CHILI Crab & Noodles! Malaysia Food Tour Kuala Lumpur


  1. Maybe Pro

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    The owner comes with his own mic already knowing they are coming . *Genius*

  2. Jose Freeda

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    What is the name of the last restaurant ???🦀🦐

  3. Mao sheng Kuai

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    hello... please put those prices of foods so that we have an idea if that is worth it to eat or not,.. thank u Godbls 😘

  4. Sam

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    Don't think that egg prawn is healthy for you

  5. armi nadine abello

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    You must try the kunching laksa its so delicious

  6. Lionel Yeo

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    How can you eat bkt with light soy sauce? Should be eaten with dark soy sauce.

  7. Christopher Troutman

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    I gave my girlfriend a few salted eggs. She got angry with me...I gave them to her and then ate them haha but it made me happy. Cheers Mikey

  8. Randi Henderson

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    hahahahahaha I love ur friend ...u r the best food thing ever

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    Why have I not come across your channel before 😭😭😭

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  11. Neky Kamarudin

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    OMG that rojak is my favorite! At SS2

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    I love his friend

  13. The Hyung

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    Im a Malaysian, aside from Rojak and Cendol, I never had any of those =( 😢😢

  14. Tasha LuvsBangtan

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    Too bad, u didnt try out malay kuih tho

  15. Jacob David Cunningham

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    2:25 ha

  16. CheeHoong Hor

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    Singapore bak kut teh. Wtf ..... seriously....

  17. arifah eliana

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    you should try "Roti Canai, Nasi Lemak, Tosai etc..", Malaysia have so many cuisine from many ethnic what you just taste just for Chinese cuisine only, you should try all the cuisine Malay , Chinese , Indian etc.

  18. preciousbash


    DANGLICOIUS!!! 4th lunch...Hobbitsis!! I love chili crab and ginger crab. I think I am going to make some tomorrow. For a while I was making it like every other day..

  19. Bo Mỹ

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    Jackie, is that you?

  20. Ken Yeang

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    The BKT is category in small bowl according to the meat texture, mean to fatty

  21. Tdufivho Hfjgvihoho

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    Nobody beats the Chinese at cooking. That was masterful.

  22. Irfan Zuraimi

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    The rojak is called mee rojak its not rojak

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    It beautiful food and lots of nice food love this food very good healthy food very nice place for food and lots of them thank you for sharing your beautiful food, 6-12-28-

  24. Kate R

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    He eats like a hobbit and I love it!!

  25. Nick Krunic

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    Hey have you thought about coming to new Zealand?

  26. Ben Pantera

    Ben Panteraหลายเดือนก่อน

    Dont be suprised if singapore have similar type a food as malaysian because singapore part of malaysian before malaysia kick singapore out.

  27. LuvNice Sonset

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    Have you been to Thailand and Laos yet? if not I hope you have some chance to visit there (^_^)

  28. Just A Unicorn Lover

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    Yooo you traveled in my country!!!

  29. Three Sisters

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    That the big one guy asalways started eat to early, Look like never eat since 10 years

  30. Scott B.

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    The egg floss dam looks good

  31. mayonaise dreams

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    I watched the whole Malaysian series and all Mike's Malaysian friends said in all of them was "Yes".

  32. YE CHEN

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    Just booked a ticket to Kuala Lumpur after watching this😹😹

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    if chili oil didn't exist then humanity is pointless

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    They look so delicious ! mantap sudah......///

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    The guide looks like a human form of Buu

  36. Foong June Meng

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    Bak kut teh is one of my fav dishes . You can eat it anytime u want . The BKT in Klang , the soup is usually like a sauce consistency and eaten for bfast. The ones like herbal soup can be found everywhere but the famous ones can be found at Kepong . The quality of the meat and cuts determine how good the soup will be .

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    Hate it when he’s with someone

  40. Isyraq Ummair

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    There's 3 kind of rojak which the one u eat was called rojak petis(dont know what petis called in eng). The one u had at singapore might be fruit rojak while the last on was a noodle rojak.

  41. Isyraq Ummair

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    What glen? Nvr hear it be4. Or was try to say klang?


    GULLWORKS LTD.2 หลายเดือนก่อน


  43. Nilam Ahmad

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    For my opinion ..if u travel or visit another state to try the famous food in that state example as malaysia ..try the halal food that all religion can eat..😌 muslim here who watch your vid maybe want to try it but cant because u always eat at the restaurant and non halal food. Oh if u come to malaysia again..dont forget to try popia,cendol,nasi briyani,nasi lemak, masak lemak cili apa, asam pedas ikan pari..perghh trust me its the good dishes!!

  44. Essco Lab

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    I'd like to see you starve for a month. I think it would make you appreciate the food more as you've been spoilt beyond belief

  45. x_ coco

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    I'm cracking up because it's Klang not Glen😂😂

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    GLEN 😂😂 Klang btw

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    Im from dominican republic🇩🇴 end í love this Chanel end this men

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    Commenting again. I just love his friend, so sweet! "Use the spoon, ahhh go ahead!!" Nice guy! I'm from the Southeastern U.S. I would love to see Mike's reaction to our seafood. No, it's not all fried and loving on the coast it's so very fresh. I am late to the party. Just found this guy a few months ago. He is my current favorite THreporterr!!

  49. Cindi Moore

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    Again, love your videos! And we agree, a more chili centric food world!! I'm on board.

  50. Keith Cleghorn

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    That egg floss dish was insane. I was thinking I might be able to duplicate it. Not a chance until I build my outdoor wok station. But Thank you for getting to the bottom of how they create that dish.

  51. Sexy DolceVita

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    Haha... the last bit... hey patrick this is for you...

  52. Sylvia S

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    I had a surgery recently and I barely could eat anything. I feel so satisfied by watching your food videos. So thank you so much for making these videos. I marked a few places you recommended in your videos. I’m looking forward to eating those wonderful food in my next trip. 😭🙏

  53. Stuart Kerr

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    Fourth lunch 😂 your like a hobbit 🧝🏻‍♂️🧙‍♂️

  54. sandy yeo

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    That chilli pan mee. I been craving it for months when I first watched this video. Finally getting to visit KL for the first time in nov! 😍😃

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    He has a guide as Malaysia is too damn dangerous

  56. NoFap 365

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    01:05 this fella speaks like Russell Peters!

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    Not Glen, Klang Klang Valley

  58. Siri Lausund

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    Going to KL in april ... this is wonderful and painful to watch😂

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    Who is that that took you around to some crappy places lol

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    Mike you make me laugh with your witty humour .....

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    Go to Indonesia we have amazing foods here!!

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    Love watching ur vlogs!!

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    I cant believe that i missed you in KL ... Love your food videos man youre seriously THE best on youtube

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    i wish i could eat that much, my stomach would already be painfully stretched after.the second lunch i think.

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    i wonder how 'big' your vegeterian fanbase is

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    Mike, you have the best job in the world❤️

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    Good show love it. always makes me hungry whenever i watch your shows. awesome.

  68. Взели сте го

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    You should try bakuteh in Pudu near Pudu Plaza.

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    K l a n g

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    I envy chili pan mee. Will be back to Malaysia next year to eat!!!

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    I like your guide he seems really happy and sweer

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    “Embrace your inner barbarian!” Then he puts on gloves...

  73. SkunkApe95

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    they put some really weird crap in shaved ice in Asia...beans and corn? No thanks

  74. willyeo

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    You know Shaolin famous Martial Art like Iron Leg and Iron Head from Stephen Chow Shaolin Soccer... I swear Mike has mastered Iron Stomach... he sure can eat......

  75. willyeo

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    That Rojak you had in Malaysia... is more closer to the Indian Rojak we have in Singapore.. but in Singapore, the sauce is something you dip into... and that one you had before in Singapore is more Chinese style. The sauce main ingredient includes Tamarind Juice.. which is gotten from the dried fruit of Tamarind or Assam... then soak in water... and then juice it... then the next important ingredient is Prawn Paste from that is more from Malaysia or Singapore... not the Cantonese type. Then mix them with sugar and crushed roasted peanuts, and maybe add some lime juice into the mix. But I think there is a vegetarian version where they just use Palm Sugar in place of the Prawn Paste.

  76. Pi Pa Beer

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    Omg! I wish I am joining your table:)

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    MIKE You be killin me when you touch food your sharing with your bare hands

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    Food haven: Malaysia Singaporean food = 💩💩💩💩💩

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    I really love on how you review the food.., I just do hope u review some of halal food n impressed me.. Please 😌

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    1:05 i think he meant Klang

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    Come back to malaysia you haven’t tried everything yet

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    You should try fatty crab thoo...

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    Not glen but Klang hahahaha

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    20:34 definitely needed those captions LUL

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    Mikey breaking new ground for Asian foods but most as I watch youtube. You represent the new avant garde Asian videos. Great to show my grand kids. They love to watch you. Mikey the pioneer.. In twenty years you will be on medium as the beginning of asian culture.

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    OMG...that crab make me hungry...😶

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    His tour guide is always hungry.

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    fkk, he went in on the rojak guy

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    F.Y.I the bak kut teh place is at Klang not Glen haha , another great video from this channel , watching videos of Mike eating food always makes me HUNGRY! glad you love Msia food ~

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    its Klang not Glen xD

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    Nigga look like Jackie chan

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    How much did the crabs cost each?

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    glen? i think he said klang my dude

  95. Darren Cheong

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    Actually in Malaysia we have rojak made by ethnic Indians with mostly fried stuff and a peanut sauce.. ethnic Chinese are made with fruits and shrimp sauce/belacan (which are the ones you had in Singapore) ..

  96. Seong Hong

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    The rojak stall is just 5 mins from my house, missed the chance to meet you man

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    show more of Jasmin

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    *red beppah*

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    Loved watching that shrimp change color in the oil basically instantly. So beautiful.

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    Actually I'm very hungry😎