EASY DELICIOUS Chinese Pork Bun Recipe (Baozi 包子)


  1. Edgar Hernandez

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    Ty for the recipe :'D Greetings from Mexico.

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    Oh boy.......my favourite too.....

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    Ah the bun puns lol. An damn I want some

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    Did he just say his name is mike chan?

  5. California Dreamin

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    I just made this recipe last night and it was delicious! a bit salty so i will add more veggies and a bit less soy sauce. Amazing! thank you mike! know any chow mein recipes?

  6. Kyle Vanryn

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    animated version of Jackie Chan

  7. Pahoua Thao

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    What hot oil do you used to make the dipping sauce?

  8. Annie White

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    Did I miss it? Where does the white pepper come in?

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    If your muslim I feel bad

  10. Jaclyn Fry

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    I mashed your dough and method from this recipe up with your cha siu pork recipe, and made cha siu bao. Pretty dang tasty! I've got so much more bun flour left over i may's well do this recipe fully too. Thanks for these!

  11. charles Middleton

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    The Chinese version of a hamburger.

  12. Brazen Spy

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    Strictly Dumpling makes dumplings. I've seen enough.

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  14. Anna Fischer

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    I made these pork buns today. They are absolutely amazingly delicious!!! The best flavor ever. I don’t like spicy flavors, so for the sauce I used soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame seed oil, ginger, green onions and sesame seeds. Thank you SO much for sharing your recipe. I love traditional Chinese recipes because it shares Chinese culture and the delicious food which is way better then plain Chinese restaurants in my town. I used plain all purpose flour and the dough wasn’t as fluffy once cooked, so next time I will be going to my international grocery store to look for the Chinese version of all purpose flour.

  15. Bodragon

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    (3:02) - Why do you say to sir in one direction? I stirred in both directions the second time I made this and honestly, there was no difference in the result. Really! What are you on about? Another so-called-cook for whom I have totally lost all respect. And what's with the freakin' gloves man? WTF??? You're a total fraud. Bye bye. (And thumb down). (Wish I could give more down thumbing)

  16. Rachel Nichols

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    I cannot wait to make this recipe ❤️ Thank you

  17. 1mataleo1

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    I made these last night. They came out great. My brother thought I went down to Chinatown and bought them from a restaurant. Thanks man

  18. Serenity

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    i just came here to see the dude wrapping it in the shape bc its satisfying XD

  19. nantana boonchuayseng

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    What flour to use ? Bread flour?

  20. Kailey b

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    Can kids eat this?

  21. elijah redonga

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    Can I use beef instead?

  22. Tara Davis

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    This is the only bun recipe I use now. They are fluffy and AMAZING. Thank you!

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    thank you for this great video 😀

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    And then it will come alive as a child

  25. Phil

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    I feel this is a good starter recipe, and also especially with how difficult dumplings are to fold, this is quite the excellent tutorial, especially for a white boy like me! Thanks again, Mike!

  26. Casey Greenwood

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    Dear God I'm never eating out again

  27. Bowmaster619 Let's learn

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    A tip for anyone wanting to try this recipe...do not use quinoa flour!!! It sucks!!! At least for this recipe.

  28. Tyauna

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    Making these now! Happy New Years!🎉🎉

  29. Tyauna

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    They were a hit! My husband and ai both loved them! Can't wait to make them again.

  30. Tizushi Sanxian

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    Could you just, like, twist them closed? Thanks

  31. Candace Diehl

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    I'm so glad I live in a multicultural area to find ingredients

  32. Adam Backstrom

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    I made these for my family and they loved them thank you!!!

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    I want some it is so good

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    Woah these are a lot easier to make than I had thought, or maybe you just made them look easy 😅 Either way, I'm definitely gonna try this out

  35. cynicalcoffee

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    I made these for my in-laws last night and just used the second half of the dough and filling tonight. Unbelievably good with a 75/25 ground pork! Thank you for sharing!

  36. Marcin Pawski

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    They get white when u use cakeflour instead of allpurpose flour

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    Why u eat like dat

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    I came here bc of Disney bao

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  41. Kimberly Wilde

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    Super excited! Just ordered my bamboo steamer and cannot wait to make these for my boyfriend. He love love loves these and is going to be so shocked when I make them for him! Great video! Thank you!!!

  42. chakrya men

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    I mad it and a lot of juice after cook . What did I do wrong?

  43. smokeclouds8


    Thank you!

  44. Nanette Vermillion

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    I have looked for these dumplings in Chinese restaurants near and far to no avail. Great instructions and an awesome video. Thank you!

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    Cups? I need liter,dl,cl 😂

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  47. Mayira Ramirez Alejandria

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    a man who never eats a pork bun is never muy never a whole man man goob guob morming

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    red happy you

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  50. Denise Dassow

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    I followed a different recipe for pork buns that the filling included a lot of onions and leeks. It still came out great but this looks like filling I would enjoy way more.

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    I cannot eat it because I am a Muslim

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    Plz tell me y my dad said tht u look like jackie chan

  53. Jim P

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    i followed your recipe and ended up with half of the filling let after i filled all of my dough

  54. nicki B

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    Im getting Hungry just from watching but I'm going make today in my new steamer wish me luck ;)

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    Those look so cool

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    Thank you so much for recipe

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    I've always wanted to try making pork buns myself. I thank you from the bottom of my stomach! I just could never get the folds right. Going to give it a shot for the holidays! If anything I'll have pork buns and that's all that matters!

  59. Lianna Novitz

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    I've been making my baozi so wrong all these years... no wonder they kept deflating! Now I follow your recipe and they are so fluffy!!!! 感谢你.

  60. Pat Blackmoon

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    Question pls is it made w a regular flour?

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    Thanks, very helpful!

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    I could eat 100 of this.

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    This is georgian xinkali

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    I got myself a babmboo steamer thank you for the recipe!

  65. HHollyMMarie


    My dough came out a little too sticky, and stuck to my hands a bit while forming the discs, but they were somehow a little too dry too, and the dough didn’t stretch properly when I was pleating the buns and tiny holes broke open at some spots. Anyone have any suggestions

  66. AdventureGameing


    Ok so I'm new to the pork bun/dumpling and the pork get cooked in the steamer? That's what I'm getting right

  67. Florine


    Yes the pork filling gets cooked in the steamer.

  68. shotpin


    You’re awesome, love your enthusiasm!

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    I told my wife that nobody likes saggy buns and I don't know why she slapped me.

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    9:50 shake your bun bun, shake your bun bun?

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    Omg I wish I could go to japan

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    What did he mean wit til the buns boil then cook it for an additional 10-20 minutes

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    I eat pork bun for my breakfast everyday!!!!!!!!I love it!!!!!

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    Holy crud!!! This recipe is freaking awesome!! I ate 6 whole buns before I even noticed 😅 Soooo yummy!!

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    This foo is like the Americanized Jackie Chan. Ha ha ha ha...

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    What’s the name of the song at 3:06?

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    LOL A man who never eats a pork bun is never a whole man @ Matt Giesler

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    I love pork and bub. Love in Paradise!

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    Have you ever eaten steam bun at Chineses town in San Francisco?i wish you can show me how to make the steambun'filling like that

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    It's the bun shake.

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    I love your detailed techniques and passion.👍

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    No matter how much I try, I cant pinch the dough correctly...it just looks...wrong when I do it. :(

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    I'm in the Philippines and of chinese descent. And we have those buns in the Philippines.

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    I know what I'm gonna make tonight instead of pizza. Can't wait. Thanks for your video

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    The introduction of the video sounded like one of those late night advertisements.

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    @strictly dumpling you dont get anxiety attacks when closing/folding the bun?

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    Please make a cookbook. I’m sure you’ll make it hilarious

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    You look like you could use a pork bun

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    of course its juicy you added water to the meat lol

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    wait a sec no rice flour?

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    Protip: dont put your salt in with your yeast. salt kills yeast

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    I love these little delicious balls of chewy love

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    If I master those...I'll become 600 pounds, probably best I dont

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    My grandmother used to do those for me. Although i know them as: coltunasi cu carne, which means corners with meat. The only difference is that the dough is cut into squares, and then they fold it into a triangle. But i know it as a moldavian (romanian) dish. Wonder how it traveled prior to the internet. My grandmother used to do that for me in the 80s, and prolly learned it from her mother at the start of the century like 1900s.

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    Nice Job. Thanks

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    We don't eat pork can u sub other meats

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    Its a bioxi or a dumplings

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