BEST Ramen Noodles in New York! New York City Ramen Noodle Tour Part 2


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    Happy Holidays Everyone!!! I will be hosting a live video stream on this channel soon(sorry don't know exact details yet) so make sure to hit that notification bell and the time will be announced in the Community tab :-) talk soon!

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    Ace alloys aff02

  3. Mikli Kamada

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    Strictly Dumpling your not going to believe me but my dad owns Minca, kambi, and andante ramen

  4. Khris 1873

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    Strictly Dumpling lol i hear ice cube's music in a calm restaurant. Lol

  5. Mikli Kamada

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    Hi my dad owns MINCA ramen and I showed him the video and he says he really liked the video😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍

  6. cristian poupart

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    I got annoyed when that guy kept turning around. 🤣🤣

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    1:52 that guy wanna kill you but he know he cant

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    am flexen mit der canada goose

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    Dude go back to Paranormal videos, now I know why you slacking.

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    Great video!, but how can you eat so much?!?

  12. Anna Paulina

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    Funny how you said that you can’t imagine how anything else can top the noodles that you’ve had in this video, when a year later, you can’t stop coming back to Japan and Ichiran. Hehe

  13. Zip Brunning

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    That chicken at the very beginning I knt it was stuffed but the meat of the chicken looked raw the last bite he took of it.

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    I've watched this video at least 10 times...(Starting video for 11th time.) Love it!

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    So GOOD 😎

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    That fried chicken looks pink still

  17. Sage

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    I beleve the broth is thickened from crushing the bones of the chicken wing and releasing the collegen then straining the bones

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    what you looking at wool cap?

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    MU RAMEN IS THE BESTTT. The only reason I travel to long island lmao

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    well mike says to visit a place tonight ... better get onto violating space and time then

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    The only thing that I don’t like about this is the pork cuz I’m a muslim and we don’t eat pork

  22. a girl hiding in her room

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    The girl wants to be on camera so bad LOL 4:01

  23. Vincent Barresi

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    The spicy garlic at Hide Chan is one of my favorite bowls in NYC and I go there quite often. I must say the location in Hells Kitchen serves a superior bowl than the one on the east side you went to in this video. I also suggest getting the wavy noodles over the straight. I wish you had a better experience because I do think this place is top notch.

  24. Ahmed Mahfouz Year 8

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    Stuck here eating 50 cent packaged ramen that I found in the back Of a cubod

  25. Acsnaara


    Jackie Chan adventures? Lol he even has the blue shirt

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    Don't eat foie gras, have you seen how they make this??!!

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    Just had lunch at Totto Ramen on your recommendation. WOW. AAAAA-MAZING!

  28. KinxWiwi


    You gotta treat this thing like an infant. Eats it

  29. pld006


    anyone else thought that stuffed chicken looked raw in the middle?

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    I need a REALLY REALLY BIG bowl of ramen right now 😫

  31. yolks4folks


    "This is stuffed in all the right places/" That's what she said...

  32. Desi Rodriguez

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    What’s the name of the first place in the video you went to ?

  33. Th3Hav0c

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    2:08 guy looking in backround

  34. Jace Sayre

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    I'll be on the new york side of Niagara is there a decent ramen shop near there

  35. Luis Rojas

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    i love the music at MU Ramen. I see they like Common

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    You make everything look so delicious! I want some real Ramen.

  37. Sachi Hirono

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    I think you are mixed up with 'tonKOtsu' and 'tonKAtsu', despite that both of them are pork, these two are totally different things: tonKOtsu=pork bone broth, and 'tonKAtsu'=pork cutlet.

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  39. donjz777

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    Is that ice cube music in the background when he's tasting the first advertising food😂😂😂😂

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    Such a cute girl (3:39) working at that first place! ♡.♡

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    What is the best for you ICHIRAN RAME OR THAT

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    U talk to much and over exaggerated

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    5:09 why does pete davidson keep looking back at you

  45. Orek Tempe

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    Ivan ramen is the best in nyc

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    Sad about the Canadian Goose coat. Didn't know you supported fur.

  49. Nate Nakao

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    Totto and Hide-chan were my go-to spots when I used to work in midtown. I actually liked Hide-chan's Hell's Kitchen location a bit better.

  50. Akbar Fahrizal

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    You sure love T H I C C ramen.

  51. Br1aNn88 YT

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    And I thought sushi was delicious... It still is

  52. Br1aNn88 YT

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    NEW YORK !!!!!

  53. Southpaw_98

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    I thought he said it tastes like liquid soap LUL

  54. Ivan Villablanca

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    So much noise you make when eating is unpleasant

  55. Phu Le

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    you should give the Ramen Shack in Queens a try! stumble on the location by accident, and it's one of the best original style ramen i've ever had

  56. Majestic Baby

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    At 2:32 did anyone hear him say the f word? XD

  57. Ashley Terrell

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    Next time you’re in Vegas please try Ramen Sora!

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    Pause @ 12:06. the look you give the juiciest piece of pork in NYC.

  59. litewurks

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    First place has the best music.

  60. SylvainO1

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    Your videos are so good that they motivated my first food-centered trip! :) I went to New York City (from Quebec City, Canada) and tried some of the places you went to: Totto and Minca (and Ippudo, from your other video). All were as delicious as you said! I personnaly found Totto broth to be too thick and salty to my taste. Minca was absolutely perfect in every regard, including service, and surprisingly cheap. I will never pass through New York without eating at Minca! Ippudo was excellent, especially the refills of noodles.

  61. Luka xXlunch pail guyXx Doncic

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    i spotted hipsters lurking in the back, food must be good

  62. Daniel tayrimov

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    Check out Naruto Ramen in brooklyn

  63. Cindy M.

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    can't believe you didn't try Zundo-Ya. It was so much better than Ippudo and right around the corner. No matter how many ramen places I go to, they just don't compare to this place. It's soooo good. Try it and you'll see.

  64. Harry CHEUNG

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    asian pornstars=rare asian food pornstars=common

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    I'm so hungry , now !!!!

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    Every time I watch one of these videos I end up getting ramen or pho for dinner. Every. Time.

  67. Luis

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    what was the name of the first location in the video?

  68. tomcat360

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    That's a lot of sodium in your meal, definitely not something you want to do every day. Drink plenty of water..other than that it's delicious 👍

  69. Skyhigh 88

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    Im watching all your videos and Im here like eating a saltine cracker

  70. Elise Blair

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    He keeps using the word Numminess. Someone explain what he means by that 😂

  71. Azra Maliha

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    I hate channels like these... Makes me extremely hungry 💔

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    Who films his videos?😓 I wouldn't be able to with the way he eats, makes you so hungry! 😩

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    King of noodles !!

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    This is my 1st time watching you're food reviews i can't stop watching them

  75. pflau1

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    I agree that Totto is absolutely excellent. I tried the pork spicy paitan and it was beyond amazing. I also liked how they blow torched the porks in the bowl before serving.


    CHALLENGING THE NORM4 หลายเดือนก่อน


  77. Stone Yang

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    We went to Totto Ramen based on this video. I’ve been to so many ramen restaurants. This is pretty average ramen place. If consider the pricing, environment and service, it’s under average. Don’t understand it goes viral and popular. Broth wise, it’s way too salty, which is not drinkable, what so ever. The environment is a joke. AC was installed way back in the place. You would have to swear a lot while you eat, which is not enjoyable. Wouldn’t recommend if you have high expectation on both quality and quantity. Overall it’s way overpriced. Feel sorry for New Yorkers. They have to spend so much time in queue to eat mediocre bowl of ramen. Never ever put it in your bucket list if you are traveling, not worth wasting time at all.

  78. Ciah Tv

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    i swore he said liquid soap when heat the ramen @3:19

  79. FictionFaction

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    You eat like a warlord

  80. MrAkurvaeletbe

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    18:28 That's what she said.

  81. Eduardo Kerr

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    hey food network why you guys haven't signed this guy up he's very good

  82. Jay C

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    I was eating a bowl of store bought Shin Ramen while watching this and let me just say, it wasn't the same :(

  83. Kevin Duong

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    18:32 use a spoon ;)

  84. Catherine Nguyen

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    Don't judge a noodle, judge a dick ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    You look so much like Jackie Chan!

  86. Carla Kania

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    Great stuff. Hope you plan on doing more tours and cover the other boroughs.

  87. Ember Betz

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    Dude you are so poetic about Ramen, I have a great appreciation for that.

  88. Shawn Keswani

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    This video made me so hungry that I got out of bed at 4am to make some ramen

  89. Sangeeth Sushma Konumuri

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    Please do an episode on ramen in Washington D.C.

  90. Hunter Kelley

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    I will go and eat at that place if you pay for my plane tickets and gas money and rentals to get me from Alabama to New York City New York

  91. BrightBlue1111

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    Mike always refers to Tonkotsu ramen as "Tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet)" ramen LOL

  92. sara y

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    “Blocked by a sea of Chinese people”

  93. Adel Gaming

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    never heard of that title before...

  94. Eddie Heights

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    Calmly living in New York City and will probably never experience this.... feels bad.

  95. aksjhe ekekwbqh

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    Kasi naistat?

  96. Liu Long Qua

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    Great video! Have you checked out the Boston Ramen shops yet?

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    Im on my diet and wtf Im torturing myself watching this ...

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    Epic video brother awesome content 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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    I’ve started to notice in a lot of his videos there’s always one person staring into the camera 😂😂😂

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    Even then he gets the 'Sneeze Alert' he goes PLUS ULTRA on his stomach xD

  102. Ri_ Wil

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    that place got some good tunes playin in the I love COMMON!

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    I really enjoy your videos and places you get too travel to

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    Great video, brilliant music in the background