauce with that”* .... I stand corrected.

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    10$!!!!! Omg I need to get a passport asap!

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    +V C but the food in India is worthy😍😍😍

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    +V C r/woooosh

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    $10 + airfare = US price is still cheaper

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    new subscriber here i am very happy and satisfied to watch your video. . .i feel hungry every time i watch you vlog

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    Awesome 🤣🤣 btw, has anyone ever told you that you resemble Jackie Chan in some poses?

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    This video is fantastic....

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    3:31 that flip though!