Chinese Street Food - PURPLE NOODLES | CRAZY Street Food in Chongqing - BEST Street Food in China


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    To my Indonesian friends: Kepada teman-teman Indonesia saya, setelah video berbahasa Cina saya selesai, saya melakukan perjalanan ke Bali dan Jakarta! Silakan SUBSCRIBE dan pantau terus! MAKE SURE you watch until the end to see the CRAZY purple noodle man dancing and singing!! This is our LAST video from Chongqing next up is XI'AN!!! Follow us : &

  2. Vonix Rexus

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    Luke Martin I am looking dorward to gaining your vlog about indonesia

  3. Ryan


    dont forget to visit medan indonesia too bro..lots of culinare here

  4. Michael Coquia

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    indo 😰

  5. Jacky Rium

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    ini namanya mie apa?

  6. Dinda Zulia

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    Lombok island

  7. Jacqueline Puente

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  8. Yeah Caitleen wow

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    Im very disappointed why THreporter Recommended your channel now. If only i knew 9month ago. I can be your tour guide in Bali. Because im from BALI indonesia 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Hope you back again in the land Of goddess.

  9. Denzel Cortez

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    0:43 HAHAHAHAHHAH "Titi ko" means my dick in Philippines

  10. Fan Richard

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    I like dragon beard candy but taste like mothball haha 😂 I will try it if I went to china

  11. Fan Richard

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    The man and with purple noddles is dancing crazy 😝

  12. S SylentAssassin

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  13. Apopka Flowerchild

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    Love your videos !

  14. 五月天五迷MayDay

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    1:50 that girl is like ‘what in the world is he talking about ?’

  15. Dayane Ferreira

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    Tem Brasileiro aqui? 💚💛💙

  16. dee

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    Great video! I really want to try the Dragon's Beard candy. Based on these videos, texture is like cotton candy and shouldn't have any aftertastes..def not mothballs 😬:วีดีโอ-R9htFF6PgGU.html (how it's made)วีดีโอ-Z2Zl64cSmpo.html (ingredients)

  17. abbesworld

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    Awee the man with the purple noodles is so sweet

  18. marina esbeath

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    this is where i was born

  19. Enough of Eli

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  20. Sea Otter

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    The noodle maker seems really enthusiastic and loves his job. If he could have his own show I’d pay 300 to watch it

  21. Rahmat Hidayat

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    What name music background/opening?

  22. MA FU

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  23. Yoink Yoinkerson

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    Is that ObLeK

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  25. Abhi Abhilash

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    I like his dance so much and he is so entertaining

  26. satan and demon

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    Wow u can speak indonesian 1 like:1respect for him

  27. Morena G.

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    I can’t watch! Lol this is torture! Especially when you’re already in bed!!! Ugh! Looks sooooo good!

  28. Dr_Strike


    Lol wtf is that guy saying : Singing???

  29. HERETICIAM 777

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    Can someone pls tramslate what the guy is saying while slapping that pan of noodles, It just intrigues me.

  30. Uzma Atta

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    Visit Pakistan too

  31. tagapaslang ng tanga

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    1:49 WTF /

  32. StanBTSxx


    Blanched pinach with carolyn on top

  33. Skratt It

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    I didn’t know they used Thanos cum for this!

  34. Hackers Domain

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    Ching chong

  35. sophia the ronlox noob

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    I'm eating noodles for breakfast now

  36. alex15real


    13:33 fake yeezys

  37. Jose Anaya

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    I dnt like Cats and Dogs Meat and Plastic Rice l like Takos al Pastor.

  38. Zachary Laverty

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    Have you ever gotten sick from eating internationally

  39. Tharindra Idunil

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    Please come sri lanka

  40. Tonoy Bora

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    Whats the music in the start?

  41. XBlu501


    The red looks like spicy soup Male bull instincts activates But instead of rage i activate HUNGER

  42. Yama Gucci

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    Oh snap he's usin that purple shit from the power Rangers movie

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  44. Princess Caroline Carmeline Acosta Villaflor

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    You ruin the restaurant hahah

  45. Cassandra Mcintyre

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    Then noodles mix look like death in a bowl

  46. Willi Boii

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    24:00 wath the song?😍🔥

  47. Zkmzl


    Wear gloves

  48. Hz Deimos

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    Me searching in the comments if someone said THANOS NOODLE THANOS NOODLE

  49. ian caldwell

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    2:04 China #1

  50. Strange Galaxy

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    The girls face in 1:50 Im dying😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  51. WonderXP 3

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    first time on and like the vids so far,ur so specific and honest unlike other people that do this.

  52. trang thuy

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    Con Cặc =))

  53. Soyoung Park

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    I wish I could eat it but itd spicy...

  54. Ko Latt

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    Omg too much oil. Not healthy noodle soup. Drinking oil?

  55. Oliver Humer

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    13:41 thank me later

  56. Thao Nguyen

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    The purple noodle dancer great

  57. Prasanna K

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    R u married

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    Ube noodles... 😳

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    u look like mark wiens

  61. Wanderer Stark

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    Until i saw the Chinese food I thought Indian east the most spicy food.

  62. Tsetsi


    Is Luke Canadian?

  63. Cookie Gamer :3

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    The start though 😂😂 0:00

  64. Anton Saik

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    ахахах пиздец

  65. Kirsten Jamz95

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    Who tap the video to see the purple noodles like or comments if you do!

  66. Nguyễn Nguyễn

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    ViệtNam xin chào 🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦

  67. Charlotte Riach

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    Cool video but just to let you now when you say kiwi as in the fruit you kind of saying your eating kiwi the bird ahaha

  68. Un pai

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    Thumbs down because you didn't try the taro noodles >:0

  69. dat boiegh

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    That thumbnail is sick

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    You look like Joji lmao

  72. TheTiki1111


    That purple noodle guy was EVERYTHING!!! 🍜 🍝 🍲

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  74. Isaiah cairo

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    You must be canadian, let's try these uwt

  75. Tomsawyerspit


    The world needs more guys making purple noodles with a song and dance ! I would eat there everyday!

  76. Emma Combo

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    You’re handsome 😻

  77. Ceciel Winter

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    10€ for a meal in *china* sounds like tourist city tourost scam.

  78. Luke Martin

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    The meal was coming from a tourist "old town" where prices are generally a lot higher so yeah.

  79. Sora Ryu

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    I’m pleasantly surprised when whites people eat Asian food so well .. even better than Asians. Kudos!! Lol

  80. Wrecker 888

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    go to this time: 8:42 turn on caption and enjoy

  81. Q C

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    I love the Chinese tradition

  82. Jacky Rium

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    what the name of this noodle?

  83. 時岡さなえ

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    How to How to how to basics hai

  84. Ant Philippines

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    I am a 1/4 Chinese and 3/4 Filipino I really admire the hardworking spirit of Chinese people

  85. SwagConnor RK-900

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    Do you know japanese Just asking...

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    I hate nuddles 🤮

  87. Wiedya Paramita

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    Masakan cina sdh sgt2 diadopsi di Indonesia

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    I like your videos, very detailed nothing like others

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    niye yemedin

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    So many happy people selling their food is very busy in the street and lots of food thank you for sharing Bless you both , 27--11--18.

  93. Carol Grace

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    Oh my fucking god if you can't eat that candy without sounding like a horse chomping with your mouth open then move the microphone away from your mouth that sound is disgusting and infuriating

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    His Song😀

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    What nationality is Luke?

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    i thikn the purple ones were made with sweet potato cuz taro isnt that purple

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    Hey cutie can i get your ig 😂

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    13:56 turn on the english subtitle 😂😂😂

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    How's younger started in this,? How long have you been doing it?

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    Better use spoon to take the soup too 😋

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    ❤️ your videos

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    please come india in mumbai best food

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  105. 王美丽

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    酸辣粉不是noodles 瓜娃子


    BIG POPA PUM3 หลายเดือนก่อน

    No gloves ....disgusting