Here are all the big differences between some of the most popular coffee drinks


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    Dam.. This is funny pep get serious abiut this. Lol.. I had no idea.. Lol. I need to go back n read this debate. Lol

  2. Anissa Rubio

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    I need to try these.. Thanks. I have some knowledge now.. Lol.. Do they do testers like they do in beer or wine.. Samplers of these drinks or no?

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    They have no idea... the milk isn’t silky 😂

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    not oo much of a big difference

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    Just for the record, latte means milk. Moving on...

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    I think we should all get this shirt as coffee lovers lol.

  8. Joe Moscola

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    I'm disappointed in Business Insider for using this so-called "Coffee Expert" to educate the public. His explanations of the different drinks were incomplete and he was unable to explain there true differences. He kept comparing them to each other!

  9. Mααrʈεn M

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    REAL mocha doesn't contain chocolate at all. Its name comes from a port town in Mocha, Yemen, where Coffea Arabica was introduced. The coffee grown there was said to taste slightly of chocolate

  10. ZeeC


    i just add hot water in coffee and drink it ..

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    nice best video i found on this, thanks

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    Went to Cafe Grumpy near Battery Park. Got a single-origin Columbia cappuccino and it's seriously one of the best coffees I've had.

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    thank u sir!

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    The milk was steamed so badly

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    N ehT about sugar.

  16. Rhee Fornil

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    I don't know if it sound crazy but I use to call the flat white as white espresso 😅

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    make some tea man

  18. Jac A

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    Sorry but this is totally incorrect at least for Australia. They all have the same espresso, just flat white is like half a centemeter of foam, latte is like a centermeter of foam (served in a glass usually) and a cappuccino has a third coffee, third milk, third foam. what the actual?

  19. Kermit Crimes

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    No real coffee drinker say double, we say doppo espresso

  20. Derek Grace

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    The order in your diagram for the mocha is off it should be mocha then espresso then milk then foam. Not espresso then mocha. That would taste wierd as hell, you gotta let the shots melt your mocha

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    Hello im studying barista

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    Are you serious man

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    I am tried of this a bit. I think it is a strategy to make a variety of coffee and make people want to buy coffee since there are a lot of choices.

  24. josuke joestar

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    I've been a barista for 5 years and from what i've learned is that cappuccino= 1/3 espresso 1/3 milk 1/3 foam latte= espresso in a glass with steamed milk + 1cm foam flat white=similar to latte with almost no foam if possible at least that's what i've been teaching our new employees for the past few years

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    You'd be right

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    It is easy to learn..thank you

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    What is the difference between a flat white and macchiato?

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    Nice Video bro :)

  29. Davide Rossi

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    I really hate how USA tends to Americanize everything they like from other coltures. Cappuccino is what you said. Latte doesn't exists... Latte means milk, the ratio is 100% milk. Maybe you shortened CAFFELATTE that's just coffe and milk, or just a Cappuccino without foam. That's all. Italian coffe and milk beverage are these. All other names and mixtures are just Sturbucks or hipster marketing. One more mention to MACCHIATO that is a small coffe with a stain (macchia) of milk. Mocha doesn't exist neither. MOKA is the coffee pot we use.

  30. Mick von Bornemann

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    eh i thought a Latte's just a flat white, but served in a glass & a cappuccino's in a cup like the flat white but not flat because it has extra thick milk foam on top & a token sprinkle of chocolate powder ontop of that so customers know it's a capaccino.

  31. Sneha mody

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    So basically the difference between all of them are fancy names and high price tags.

  32. Legolas E

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    The thing you have to remember is yes coffee styles come from somewhere and yes those traditions have changed. This is a good video because these are the most common way these styles are served in the USA. It’s good he didn’t talk about macchiato because that’s gotten the most change out of all. Some people serve it as a double shot in a shot glass with a very small amount of milk sometimes steamed on the top (considered traditional from Italy) and places like Starbucks and mainstream coffee places serve it as a layered drink with the espresso shots poured in last so it sits in the middle of the milk and foam.

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    He looks like a Simpsons character

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    I’m in 😍 ! Covfefe !!

  35. Sharon Stanford

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    And this is why Americans can't make a flat white. It is double expresso shot and milk NO FOAM. If you are going to copy Australian coffees get it right.

  36. Oscar Cheng

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    Is it a single or double shot for the latte?

  37. gorda arriaz

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    single origin coffee n french press for the win

  38. Anthony F.

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    Where's the cocoa/chocolate powder that's usually dusted on the top of cappuccino?

  39. Miles

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    Kacza Zsolt or he’s from Australia where cappuccinos are usually served with choc powder

  40. Kacza Zsolt

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    Anthony F. Whenever you see, the cohoco powder on cappucinos, try t o find another shop/bar. I saw it many times too, but the only reason why peaple are using cocoa powder is to surpress the sht taste of the coffee. (If you check it, always thoose people are using chocolate on the top, who have no ideea, about the espresso machines, and about the proper coffe extractions)

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    Doesn't know wtf he's talking about.

  42. JKPieGuy

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    I've started to really like Macchiatos as of recently. Really disappointed to see that it wasn't on the list.

  43. Ejay

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    What type of cocoa powder do you suggest?

  44. Joshua Joubert

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    The visual illustrations helped a lot ... thanks guys ...

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    This dude has no idea how to make a flat white!

  48. Somal Lo

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    In theory it's just crap what they present these marketing ploys. I called them altered coffee.

  49. Stefan Sigfinnsson

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    Blehh coffee is best black and no sugar. Great coffee doesn't need these ingredients to mask any flaws in bad commercial coffee that might "taste" okay piping hot but does get dirty and unplesant when it cools down.

  50. Zoe

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    Stefan Sigfinnsson Please don't be someone that insults other people for their preferences. I don't like coffee black unless it's ice cold with a little sugar, but just because I don't like black coffee doesn't mean I'm going to insult people who do. Not everyone likes the taste of pure cacao or very dark chocolate(both of which I enjoy) but no one insults them. Just because I enjoy the combination of coffee and milk doesn't mean I'm inferior.

  51. Brittany Leigh

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    Nice video I kinda always wondered the difference lol. I also really like your coffee shop I’ve been there a few times

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    Love it please cheek out my channel

  53. 10,000 Subscribers With No Videos

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    I'm a real barista, and these are not correct. Especially for the flat white. It has nothing to do with the milk to espresso ratio, it is how the shot is pulled. The shot is pulled longer with less water making it more bold. And a true Cappuccino should not have art. If you can do art with a cappuccino, you did it wrong, and you don't have enough foam. This video has a dislike from me.

  54. imalamboman12


    Pulling the shot longer won't make it more bold. Your shots don't change, they stay the same for any coffee you make, unless you use different coffee beans. That's the point of dialing in a shot, so you get maximum flavors and depth, crema etc sorted.

  55. Jessica Angela

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    Agree. There is also not a lot of milk in a cappuchino, only enough to create the correct texture and to support the milk foam. Starbucks does a better job than this guy

  56. 10,000 Subscribers With No Videos

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    Jojo Pagay At Starbucks, we. Use "ristretto" shots, and ristretto is the ratio that I mentioned.

  57. Jojo Pagay

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    I think flat white is a double restritto shot with a little foam on top. And if you make cappuccino in classic way just what you said it's a thick layer of foam with no art on it. But in modern day 1 cm of foam is enough for cappuccino but there's a lot of variations in every country.

  58. Cecilia P.

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    First day at Italian class: Never ask for an espresso In Italy.

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    Interesting, ..... and could someone tell that guy to actually DRINK the coffee sometime?- he acts like he hasn't slept in 10 years

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    that's because he actually drinks coffee all the time

  61. some one

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    Cappuccino have a double espresso!? What!? Cappuccino have a espresso(3 cl / 1 oz) steamed milk(11 cl) milk foam (1 cl)

  62. mar m

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    I like my coffee freshly made in any form - brewed, filtered, espresso, w/ milk or cream, or w/ other flavorings. Even instant coffee if there is no choice :( But I am not an expert. I just love the taste and smell and the perk it gives me.Everybody has a preference. There's no need to be a snob about it. Why can't we just be happy that many of us around the world enjoy a cup (or more :) of it and have a sense of shared makes for a better, more peaceful world guys... than argue about which coffee preparation is better :(

  63. TheSweetalchemist

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    What's a double espresso? Is it a compressed espresso?

  64. Antwon Griezmann

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    TheSweetalchemist two shots of espresso

  65. TheSweetalchemist

    TheSweetalchemist10 หลายเดือนก่อน

    Can you give me the right cup size for each type of espresso drink?

  66. Charley Barclay

    Charley Barclay10 หลายเดือนก่อน

    Wrong on so many levels tbh :/ well from the uk at least! Flat white is a cortissimo shot, it is extracted for a short amount of time so the espresso isn't watered down, that is created with latte art on top, mocha and cappuccino are both foamy drinks, a third coffee a third milk a third foam, just mocha is chocolate milk, latte is usually called café late, it is steamed milk with a small amount of foam with the espresso dropped through the top creating a single dot of coffee on top! Obviously this varies from the drinks in the video as in different area but this angers me being a strong believer in my chain stores coffees :P

  67. Antwon Griezmann

    Antwon Griezmann9 หลายเดือนก่อน

    The one with the espresso dropped through the milk is what Starbucks would classify as a “Machiatto” I believe, the way I do Lattes is with espresso first and I pour the steamed milk and add art

  68. Soleiman Baydoun

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    Bad and worst description

  69. T BLOGS

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    Cappuccino is 6 oz cup made of double espresso with steamed milk More than 6 oz cup called latte Don't fool people idiot

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    Very helpfull.. noted

  71. Marco Deo

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    Great short video packed with info I like the pics of Espresso/milk/foam ratios

  72. Ramu10

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    Stop the negative feedback. This guy is trying to show us how to make coffee that is closest espresso(taste) without ANY gear. How the hell would you get any pressure with household items anyway?

  73. Andrew Walker

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    Why can't you go into a coffee shop and just have a normal cup of coffee without all of the foam and frothed milk. Just a nice cup of filter coffee with a dash of cold milk what is wrong with that

  74. Mono1

    Mono13 หลายเดือนก่อน

    Most places will offer a drip or a cafeteria option. The hotel I work at, if you all for black coffee with a dash of milk at the bar we brew an Americano and put a small jug of milk on the side.

  75. TheRealNoodles

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    lmao nobody stopping you... but majority of the people order latte or flat white or capuccino because the texture and taste is better

  76. Magic Vodca

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    if you're working at a shop that only sells coffee you have to be able to make all different kinds, you can't just have the plain kind. That's ridiculous.

  77. Big Boi 2000

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    You can lmao you're just too insecure to ask

  78. kankunation13

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    You can if you want. Pretty much every coffee shop offers basic coffee. Usually a few different varieties as well. But espresso is pretty different from brew coffee. It's a different flavor profile. It's the difference between eating a hamburger and eating a steak.

  79. Sorcerer Vaati64

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    I want something sweet hot and creamy

  80. Mónia Xavier

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    Tão. Mas nao é tudo o mesmo. Aqui em Portugal isso tudo é uma meia de leite. Menos o mocha. Hoje fui a Starbucks nova aqui no Algarve em loule. Pedi um capuccino e servido um galão com espuma....ahahahaha

  81. All About Coffee

    All About Coffeeปีที่แล้ว

    Great video

  82. Jekku


    Totally WRONG on the flat white! The milk in a flat white is steamed in such a way that it changes the entire texture of the entire drink...and NO extra foam on top!

  83. Jessica Angela

    Jessica Angela3 หลายเดือนก่อน

    Agree, the very top layer is only slightly more "foam like" due to how the milk is poured into the espresso but it's not a true milk foam like there would be on a latte.

  84. Jay-R Pascua

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    Jekku Agree. Espresso plus microfoam milk.

  85. slapmyfunkybass


    How about Americano?

  86. kankunation13

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    slapmyfunkybass half espresso, half hot water. No milk or other flavors.

  87. SSchithFoo


    I guess if all 3 tastes the same its the fault of the barista.

  88. 〉^.^〈meow


    A latte = Single shot + 1cm foam (IN A GLASS) A Flat White = Single shot + 1cm foam (IN A CUP) Americans do not know what a Flat white is, it was invented in Australia/New Zealand and this is how we make it.

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    #Jac A Go suck off a koala bear.

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    your face is a cuck

  91. Zionist Mangler

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    Australia was founded by criminals and now populated by cucks!

  92. Sharon Stanford

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    There is no foam in a flat white. Think of the name - its flat not foam. FFS Americans, if you are going to copy of coffee at least get it right!

  93. German Talash

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    how come you say flat white is the same as latte and then you say that flat white has double espresso (latte single) ?

  94. amy gonzales

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    German Talash it's a double shot latte

  95. Nyan Quake

    Nyan Quakeปีที่แล้ว

    Guess what. I hate hot coffee. I FREAKING LOVE ICED COFFEE. I DONT EVEN CARE IF ITS BLACK. I also hate foam. It doesn't taste like anything and in my opinion the texture is disgusting.

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  98. Sierra Rambles A Lot

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    So it's chocolate and just weither if the coffee is stronger or if there's extra cow tit

  99. Jake


    This barista did a poor job of explaining this. I don't doubt that he knows this or can do it, it he is bad at explaining it.

  100. Jessica Angela

    Jessica Angela3 หลายเดือนก่อน

    Jake Probably both, there's a huge difference in how the espresso shots are pulled and how the milk is poured in to create these distinct drinks. It's the different layering and density of the milk vs the espresso that makes a drink what it is. He's just bad at explaining and doesn't know 🤷‍♀️

  101. Byron Chucino

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    thanks for explaining... NOTHING! 😑

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    I'm watching this at 2 in the morning. My life has no meaning

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    Im watching at 3 am lol

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    Wtf I’m watching this @ 2 am also

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    Nobody's Life has no meaning. It is you who has to give meaning to it.

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  108. Hjovn


    What about just black coffe? Without stuff.

  109. phosphorescent


    americans finally discovered good coffee LOL 😂

  110. kubjj123


    They're all the same. I've been making coffee for customers for quite a while and whenever I give a cappucino instead of a latte no one, seriously NO ONE notices anything. It seems like it has become popular to use those expensive words but actually no one knows the difference.

  111. Anissa Rubio

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    kubjj123 lol.. That was funny

  112. H Kuys

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    Sorry, but people do notice. They just cant be bothered to tell you that the coffee you prepare is shit and just won't come back again. All to often I find myself getting a latte when I ordered a cappuccino. I don't complain, just don't come back. Assuming the barista there has no clue what they are doing.

  113. Jessica Angela

    Jessica Angela3 หลายเดือนก่อน

    A proper cappuchino has a standard amount of cappuchino with only a small amount of steamed milk to support the whopping amount of milk foam. It's very strong compared to a latte which is mostly steamed milk.

  114. Hello Again !

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    I think they don't want to cause a trouble for a beauty like you.

  115. baby baby

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    yeah haha if i’m making coffee in take away cups if they order a flat white or cappuccino there getting a latte especially in morning rush and i’ve been doing it for years and no one had everrrr noticed

  116. yash kinjalk

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    Much needed😅

  117. Manish Mahanti

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    South Indian Filter Coffee. Rocks always minus unwanted shenanigans.

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    Manish Mahanti ye log nautanki jayda karte hae double espresso

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    love this guys hair

  120. Alecs xD

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    so an expert barista in new york can t do a proper latte art

  121. Rajeshwar Sharma

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    does double shot of expresso mean more coffee?

  122. TheTraffic247


    If you're a coffee aficionado then you surely will appreciate and love the subtlety in how each is made. However if you're really just looking for a cup of Joe to wake up in the morning then it's all the same.

  123. SongsAndMixes


    'Moeker' it's mocha you fucking idiot MOH KAH

  124. Eärendil theBright

    Eärendil theBrightปีที่แล้ว

    I've been a barista for 6 years and i disagree with the explanation of the flat white and the foam level for the mocha, but I'm sure its different in different parts of the world

  125. Omar Alsubael

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    Eärendil theBright bruhhh the latte was completely wrong

  126. Erin Gibbins

    Erin Gibbins5 หลายเดือนก่อน

    Australian Barista here, flat white is supposed to be flat, no foam at all, when we make it in Australia it has the same amount of coffee and is in the same size cup as a latte and a cappuccino but when we steam the milk we don't put any air into it, so a flat white in Australia won't taste stronger than a latte or cappuccino. the difference between the three in Australia is only the amount of air in the milk. we expect that if you were to leave the drinks a latte would have about 1cm foam on the top and a cappuccino will be about 1/3rd espresso, 1/3rd steamed milk and 1/3rd foam with chocolate powder on the top. I honestly don't know how flat white ended up being anything else than a flat white coffee in other places in the world. I lived in Portland for a while also, do you ever wonder why there is a line out of starbucks when an actual amazing coffee shop is literally 3 shops down?? i did... i was like how is everyone so obsessed with starbucks when there is no line up for way better coffee.

  127. Muhamad Haiqal

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    What I should note if i wanna makes espresso at home?

  128. Angel

    Angel8 หลายเดือนก่อน

    Angel Cheng a flat white will have more espresso but it's restricted so you get more coffee and coffee flavor but the amount of caffeine isn't as much as two full shots. And yes a flat white does have a little bit of foam so you can do latte art on it but it should only have half the amount as a latte which shouldn't have much foam to begin with so have fun and try them or try to make them :) I love making them all. I'm a 10 year barista and area level barista champion for Portland, Oregon of 2017. Flat white originated from Australia or New Zealand around 1990 or so and is typically served with whole milk by default to bring out the signature flat white flavor.

  129. Angel Cheng

    Angel Chengปีที่แล้ว

    Kokichi Uehara thank you for your explanation. I appreciate it.

  130. Luke Grzywacz

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    This guy looks like the sad kid from Meet the Robinsons

  131. eign


    “Chocolate sauce,” aint that chocolate syrup?

  132. R R

    R Rปีที่แล้ว

    It's all coffee and milk. No difference as long as you like it.

  133. Collin Brown

    Collin Brownปีที่แล้ว

    so which one is the kato

  134. Draylogic


    Your little coffee diagrams for the latte is wrong, A latte is a 1:3 or a 1:5 ratio of coffee to steamed milk with a thin layer of frothed milk on top

  135. Nic Solo

    Nic Soloปีที่แล้ว

    Draylogic I always do a latte with 1/4 espresso and atleast 3/4 milk, the latte this guy was showing was a cappucino imo.

  136. John C

    John Cปีที่แล้ว

    Dammit! I ordered a Latte, and you gave me a Flat White. Can't you do anything right?!

  137. Slow nLow

    Slow nLowปีที่แล้ว

    but what's a *coffee* ?

  138. habib syed

    habib syedปีที่แล้ว

    The Barista looks stoned as fuck.

  139. Mad Max

    Mad Maxปีที่แล้ว

    habib syed Must be the coffee that got him stoned

  140. David B

    David Bปีที่แล้ว

    Buy a moderately priced espresso machine and make it at home. You will save big time and not have to deal with lines or baristas.

  141. aslesh


    basically all are same except mocha which is more sweet.

  142. Rotaks

    Rotaks5 หลายเดือนก่อน

    NO! There's isn't! It's all in you brain!

  143. Justin Rodriguez-Kelly

    Justin Rodriguez-Kellyปีที่แล้ว

    aslesh really there is a huge difference in taste, yes when looking at the indegrents they look the same. probably taste the same if you go to a coffee shop where they really don't know what they are doing but they are different in taste.

  144. jaymeez


    Who TF enjoys the freaking foam!? Get that shit outta here! Milk n coffee n that's it for me

  145. Enxz


    you look like you eat sand

  146. Aced Deadshot758

    Aced Deadshot7582 หลายเดือนก่อน

    Enxz hahaha!!!!! He does