How Microsoft Saved Apple (And Why They Did It)


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    Hope you enjoyed the video folks! In case you (somehow) missed it, I recently published my first class on Skillshare. It's an animated intro on how the stock market work; people loved it and I'm actually working on a second class as we speak. But for now if you want to watch it (and don't have a Skillshare account) you can get a free trial here:

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    Business Casual 5:32, is that ferris-chan, the trap from RE:ZERO. You sneaky man.

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    Smooth intro into product advertisement!

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    You really don't know much about the subject you're trying to discuss. Your facts and assumptions are WAY off. Microsoft didn't save Apple. Apple saved Apple. You do realize that Apple had $4B in CASH at that time, and they were still cash rich. The only way a company can be "saved" is through internal transformations. Apple had to pivot in the marketplace. The first thing Steve Jobs did when he arrived at Apple was product simplification. Apple was essentially cannibalizing its own sales through their complex and confusing product lines. Jobs took the existing 22+ product lines at Apple and reduced them to 4 product lines: Pro Desktop and Laptop, Consumer Desktop and Laptop. This allowed Apple to focus narrowly on 4 product lines instead of 22. The second thing Apple did was push their manufacturing and inventory back to their vendors. This was the genius of Tim Cook. Apple's inventory age ratio was about 120 days days prior to Jobs arriving. Today Apple holds less than 24 hours worth of inventory on its balance sheets. They moved from holding inventory to requiring their vendors to product products JIT while the vendor holds onto the manufacturing material inventory. Those two business decisions allows Apple to pivot and focus its attention on a few product lines to do exceptionally well versus a lot of products that are mediocre. That is the ONLY way a company can save itself. No one external to the company can "save" it. The company itself must fundamentally change its operations and product offerings in order for any improvement to occur. All your video does is repeat urban myths and has very little actual insight into Apple's transformation and recovery.

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    8:00 Smoothest transition into an advertisement ever lol

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    Myrrh Greenwich ?

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    Ok he lost money technically by selling those shares, but what you didn't point out is Microsoft is also doing extremely well on the stock market and he would've had similar gains from investing in MIcrosoft.

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    watching this video on windows 10 home version 1803

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    I like how they advertising products

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    The first smartphone WAS actually invented before 1997. the AT&T Communicator was made in 1991. The first true smartphone was the LG Prada. (HP iPAQ also pioneered) But that was in 2005 The First Smartphone was the... IBM Simon. Sold 50,000 units. Probably doesn't matter to the Dumbo's you guys are. No ACTUAL data Shame on you people. Feeding wrong info to your audience.

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    who's watching this while using apple device

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    so Bill gates use dashlane?

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    oh my god i love you

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    But let us not forget how much Microsoft stole from Apple as well, graphical interfaces were one.

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    Its all these rich corporations that have made me realize that MONEY IS GOD!... M$ney is God, MMMMMMMMMMMMM$nnneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy is Goddddddddddddd!

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    Well done. Thank you.

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    Bahot Smooth Effects Hai video K Aakho ko Bahot sukun milta hai Dekh Kar....

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    you can't learn neither copy without a competition and fat cats need other cats to play with too

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    at 5:39 who is that in the middle?

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    Microsoft save apple. 2 giant companies. Who would've thought apple would surpass Microsoft

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    Wow. And it's funny how Microsoft is right behind apple in market cap. They may surpass apple. Great successful company


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    Congratulations for 500k subscribers

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    Gj crowd, would be a dead apple w/o m$

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    bill gates knew that death of apple would not be the best for business 1 cause competition bring better working , instead of stalling with no competition best example wrestling industry , when wwe and wcw was competing we had the best story line to attract fan once wwe bought wcw the wwf start to stall , giving us less great story-line , and their compagnie attracted less fans. than when wcw was there. competition is what is the best for a compagnie and bill gates knew it and Steve jobs too, when apple was not in jeopardy any more bill gates sold his stock . cause apple didn't need it anymore that all that the real reason why bill gates invested in apple he said it in an interview a great interview by the way wish features both steve jobs and bill gates. and first question the animator asked was for each other to say something that is good about the other both said that competition help the industry cause they want to sell so they search to give best product that why apple release between window release , all the interview they didn't attack the other even they was on the same page , on a lot of things often adding a comment to the answer of the other to reinforce it and show they agreed

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    It's Apple which saved Microsoft for being Monopoly, which would have been a disaster to gates.

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    Bill Gates is the hero, the real one.

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    This is so wrong. The DOJ's case had NOTHING to do with Microsoft being just monopoly. What they got in trouble for was not letting users get rid of Internet Explorer after bundling it with Windows. In fact, putting IE on the Mac HURT Microsoft's defense that IE was tied to Windows and that if you removed IE Windows could not work. If IE can work on a Mac just fine and be removed, then it must not be as tied to Windows as MS says. Gates did what he did because a) He has a soft spot for Steve (He would have never did it for Gil) and b) Apple agreed to drop the Quicktime lawsuit against them and use IE as their default browser if MS would commit to 5 years of Office and buy shares. This is why people laughed when Steve said "And since we believe in choice!" unlike MS who didn't let people choose browsers. Also, Microsoft probably could have taken the $2 billion loss due to losing the Quicktime code lawsuit, and Apple would have likely died anyway - probably would've happened with Gil. In hindsight, that would have been the better thing to do. But back then, even with Jobs, NO ONE expected what would actually happen.

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    Now Apple and Microsoft are neck and neck for most valuable company.

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    Amazon joined them too

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    5:38 who's that??

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    Apple did licence the OS in the 90's

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    I bought my first Apple in 1985. I was an Apple devotee until 2018. Apple was a true "plug and play Compute. No more. I made money with the Mac. Not any more! I could repair my own mac. NOT ANY MORE!! I regret that I bought a 27 inch mac in 2018. I am pissed off. Linux is better!!

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    Crazy how in 1998 Apple was not in a good place financially Exactly 20 years later Apple is a trillion dollar company Wow

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    history repeated itself. microsoft is now giving up edgehtml to chromium

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    Business is always about win-win situations

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    Bill Gates has the best charecter development of all time.

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    Government was going to shut Microsoft down because of Monopoly jobs got inside info came to Bill and said look c********* you'll be out of business in 9 months unless you prop Me Up the rest is history

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    It is really funny the way you bring up ads at the end of every video

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    5:33 anime character in there WTF r u doing this is the second time


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    5:38 what the hell is Felix from Re: Zero doing in here?!

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    5:40 that's because he's an INTP. We automatically scan for loopholes in every structure.

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    This is why I hate apple products 😂

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    A *TRILLION DOLLAR* decision

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    At 5:34 why there is an anime in background

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    salty apple fanboys

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    so smooth dashlane

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    Anyone else see the anime girl in 5:35?

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    Lol I just noticed that this video was uploaded on my birthday xD

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    A very cunning seamless clever way of inserting an advertisement into your video without the viewer noticing the trick! Shamefull tactics.

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    Steve said we believe in choice...... Interesting how things have changed 🤔

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    This is the biggest pile of crap ever. Apple made the first PC, which Microsoft copied. The $150 million bucks was partly to pay for the copyright action. At the time, Apple was worth about $10 billion, so $150 million didn't do anything. Idiots believe this BS>

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    Most successful meaning=most exploitative

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    Does anyone saw the Anime character on 5:35

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    you really like felix don't you

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    I Think Bill Gates see the potential of Apple in the next years, funding Apple was one of their best move, either they fund Apple or somebody fund Apple. They have seen what Apple is doing, they are going in another direction , another market that Microsoft have not started yet

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    *what if microsoft never helped them?*

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    Apple continues to be rotten despite almost crumbling to the ground.They have used their success to screw their customer base (right to repair),steal from smaller developers (animoji) and continues to ignore child labor, sweatshops and inhumane treatment of it's workers by their contractors (Foxconn) to mention a few. I would not consider spending my money on overpriced crap made for pennies on the dollar, intentionally designed to prohibit me from upgrading it or fixing it.

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    Love you Mr. Bill Gates for giving us this PC and Windows. I don't care who speaks what. You are the one who changed lives of people worldwide by getting PC on every desk.

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    Microsoft will face bankruptcy as well in the next 5 years

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    Of course if Steve Jobs hadn't come back to Apple and brokered the deal, this would of never happened.

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    why were those people using apples when apple had so limited software and applications? did they simply just hated windows?

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    Saving Apple was a bad business decision by Gates. Right now it would be Android vs MS for mobile dominance. I'm glad they did it but saving your competition is never a good idea.

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    I will never trust dashlane ever

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    If bill gates forgets his Netflix password he’ll just buy a new account or even Netflix itself lol

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    Bill gates such a wise man

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    Why is there an anime girl in the background at 5:37 ?

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    it a boy.

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    Best tactics by Microsoft. Not buying apple share. Best competitor of Microsoft remain compititor of Microsoft. I love tactics of bill gates.

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    Yeah... I remember this so clearly!

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    What kind of business if there is no competition? They are willing to do that for a domination..

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    We rise by helping others

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    5:38 noticed anything different

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    0:00 “app, hands down the most successful American company”

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    More proof that Microsoft will always be Apple's Daddy. Like they say, you always want your kids to do better than you.

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    Why doesn't everyone get what bill gates was actually tried to do back then. He was trying to save his own ass!!

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    Oh my goodness!!! Gates sold those shares? Why? There wasn't any harm in keeping them . It's your competition and he didn't need the money at that time.

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    1st things first samsung is bad like if you agree

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    what do you mean about flashing, if he wanted to he could literally put them out of business by having his team program and release a similar software for windows, though i cannot confirm if he would make it free or not so.

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    or make one at all

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    I am more intrigued by the animation. Did you use Adobe premiere Pro ?

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    5:33 why is there an anime figure in this still?

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    Apple was never Microsoft competitor.

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    Unlike for the non discrete in-program ads.

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    5:34 why is there an anime character in the audience?

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    Can you make a video about that guy who super strongly shouted “No!” when jobs announced the tie up with MS? 3:32

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    You probably want to stop plugging "Dashlane" as it really shows that you aren't aware what you are promoting. I have heard again and again that it is more like a Alpha or Beta version of software that they charge for. Doesn't support all of the operating system promoted, and the list goes on.

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    They didn't save Apple they devalued Apple (which had a billion in cash and no debt financing problem) to make windows look to be the future.

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    Why? OS/2 and its possibilities/threat.

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    GREAT VIDEO! Knew some of all of this! But hey got more info on the details! Excellent!

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    05:38 _ANIME Are Real!_

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    are you really that naive that bill and steve are only ones, that have run the show?

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    "fanatical loyalty" of the little children who can't think.

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    How exactly did Microsoft who are NOWHERE NEAR the size of Apple save them..? Typical propaganda rubbish. Reporting this video..,

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    So Microsoft is Goku and Apple is Frieza during the climax of the Namek saga.

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    classic win win case

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    Bill Gates GREAT Human Love to Apple & Microsoft 🌹👌😊

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    Bill gates said to Steve "You complete Me"

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    Sure Microsoft helped a tiny bit but they definitely didn't save Apple. The Apple faithful saved Apple. Steve Jobs marketing plans saved Apple.

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    5:26 found Wally

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    Only open software can give the world freedom eg Linux, Unix etc. Ubuntu and Mozilla both tried to fund crowd sourced cellphone operating systems, narrowly failing. Now we have android, iOS and they both sensor their App Store.