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  1. mica bearing

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    UWU someone has a crush on rie 😀😀😀 isnt it very suspicious he talk about rie in the start

  2. LaksuTTaja

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    Mmmh those lool tasty... WAIT A MINUTE! THATS WHY THE CHANNEL IS CALLED TASTY!! Im so smart

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    I love you and your work ❤❤😍😍

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    Is it just me or was the intro of the mirror cake satisfying?

  5. Espi Tv

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    Can I have alvin than those food he made?

  6. ArtsyGamer

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    *This guy has it in his head that you have to make food for people in order to be accepted as their friends.* .-.

  7. Pass the BOOF

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    I hate myself for watching this video at 2 am

  8. Michelle Williamson

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    you kinda look like the cube head guy “made the deal with devil” from tik tok

  9. Sims4Addict_ MermaidLagoona

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    A lot of the foods he makes is on Pinterest!

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    This is smart

  11. please get off my channel

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    Im going to the seeing this im hungry at

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    Looks good

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    The narration is amazing. Loved it

  14. Leo Gaspar

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    Make vegan food

  15. David Garcia

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    what's your secret recipe on being so hot

  16. meshoyou90


    when he tought about Shrek, how high was he?

  17. Ǝʀᴀsᴇ


    1:59 yo what's this fire song?

  18. Mark Ford

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    Just tell us how to to make the foods you dont have to tell us your life story holy shit

  19. Lauren Petrone

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    He was on Chopped in college

  20. Hazza HD

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    self raising four or plain flour?

  21. becky okpako

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  22. CRL MythBuster

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    I wanted these things but realized I was to lazy get it

  23. Lunacy


    No one cares, just come to my place and make them for me.

  24. Mathy Don

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    Viral sounds gross

  25. Dingyasa

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    That mirror glaze cake cut was so fucking hot

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    Open a fucking restaurant please!

  27. ThatUnknownPerson 7

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    A lot "THICCER" then they were

  28. Danny Tran

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    When I have no friends I get fat

  29. Parks Cuskley

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    Did anyone see his wrist when he was mixing the cheese cake??

  30. itay koifman

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    Mine doesn’t look like his

  31. Jacky !

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    Alvin and Rie are 100% some of my favorite people at BuzzFeed💞

  32. Kevin Lombardo, Jr

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    Their was something almost hypnotizing about the way he talks , it was so fluent and smooth as he made the food right in front of us.

  33. Hercules D Marks

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    Amen, brother

  34. Elizabeth T

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    I bit my laptop when Alvin broke and squished the chocolate *CHUNK* cookies

  35. Cadena Bianca

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    Pumpkin pie + banana bread would be my FAVORITE!!🥧🍌🎃

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    Go masterchief

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    4:20 I couldn’t stop laughing cuz of his arm

  38. Gymnastics Cookies

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    👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻this is prob the best THreporter vid I’ve seen

  39. Cwazycupcake 4life

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    The Oreo one tho

  40. Minh Gia Tran (Alvin)

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    Don’t the vids already have the recipes?

  41. Gohan Izazaga

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    I subbed after watching the making the big cheese burger 🤣 love the vids but u making me hungry 🥺

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    11:07 someone would love this *PIECE* of content! hAh, PUNtastic! sorry

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    Im so happy he gets to do something he loves with his life.

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    Chocklet cake klad cake

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    Should follow me on twitch lol 😂

  46. nathan schotvanger

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    2:25 you let the cookies rest but it looks like there hot cuz the chocolate melts, did you reheat them or didnt let them rest. kinda curious 😙☺️

  47. Man united 18/19 treble winners

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    Credit to the camera man. He’s doing a banging job!

  48. jamellah

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    captions: “rea”, not rie. niiiice.

  49. kalaigirl

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    gonna try the pancakes right now

  50. Mihai Asaftei

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    im not really a guy that loves sweets...i generally don't eat cookies/chocolate or etc but that mirror cake looks amazing !!!

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    im starving and then i watch this 😐

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    How about super big halo halo

  53. Cookies and Cream Just for fun

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    My favourite part of the food is Eating it WHO’S WITH ME

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    I’m the only one how thinks that Alvin is kind cute 😅

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    Make a giant doughnut

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    I'm here for the pancakes

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    A great work dear from pakistan🤗🧞‍♂️

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    Hmm so the jiggly pancakes are essentially souffles yes ?

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    4:25 his arm is tripping

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    umm alvin is the only one that i know in tasty

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    He’s got a thing for layers huh

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    Ugh I'd like to work there...

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    This video made me want to be a cook

  65. 100 Subscribers with no videos

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    And I love cooking so I might release some vids but first 50 subs???

  66. 100 Subscribers with no videos

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    This is one tasty producer that got my respect

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    1:08 That better not be motor oil

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    This is very beautiful and inspiring 😊💖

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    tasty : what piece would you chose? me: *is all of them a choice?*

  71. Lina P.

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    Potato starch instead flour makes them more jiggly

  72. diana karenina

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    Alvin is a genius

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    They are so delicious

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    I made the mozzarella sticks onion rings

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    Yah im someone who likes to eat too tasty

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    T. H. I. C. C. pancake

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    This guy used to be hot

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    Yup. Alvin and Rie. They're AWESOME!!!

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    *i wAs thiNkinG abOut shRek*

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    3:01 Shrek helps us think of good ideas thanks shrek

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    Ikr I didn't know what he meant😂

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    I’m only commenting this because there was 1699 comments so now it is 1700 I think


    RIKKI BRYANT7 วันที่ผ่านมา

    this video was so helpful

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    I would choose the half m and m half chocolate one

  86. No Age Restriction

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    That looks amazing

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    Inspiring‼️ 🥰

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    Don't believe this. His secret ingredient is jizz lol

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    Brownie and banana bread

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    I wanna eat it :( Tasty is not letting me eat..

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    thinking about shrek 😂😂😂


    SOULSRUINED -_-8 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Shrek is love Shrek is life


    SACHA GACHAS8 วันที่ผ่านมา

    9:37-9:48 who else found that oddly satisfying and kept playing it back? No one? Just me? Ok just me Ok!!!!!! Also gonna like my own comment!!!!!

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    Ahhhhhhhh stahp it’s making my hungry

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    Great video so inspiring and so cool

  96. dcast777

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    Letting cookie dough rest that you've put melted butter in lets the butter solidify.

  97. Curlyhair4life Boo

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    I made the pancakes fir breakfast and my siblings loved it it was very fluffy

  98. Gabrielle LaForest

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    he is the triple C king:Cake cookies and cream

  99. Malachite Mangusu

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    the first one is actually called a japanese cheesecake

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    make a giant mirror cake

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    That half Oreo triggered my ocd