How To Remove Annoying iPhone X Notch (Cut Out)


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    Please do use this hack!

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    TechRax yes

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    TechRax Umm, I’ll pass!

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  6. Leonardo Morales

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    I did it whit my phones that did not work

  7. rmwtsou


    Always having the notch on the top of the screen is piss-poor. But I suppose you can alwayss see the cup as half full rather than half empty, that the screen areas on both sides of the black notch as extra bonus screen real estate. Ha ha. Samsung people are laughing their heads off, like me.

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    Wtf i dont get you i like the notch how its annoying you?

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    Ha ha ha

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    U r seriously the worst person on this planet Why are you just wasting things just for THreporter money

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    is this guy on drugs

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    Sounds like the plan for me

  15. Toby Evans

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    Yea it stopped working. I've seen an s9+ with a hole in it and it still works apart from the hole ofc

  16. Heejun Suh

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    Best solution: sell the iphone x, buy a new phone without a notch

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    T H E. B I G G E S T. F U C K I N G. B O I.

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    And its as easy as that ladies and gentlemen

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    I tried it! My phone shut down and the battery is on fire

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  21. Catpaw

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    Well there is one MAJOR problem 1. You just shattered the screen, what would you rather have a shattered screen or a notch. And BTW, the screen doesnt work anymore, so you just freaking wasted $1000 on damaging your phone.

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    Oh my iPhone X now to buy my 10000 iPhone next. Day oh it is a call from the bank hello sir you are bankrupt

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    Does this work with Android?

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    Crazy !!

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    So sastisfied.

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    It's kharab

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    I feel good hahahahaa 🙈

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    You killed my iPhone XS I Sue you

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    nodge hater, therfore: 👍 buuut, job: son?

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    Wow bro gd job :)

  32. Atrumoris


    hmm, you need another vice to hold you phone vice...

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    I’m so doing that to my iPhone max tonight

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    I hate the notch

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    Any phone with a notch deserves this!!!

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    What !!!!!low man

  37. ダークジョーカー


    i really hate this notch.i dont understand why they made like this.funny if they think this is better.. apple design was good but stupid now since steve died.maybe ok if this notch remover app can be on all time

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    I hate notch display

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    ah yes my first tech rax video

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    Lmao i love how the thumbnail wasn't a clickbait at all

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    How to earn lots of money from being dumb :)

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    eh, do it yourself, that way no one will go to prison

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    instead you could have sent that to others, No phone No notch.

  48. An Useless Character

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  49. Atrumoris


    But he's showing how it's done so that other people can be happy with their iphone X's, that's much more valuable than giving away single phone and making just one person happy

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    Leafy of Tech

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    also the phone is no more

  54. Atrumoris


    he just needs to recharge it

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    I hate the Notch

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    This reminds me of the *"HOW TO BASIC"*

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    Very funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    that is the stupidest thing to ever do to you iphone x

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    Hmm, i would say it's the only fairy resonable thing you can do to your iphone x.

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    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂what an idea bro great now you removed all the problems from iPhone x keep it up 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

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    Bro I did that but my phone started lagging. so I used FeviQuick to fix it again. please share better trick to remove notch 🙏

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    That's almost as good as it gets

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    Can you send a I phone mobile 😁😁😁😁

  70. Atrumoris



  71. srkmoniuddin Ansari

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  72. no you

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    it works but face id and the cameras arent working also the screen is all messed up at the top AND i cant power on my device because the power button is missing

  73. Tahir Afzal

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    Please also tell us how to remove Notch from iPhone Xs Max and.. and remember this time do use 512 gigabits storage ;-)

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    Will u please give me an iphone

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    How many nimrods will actually try this?

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    Im not apreciate this thing the notch on new smartphones so ugly.

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    thanks a lot mate i just bloody got my phone and you make me DO THIS TO IT YEAH WHAT A BLOODY JOKE MATE I SPENT £800 ON THIS I OUGHT A SUE YOU MATE WELL DONE FOR RUINING MY LIFE

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    Thanks! This video really helped!

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    Wow Amazing


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    help it does not work!

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    Serio? :/

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    Thank You Very Helpful My Only Problem Now Is I dont Have Phone

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    This video helped me alot but the Phone no longer works. Anyone knows why?

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    Nice! Now I know how to shave the annoying notch on top of my iPhone. A big thank you.

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    What a crackhead!

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    Apple that is how you hide your notch

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    How do i do it on my xs?

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    This dude has the biggest beef with Apple 😂😂😂😂😂it’s like Tom and jerry

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    Do you hate Apple that much?

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    OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I can finally watch my furry porn in peace. The problem is that now the tails are a bit cut off, is there anyway to fix that?

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    No more notch, no more camera, no more on, no more working phone, But hey! At least u don't have that annoying notch

  98. The Variety Kid

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    With no iPhone X notch you lose: -Face ID -Selfie Camera -Earpiece (RIP Phone Calls) -Front Facing Speaker -AR capabilities with the front camera

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    Good Solution👌👌it helped alot..

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    R.I.P iPhone X (1 like = 1 prayer for iPhone X)

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    I did it But it's not working

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    Now that's a lot of damage!

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    I have OCD and I feel better now.

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