How America became a superpower


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    Watch next: Why does the US 800 military bases all around the world?

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    +Aricstylegaming Is this True? VOX is Trump lowering the debt?

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    +Thành Hoàng Ngọc No, Trump is surrounded by thousands of people all with 1 goal. Keep America number 1. But plz don't think America wants you to be poor. Look at ALL of Americas allies, ALL are rich and prosperous. Americans honestly just want everyone to have a rich happy life, except wall street, some of them are vampires. But Main Street America is just working ppl like you, go tour Idaho or Texas and see what the people are lik for yourself. <3 for Vietnam from the US.

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    12k people hate America.

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    +Arirezz that was a mistake by an accountant

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    And @Vox I disagree that there's less conflict today, America is just involved in all of it so it seems like less..

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    Great video! Put Portuguese subtitles too!

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    Choose your superpower. Super Strength Super Speed Merica Invisibility Shapeshifting USSR Control of metal and magnetic fields Metal exoskeleton Metal endoskeleton Germany (1920 to 1939) China Mindreading/Telepathy Laser and/or x-Ray vision

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    Americans like america because they lack the means or the inteligenxe to see what their country is doing. Being so proud of your nations actions, even when that means mass murder, starvation, desease, radiation, its not patriotism, its just fear, innocence. None of you cowards would dare to say you are americans if you had to see the faces of those whose lives you ve destroyed. You can call Vietnamese people patriots, you can call libians patriots, you can call cubans patriots, but you? Who live in a country that has not been invaded since the17th maybe 18th century. How can you call yourself a patriot if you've never seen your entire family getting killed by one bomb just to stand up and continue fighting for your people? You can call yourselves myrderers, you can call yourselves victims but dont you dare calling yourselves patriots

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    +disoriented1 those were clearly typing mistakes, but whatever. i recommend using your INTELLIGENCE to realize that i wasnt insulting you based on your country of origin.I insulted those who after being told the destruction their country caused, they just go: they deserved it or ill do it again and they dare to call it patriotism, which is, by the way, what most americans think. I cant believe a teacher just lost his time correcting my spelling mistakes, in vane of course because clearly you were able to understand every word i said, but failed to consider what I wrote and actually getting some meaning out of it. you just took it as discrimination. i can learn how to write in english but can you learn how to think?

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    I'm a teacher..just had to do this..spelling..intelligence not inteligenxe; libians..I think you meant Libyans..and also, we are murderers not myrderers..I don't mind being insulted on the basis of where I was born, but I do wish it to be expressed correctly! Thank you!

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    trump undoing it all

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    America is a continent. divided into north and south. please don't call United States " America" call then by the real name or just USA

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    Given that The United Nations and The European Union both act as mechanism for keeping peace in Europe, why does NATO still exist...?

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    The UN keeping the peace?..right..but the EU has kept the peace; I agree. As an American, I also see no reason for all hate us being there and we hate paying for's end it..a Win/Win situation! :)

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    if america is a super power.. then mexico is too ;0 since its part of north america

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    America is a superpower now. Wen EU will create truly European army, America will have problems...................... lage problems. Just ask the russia.

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    you may be right..the Germans could lead Europe to create a great European army..that does frighten us..but, conversely, you all do still have the Italians to weigh you down..and they always change sides in the midst of a war..:) P.S. I seriously don't think or believe this, but am just responding to comments of similar stupidity!!

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    Vox, forgot one thing. Thanks to Slavery, and Jim crow, America's capital had been freed up due to low and free wages to build its infrastructure.

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    Like the wars waged by the nazis and the Japanese ? I wanna just how many times China had invaded Japan in the last couple 1000 years? Did you know that the part of Holand that the nazis occupied at the beginning of the war was actually Habsburg in pyre lands that were stolen by the treaty of Versailles and the wicked people who made this treaty which the Germans had agreed on her bleed to follow not knowing how they were gonna get screwed. In fact much of what is now Holand was Hapsburg Austrian Empire lands are in other words German lands. Same goes for Chezchleslovakia. And you completely leave out mention of all the atrocities and at the cleansings that were being carried out against ethnic Germans in lands that were rightfully theirs. Also another at the so called conquest which was Austria itself was nothing but reunification. The Germans were surrounded by million main armies and the treaty said that day must disarm and that they were the only ones that had to. Keep in mind and armistice is not a surrender its a ceasefire. The Germans in start World War I in they didn't lose world war 1. So why did they have to pay billions and billions of dollars in reparations that caused them to plummet into depression and in fact that is the very start of the great depression. Another thing you leave out when you talk about people making war for conquest is it entire Bolshevik askenazim marxist revolution that i already took in the lives of 20 million Europeans before World War II even started including those of the Tsar romanov his wife and his daughters and his son. Who by the way have been sainted by the orthodox church. The the red army was poised to invade Holand from the East when did not seize reoccupied their land that was stolen from them in fortified the city of Danzig which was the best ports on the Baltic sea in preparation to face the Soviets. No less than 11 piece messages were sent to Winston Churchill which all were ignored. Hitler was assuring churchill and the president of France that he did not want to conquer Holand are any other place but he was just taking back what was rightfully Germany's and preparing to face to communis and he was asking for their help in instead they stabbed him in the back and declared war against germany miss something else you leave out it was England and France had declared war against germany you fucken d*** h***. Belgium the Netherlands all that other stuff while there were kind of like innocent bystanders I got caught up in it you can't leave territory that you have to March 2 in have supply lines through unoccupied and the fact is most of these countries willingly joined the nazis could they knew they were the good guys. This is all in the mainstream history if you don't believe me this is any been conspiracy theory or nothing like that period the fact is European culture lost a 100 million souls it to beginning of the 20th century and almost halfway through it. And World War II alone there was around 60 million European deaths yet the whole world keeps crying about in imaginary 6 million to has been reduced down to 1.8 million none by any kind of gas chamber and desirous of the dead of the ones who caused the war and where the true enemy. They caused every war since the French revolution. And since they destroyed the city of Jericho until present there responsible for over a billion dead if you include the kite ship and cake piece religions called Christianity and Islam in their death toll as well as all the Communist countries of the world that got than marxism like a disease from the Bolshevik Zionist kazarian askenazim new world order reptilian kikes. America was 65% of German heritage is far is its white population went at the time of World War I and we were on the side of Germany up until the false flag of the lusitania and JP Morgan propaganda machine that is today known is mainstream news are fake news as it should more properly be called. The rothschild family in 1 way or the other own over 70% of this world. In remember Rockefeller is use it in American nice version of Rothschild. Yeah it's kind of funny how Rockefeller Carnegie and Morgan the owners in founders of standard oil American steel and the arms manufacturer that the Bush family owns today would want us in A-war X mation point especially considering all the war bonds at JP Morgan had out to the bank of England that would have bankrupted him if England was to lose. Yeah it's kind of funny how to Jews from Germany made a deal with the Prime Minister of England that they would make sure America joined World War I against the Germans if they were promised the land of Palestine which they occupy today and continue a genocide upon the Canon nights they started in biblical times the whole world lets them do it. Karl Marx was a Jew Latimer linen was a Jew Trotsky wizard you Joseph Stalin was half Jewish his wife was fully to. In 1666 a man by the name of zabatana Cephei are the so called Jewish messiah founded a sect of do die isn't based upon sin fornication and genocide and murder and they became the leaders of these people. His disciple was Jacob Frank together they founded the zaba tih and and frankest movement which had as disciples the grandfather of ancile rest child as well as the teacher of Karl Marx so you see the archery based economics of the capitalist and bankers just one side of the coin and the marx's Communist Bolsheviks are the other. Design is in the Bolsheviks have always been on the same team it was the bankers of New York that funded the Communist revolution in Russia. All of this death is mainstream history they just never talk about it because they don't like the truth be known. By far the worst atrocities ever committed upon humanity by other humans were committed against the Germans in World War II hitoshima and nagasaki are only number 2 and 3 as far as atrocities go Dresden Germany is number 1, I suggest you research would happend there on fat Tuesday night during carnival when the war was over. The war was less than a month from its finish the nazis knew they had lost they had recently released 25000 POW use from concentration camps who were at Dresden that night along with 500000 refugees from Eastern Europe that were flee in the red army that was raping torturing mutilating and cannibalizing its way from Moscow to Berlin. It's funny how the refugees fled with the nazis if the nazis were the bag guys . In total there is a million people are at least close to that in attendance that night celebrating mardi gras at the height to the fat Tuesday celebrations many of these were and even Germans because Dresden was the mardi gras capital of Europe it was a city of culture art galleries museums and cathedrals it had no industry no military purpose what so ever in the war was over and their Royal Air Force and the American Air Force fire bond this city for 4 days straight killing 500000 people which was twice as many as Hiroshi Emma and nagasaki combined. In fact Germany was fire bombed for 4 years straight and they drop more ordinance on the city of Berlin in one week then a German dropped and all of Britain during the whole war. These were cities full of women and children. All the civilians that died in Eastern Europe died in the battle fields for the most part these firebombings were nowhere near the fighting that you tell me who committed atrocities.

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    Who else hopes Trump doesn't win re election in 2020? And somebody who would expand influence like help Britain after brexit

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    way to produce a non-liberal biased and informational video-must have been hard for you guys

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    How the US became a superpower. AMERICA is a continent with many countries within its geographic limits. The US happens to be one of them as it is Costa Rica, Chile, Brazil among others.

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    Why'd you guys delete my comment on why Trump is better on, A video titled why Trump's is bad, or something like that, is it because I completely debunked all your arguments, and Trump's not wrong, we need to get rid of certain allies and trade partners, like France, Canada, China, and Mexico.

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    lol world police

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    Hey! Whites are superior than all! Trump is our hero! I wish he would be dictator to murder all inferiors!

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    Oh, this one is very easy. The answer is to the East, right in the Middle.

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    So pretty much America turned into an amazing country who had alliances all around the globe but then trump came and will potentially ruin everything... ok

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    And now thanks to trump; is a laughing stock!

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    Wait... so im not asian.They bought Philippines?This is NOT TRUE. Plz tell me

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    12K people didn't like hearing that the US slaughtered the Native Americans or occupied territories etc. The history is what it is folks. It's not the romantic and simplistic crap you want to believe.

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    Well, not any longer.

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    American Masons, a sick and twisted secret organization brought to you by the Protestant world-wide churches (not ever mentioned or endorsed by Christ or any of his apostles)...yep...the same folks that brought the world the 911 New York disaster and then blaming it on muslims, the Fake Black Leyend invented against the Spanish to blame them for murders The Protestant-mason-backed-Pirate-English committed everywhere they set foot...wiping-out via mass GENOCIDE every single Indigenous peoples and those "LUCKY" enough to survive are still visible today living in Native reserves (Canada, USA, New Zealand and Australia), Scottish Rite Masons World Wide sexual abuse rings drugging of children (using chloral hydrate) to be raped, sodomized in their ultra secret meetings, also endeavoring all to be slaves to debt and slowly, just like hairloss, pushing all it's demonic members in positions of Control to pass laws that destroy the Nuclear Family, promote demonic lifestyles like secularism, gayness, 1/2 and 1/2 i don't know what gender i am? Promote abortions, no Lord's Prayer in Schools, No mention of Christ ANYWHERE and so forth. Yup...Free Masons = SEVERE DANGER to ANY society where they exist! *With LOVE from Putugal where we may be very, very poor and be eating at the Sopas dos pobres EVERYDAY but we ain't Brainwashed Protestant hater Zombies :)

  36. TheBaroqueViolist

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    I hope Trump doesn't get re-elected in 2020 because he may just screw up the world trade systems and keeping the peace in the world. Now if he makes amends and doesn't get rid of this wonderful system we have, I'm fine with Trump getting re-elected in 2020 but for now, not looking good on my side.

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    América is indeed the continent. It was the people of the Spanish colonies all over the New World the first ones to start calling themselves "Americanos" lots of years before US even established their first city; US has nothing to do with the origin of the name "America" whatsoever. Amerigo Vespucci lived for some months in South America and the Spanish colonies in the New World, he never touched US soil and he didn't even know the notion of US existed. He served the Spanish crown and that's why the term rapidly expanded in the Iberian new kingdoms of North, Central and South America. But yes, when you manage to be the greatest superpower of all time (because I do acknowledge that) you can change history to your favor. I don't hate US citizens, in fact I admire their history and culture but calling themselves "Americans" or "America" is quite pathetic. That's the reason in Spanish we call them "estadounidenses" ("unitedstatians"), never "americanos".

  38. Black God

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    slavery is the reason 400 years of free work and white people stealing other ethnicities ideas and inventions. Don't let this lying devil fool u

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    America wouldn't be the superpower that it is without its alliance with Australia. Australia really is the best country in the world.

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    It’s different everywhere obviously but, seeing how USA is a place of success idk why more 3rd world countries don’t try to copy laws and lifestyles to us

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    I agree with trump that we need to stop getting involved with peoples problems and fix our own because it's just causing us more problems.

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    Fortunately for the world, Trump can be president for only max 8yrs. Anything he does would be definitely reversed by his successor.

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    Spain was not "easily " defeated. It could have been easily a complete failure

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    Jesus is at the doors

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    5:08 lol

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    I love how everything on this channel has some bullshit liberal message

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    I really am convinced that usa caused both world wars in europe in order to let all the superpowers to destroy themself, in order to let usa come out as the unharmed one .... While all other nations were killing themself in both world wars economically, the usa didnt had so much to worry about. Huge project were build in these golden gate bridge etc.!

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    Guys are you seriously putting the wrong flag for France or are you really trying to say that Luxemburg has the 6th biggest Military budget ? Even if u tried to put India there its totally wrong. I really wanted to watch this video but I ruined it after the 0:08... so sad that you’re not taking care of this kind of details!

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    Why you got to go and say that Trump

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    The nerve of you devils, you will all find out real soon that the so called blacks are not African but indeed the true children of Israel as writing in the holy bible, America is the way it is because of the blood sweat and tears of the real Hebrew Israelites ! You heathens nations have slavery to look forward to, our lord and savior who you ignorantly call Jesus’s Christ is a so called black man and he’s coming to save him people from this captivity, America is Babylon the great ( revelation 18 ) and you all been warned !! How dead you demonic devils talk so proud ?

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    When Mohammad told we will establish Sharia law and rule the Earth. Allah said to himself, no way, I will make a new nation more powerful so they can kick the asses of the Mohammadan. Allah is Great. Now you know why the Founding Fathers printed on the US dollar "In God We Trust." No Islamic currency has "In Allah, we pray."

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    USA became "SUPERPOWER" through(or by) FUKKING arabs. Arabs are pleased to be FUKKED by USA-americans or BRITISh.

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    It is not that hard to call this country UNITED STATES, instead of America, because AMERICA IS A CONTINENT.

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    Great summary

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    WOW! I'm VERY IMPRESSED by this 9 min. video that offers a remarkably good perspective on the development of the USA into the world's superpower.

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    America is a continent. North America is a subcontinent. United States is a country. Just please. Great content by the way, enjoying every episode.

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    Mexico also has Untied States in its name but is called Mexico for short.

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    Still not stronger than Farmer with Shotgun

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    *Vox* : America is the worlds most influential super power, and rose to the top through its spending on military and foreign relations *Me* : Thank you Vox, very cool! *Also Vox at the very end of the video* : Orange man bad *Me* : ...

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    +Luke Jolly The real question is, whom wrong?

  63. Luke Jolly

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    Turn are they wrong?

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    Great vid

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    What is he music on the back ground Thank you for the reply :)

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    by wars and invading other country ies,asking for money and things that can be turned into money.Americans are thieves ,murders and invaders.

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    why do all vox videos end with them blaming trump?

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    I only came to read the comments:)!

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    death is more preferable than communism (fallout 3 )👍🇺🇸💪

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    We all know America Was Very Evil Back During there NATIVE Attacks but Don't Get me wrong Native Americans Were More Evil. Usa 4 life

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    Nothing on how they became developed.

  72. Allen mclore Putin

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    "So called superpower " huh!! Do u have any idea about USA debt... they consider India, China and Russia as their enemy but these 3 country r the biggest USA debt holder so I think It's the time for these country to start dumping USD and then whole world will see how USA will killed by It's own game or debt and how this reason will be the death of all European countries... Hahahahaha🖕🖕

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    seriously " low level of conflicts".

  74. Phillip Aubin

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    At the end of the day, remember which country provides the vast majority of military protection for Europe.

  75. akalil sahidan

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    Remember,it a stolen land.

  76. Rob Trousdale

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    You can’t tell this documentary isn’t influenced by leftist propaganda

  77. Tusk

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    The US power is a lie they haven't fought in a conventional war since the civil war in Yugoslavia truth is the US cant fight a conventional war because its so outdated that it would lose and here is proofวีดีโอ-68HNHaw96lo.html

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    i just found out this video is funny

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    Murica land of the Pick Up Truck's and SUV crossovers. Gas stations mini malls WALMARTS and McDonald's fill my heart and mind 🎩

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    President William McKinley didn't drag the U.S. into the Spanish-American War. He and Speaker of the House Thomas B. Reed were about the last two leaders in Washington trying to find a resolution to the Cuba situation that didn't involve war with Spain. But this is from Vox, and McKinley was a Republican, so I can't really expect any better.

  81. MASBLAST23

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    America had ever chance to take over the world multiple times , but we helped it out instead , all you (anti Americans) think about that the next time you go to sleep, with out us the world would go absolutely crazy and every one nose it. that's why were so dame proud of our flag and nation there is no freedom with out the United States.😎

  82. Capital P.

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    ​+MASBLAST23 haha sadly your country didn't have a culture, just a bunch of clowns from Europe who try to stealing land. (Think about that)😎

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    Yeah, tell that to Palestinian and Syrian

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    MASBLAST23 the UK is the reason we live in freedom actually (I’m American) they’re empire other than a few atrocities helped grind civilisation and abolish slavery and were one of the main factors both world wars were won

  85. Obi-wan kenobi

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    MASBLAST23 mate are you delusional

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    We should have listen to Washington

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    What’s ironic is that the UK is America’s longest standing ally, not France.

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    Superpower with 33 trilion dollar dept? America must create wars becouse it is the only way to survive bubble of credit dept. Some day there will be no country to rape of and the bubble will blow up and then we will have a world peace. All the best for America people along other nations of the world saffer and dying daily becouse of wars they creating all around the world. Some day you will have the same treatman from others country's like you do now to them. Some day we will have peace in the world,the wourld with out America evil force. God bless that day.

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    Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll!

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    Hey you forgot to add the part about saving Vietnam with napalm. I've heard that communism can become airborne so its a good thing you stopped it when you did. Keep up the good work America :D

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    any time!...we love to be appreciated!

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    99% of the problems in the world is because the US intervened so much. It’s time we allowed countries and empires to rise and fall as they always have throughout history... on their own terms. Otherwise how will they ever change?

  93. Christopher Kim

    Christopher Kim12 วันที่ผ่านมา

    America is not as great as they have tried to portray it in the history books. It mentions nothing about the hostile take over of the south after they seceded from the union. Basically the north started the war because they needed the south’s resources. It does no mention that the colonies refused to pay taxes for years and the Brit’s were spending fortunes to improve their colonies and only wanted to tax them to continue funding them. So when it finally tried to enforce it, the colonists rebelled. Lucky tho, that the ppl leading the rebellion were smart and philosophical. So many other things to list..

  94. William Henry

    William Henry12 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Don’t worry as an American who lives here I can tell you that America is definitely going in the wrong direction! The government has shut down almost every small business in our nation! Everything is a corporation! Jobs are scarce and small country towns are becoming filled with drugs and crime! Government has passed down laws stopping individuals from prosperity and the outcome is horrendous! Poverty ,drugs and crime is flurishing ! Self worth and self respect has deminished drastically! No longer are Americans inventing and proud, producing and honorable! There stealing robbing doing drugs and have no confidence! Americans can’t even fix there homes with out government concent! Small towns can’t even have a pizza parlor or a store! The laws are so costly that the sales won’t warrant the financial cost due to a small population of the community ! America is weakening at the knees and we as nation will crumble do to government greed and control!

  95. trekage

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    I haven’t watched this yet, but I’m guessing that it’s by building a huge military then racking up a huge debt like all the other superpowers.

  96. Mister ious

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    USSR left the chat

  97. Sandman1975 Sand

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    Well ... It s built by people from europe , africa & latin america ... lol U dont even have your own language =P

  98. Maria L CaloDHLc

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    #IngeniousRoots. My people countributed a total of 3 million so close to extinction so that history could be forged. We can not change the past, but the future is now and we just want status as indigenous and native people on our land that many died on so it could be taken by force. As for the travelers taken at will and knowledge from the motherland must be given status. #ListenAmerica

  99. Jamie Ardell

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    im confused, at that time, why was America so powerful that it easily won the war against spain?

  100. enemy boat

    enemy boat13 วันที่ผ่านมา

    europe suicided twice with world war 1 and world war 2 . without these 2 wars that basicly destroyed europe and set the continent back at least 30 years, the US would not be so powerfull simply because europe would not allow american bases nor allow the US DICTATE what they should and should not do ( like they are doing now ) . right now european countries are slave to US policy

  101. Federico Vazquez

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    My two-word summary for this video: Manifest destiny.

  102. Mohamed Ahmed

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    Americanis just 250 years old, so the worst is ahead, becuase must empire fail after 500 years.

  103. Gavan Schultz

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    The US prospered during the two world wars simply because they made an unbelievable fortune selling weapons to the allies and never had to play defense since the british invaded the US from Canada in the early 1800s This allowed them to make huge amounts of revenue and was never occupied or significantly damaged

  104. disoriented1

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    I am a USAer; I must correct you on one refer to what we in North America the 'War of 1812'..and yes, the British did invade the U.S...they captured and burned the government buildings in the tiny village of Washington, District of Columbia. It is asserted that this was in retaliation for our U.S. forces capturing and burning the capital of Upper Canada, York (now Toronto), and burning the government buildings there. Our U.S. forces did invade Canada, but were repulsed by British, Canadian and native forces. I've learned, the Canadians are agreeable to almost anything you say, unless, as a USAer you state the the U.S. won the War of 1812..or even that it was a just admit you lost and everyone gets along again!

  105. Mike Chavepeyer

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  108. Chris Trenning

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    seriously! every European nation will find this deeply offensive - yet again on armastist day, twats from the US belittle the wars we thought to keep all of us free. shame on you, shame on you. jesus, you are stupid,

  109. Ivan tau

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    Wrong and Dislike. NEXT!

  110. Cameron Michael

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    I certainly oppose our massive military spending, but to be fair, China, Russia, Iran, and Saudi Arabia all spend more money on their militaries as a percentage of GDP than we do

  111. Shadow Playz

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    Title - How America became a superpower Video - How US became a superpower

  112. Zannie

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    America is a country.

  113. fraud insanity

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    This is sooooooow stupid, all Trump is saying is other nato members need to pay the minimum requirement of 2%. No longer will the US be taken advantage of. #MAGA

  114. Jason L

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    I heard a possible error at 3:46 you said "USA was only country to avoid economic ruin", however the graph you have shows the UK staying along the same trend as US.

  115. Guido Di Stefano

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    So nice to know that Sicily and Sardinia are out of NATO :)

  116. Alinoor Abdi

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    Why people look too much theory to explain america power.. simple answer is atomic nuclear weapons

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    It created war to do it see the last 30 years

  119. Julio Urena

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    They're pretty much protecting a nation of idiots

  120. Иванов Иван Иванович

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    Печально на Россиюшку(

  121. Inki Gaming

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    For those saying that the USA is lucky to have weak neighbors, you are wrong! To the north used to be the British! To the south, we had the Spanish Empire/Mexican Empire.