BEST Udon Noodles in New York! MASSIVE Bowl of Udon Noodle Soup!


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    Happy Valentines Day!!!! :-) By the way, if you didn't already know check out our Insta for more food!!

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    Strictly Dumpling you should name you’re self strictly spicy

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    @Strictly Dumpling I'm curious but are you able to eat with a fork or does it have to be with Chopsticks? Since there is a spoon for the broth itself...

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    are your panties down

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    Cis Connie Santos love me and the first place to be in the youse to be in the first place to be in the first place to be in the first place to be in the first place love💏😚😍😘😚💍💜💌💌💞💝💓👪👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👧💏

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    Strictly Dumpling P P

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    Food is always better than flowers lol

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    I’m supposed to be on a diet but I get so hungry watching your vids 😭

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    Wish I could go to Japan rn because it caust less than 5 dollars and tastes better

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    I wish they made a tv series with you 😍

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    Dang Mikey, like seriously hubby v thinks I'm crazy watching food bring eaten. But when I recreate the food then suddenly I'm not so cray cray. Big fan, love your channel.

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    Be honest if you saw a single guy talking to the camera at ur fav spot making you THreporter vids; wouldn't you assume he's insane? 😂 Props

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    You got a Hen of the Woods fungi at a restaurant?!? No fair!! 😲🍄🍤🍜 I've found them plenty of times while mushroom picking, but nowhere near as often as I can find chanterelles, hedgehogs, king boletes, shaggy manes or morels. Matsutakis are very easy to find here in the Pacific Northwest, but you can easily get shot by the Asian guy who thinks he owns the whole national forest. I remember one year when we had four homicides in the woods where I hunt and pick mushrooms.

  15. Lina Chen

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    Raku has set the bar for udon texture so high, it has ruined all other udon in the city for me. I always get the niku(beef short rib and tripe) udon every time I go, even if it's not the right weather for hot soup because I will always have regrets about not getting it.

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    Holy cow look at those prices !!!

  17. ataberkin


    Slowly boy gonna stuck !!!

  18. jwchoi721


    Wow you can put down some food. Will definitely try this place when I visit in Feb

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    the first time i had these noodles i hated them lol.. then.. as i kept eating anyways.. they grew on me 😄 there so thick and like doughy feeling, but addicting texture i love now 😍

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    as an arab its very odd to me the variety of noodles soups in asia cause i only ate one type of ramen noodles in my life 😂 ... there is a million type and i wonder if they all taste differently ??

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    I cannot eat too much but I like to watch you eat! Very satisfactory!

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    i love udon noodles!

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    TsuruTonTan is off THE HOOK!!!! great staff and amazing food. It's a win WIN spot

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    Sitting here eating chocolate I’m hungry AF

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    I wanna see u eat a jail spread

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    Flowers die ice cream is 4 ever

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    How do u make poached eggs?

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    Dude, Travel Channel needs to give you a gig. It would print money.

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    Raku is simply vomit in a bowl.( apology to vomit, vomit actually has a flavor ) I wanted to love it sooo much but the disappointment is profoundly heart-breaking.( especially for the high price ) As much as I love Mike Chen, every restaurant that he raves about that I've tried personally is actually really bad. Sad.

  31. ZomHunter

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    this is late but I love how in NY you find places that serves you food in an oversized bowl or cup or whatever and the amount of food is like a quarter of that, its like getting a bag of chips that even filled up on the inside yet the bag is big

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    Your soo extra mennnn 😂😂😂😂

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    I’m get hungry when I watch your videos

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    I really want the second bowl

  35. Kam Zeng

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    I got a simple yet cheap udon in Udon West of St. Marks Place. Next week I am going to be there.

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    I’m in love with your channel omg

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    I love the Spicy Udon noodle dish? I have watched this video over and over again. I know I will never get to New York and eat this great big bowl of noodles but i can dream that the owner will open a place near my house and I will get the chance to eat these noodles. Mike I love your noodle video's, they are the only one's I will watch over and over again as noodles are my favorite thing to eat in the whole world. I have never seen a man that can eat as much as you!. You are a lucky man. I want to eat that ice cream bouquet also but I know it is to big for me to eat.😍🍦Hey by the way could you do some more American food dishes! We all know you love for love for Chinese food but what do you love of American food, what are your favorites? I know your love for BBQ and hamburgers that are the size of your fists (and I do love both of those foods except the size of what you consider a hamburger, I could never eat that but I do love a hamburger but my favorite are Hot Dogs).. Thanks.

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    Whats the song that starts at 0:01?

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    Mike Chen noodle soup bowl level=flower pot. 🤣

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    Yo, what’s the name of the song in the intro??

  42. aaisha sair

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    Shiso is Japanese basil not mint lol

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    omg udon noodles...the GOD saitama also eats this..OMFG!!!

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    I cant wait to get a job and my own house so u could go explore the different types of noodles but my family doesn't like Japanese food

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    Im not a big fan of eggs so i can do w/o the eggdrop but everything else looks and sounds AMAZING i make food look and sound like heaven!

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    4:41 I hate soggy tempura and you did it

  47. Sim JiaYuan

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    Watching this while eating instant ramen, and I can say I’m extremely jealous

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    I’m starving, I regretted not eating after watching this😂😭😭😭

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    10:50, That's why we say Asian food is lite. It's all noodle....

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    Awesome video man.

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    Unbelievable! A completely differently treatment, yet each one attended to.

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    Idk why Asian foods like chinese & etc feel like it's my comfort food

  53. jaki mccree

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    Dude you're a fatass but you're my favorite youtuber of all time. From Detroit btw.


    MENGLING LI4 หลายเดือนก่อน

    This place is not worth it.

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    i made sure to eat dinner before watching this, but damn.

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    Bouquet of ice cream over bouquet of flower any day for me

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    I want that bowl. Love the color. Does it have a base on it that is dark, or is it just in shadow? Those noodles sure look good, along with the rest of it. I think I gain weight every time I watch one of your videos!

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    I love watching this guy eat food!!

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    初めて見ました! I watched ur video first time:)!

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    “Please do that when you come here” 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

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    These video's are great. It's just sad that you're an antiscientific purveyor of conspiracy and lies. smh. No subscription from me

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    +Elise Blair look at his other channels. Beyond science specifically. It's basically on the same level as ancient aliens on the history channel

  64. Elise Blair

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    aa ron what do you mean?

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    Just made homemade ramen noodles so I could watch this and not be hungry

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    Time too plan my trip too nyc gotta try this

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    I like ur food videos

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    I ate the wagu one. It was so good

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    He look like jackie chan

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    "That beef is so good it can tell stories" what does that even mean...

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    lol what a scam! the bowls aren't even quarter full.

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    I want some Undo Nobbles!!🍜🍜🍜🍜 it looks amazing!!!!

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    U r like Joey from Friends...

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    Damn dude, $14 for that bowl of cold noodles, veggies and an egg?

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    My question, where do you find the room?

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    Wait, that was just lunch?

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    I think you do a great job in critiquing and describing your food experience. 👍👍

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    All these people complaining about $20 haha

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    How can you eat so much

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    Kya kya khate hain bc ye chinese

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    I have a thing for noodles so I was very excited when I stumbled across your channel ❤️ Keep it up👍🏾

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    There’s a place in J town in LA called Marugame Monzo and I personally think that’s one of the best

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    I like the food you eat

  84. Yvette Marshall

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    Can you tell me were you get it


    IVAN HORVAT6 หลายเดือนก่อน

    You ALWAYS make me so hungry !!!!!!!

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    The way he is describing it 🤤

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    Do they give you more broth with the extra noodles? The broth already seems on the light side as far as ratio goes.

  88. Richard Serraon

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    Wow I really like your channel and awesome places to get awesome foodies thank you for the delicious info 😃

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    Hey Mike Chen, have you ever ate khao poon? It is a noodle soup. Have not seen you do a review on that yet

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    You are the BEST!!

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    I just ate and I'm hungry again, thanks.

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    This gives my stomach a raging boner

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    Wow... This was UDONspected!!!

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    How can you eat cucumber with egg that is so disgusting >_< i wish i can try all the noodles you are trying but without the pork and eggs

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    You remind me of jackie chan which is a good thing

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    Bro your awsome. Subscriber.

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    Considering it’s about 8-12 ish in japan for the same store.. this is too expensive because with tips and tax, it’s pretty much 3x the price of Japan.

  98. Criper Gamez

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    why do u say ooodong(udong) its just oooodon(udon)

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    My kind of Porn! FOOD PORN!!!

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    I honestly think your channel is a little bit below average but I can't stop watching you

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    You Japanese?

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    Post about places in LA

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    I love udon, but I'm an udon purist. I just like the noodles, in dashi broth, or cold and dipped in sauce. I don't even get the tempura most times. I go to Marugame for breakfast when I'm in Japan and it's 290 yen (less than $3). Udon is everyday every man staple food. It shouldn't cost $24. I didn't go to TTT even when I was in Japan because it's pricey there too. Dinner for 2 would be over $50 and you're just having noodles. Udon noodles that honestly, you can go to Hmart and buy a pack of 5 for $4 (I'm not saying it's as good). For $30, you can go to Ikinari steak (another Japanese place now in NYC). Just saying. I wish Marugame (or Marukame in US) opened in NYC.

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    The only thing I hate about all these videos, is that I always watch them when i´m hungry...... WHY! :(

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    I had to subscribe after this video... so many noodles, and so many bad puns :'-)

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    It would be better if they filled the bowl more really it’s just a big bowl but not a lot of noodle and soup

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    Give me that ice cream or that noodle can word