How to Remove the full screen pop-up ads from android phones! Android 8.0.0! 2018/2019!


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    Instead of it saying no it says "opt out" and I'm still getting the ads

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    Nice job and thank you

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    Thank you, Thank youYour video was very, very helpful and clear for an uneducated techy.

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    Mine happens when my phone is closed.not unlocked

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    1:57 me giving speech to the whole School

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    This WAS SO FRICKEN ANNOYING. i was playing a game i tapped alot of times and these fricken ads came when i tapped. And it got me outta the game.

  9. Sekar Chan

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    Bro I do it in the same way as you did, but I have some yes and some no on YourAdChoice list. Was that a problem or What can I do?

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    Fu.cking apps lols cya nub apps I have no care to u fuc.king bitch virus app cya😌😌😌😌😌

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    An ad popped up right after I finished following the steps in this video OTL

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    All of those says 'no' in my phone and still showin ads why tf????

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    In my phones there are not just pictures in ads....I get videos 😞

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    OMG .... Thank you soo soo much

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    Since I deleted an app. "Selfie camera" suddenly all ads gone.

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    I don't get any ads

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    At last

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    Doesn't work.. back to normal again

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    Stupid fucking nerds, can't get a job so they live off of ads

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    Tysm, I had ads on my tablet for so long and you saved my life!!!

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    I got du as well xd

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    There's one ad I can't get rid of.I keep trying to remove it but it keeps saying try again .help me plz

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    OMG thank you so much those stupid ads ruined my game alot. Thanks alot for the video😁😁😁

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    Hi I did the same but still continue to get pop ups what should I do? I thought start removing any apps but I also went to each app and turned off the pop up settings. This is so odd! Thanks

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    Thanks a lot. I was getting crazy by these ads

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    thank you my friend !!! hopefully it helps

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    is this working on pop up card videos in youtube?

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    I dont think so

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    Mine says opt out complete.. is that the same?

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    +Shoko Adgo it didnt work.. however I deleted the recently update alarm and I haven't seen any ads

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    Your video is good, But not worked for me.

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    Hey man, what about if I followed this and I'm still getting the ad?

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    You did it! Saved me from going crazy!

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    I can't see the page where i can select the list of ads

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    Was watching a movie with my little brother then boom!!!porn ads showed up!!!thanks a lot

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    Don't work

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    This makes perfect sense you make it so easy now I have pop-up ads today I was trying to figure out how to shut it off you make it easy for me and everyone else

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    The man thjs helped me a lot

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    Unfortunately the ads are still popping up but not as frequent. Still a headache to deal with though!

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    So I tried this yesterday and it said I couldn't opt out of 2 so I keep getting these ads. I went back today and there were 4 extra to opt out of, so 6 in total and it let me opt out of 4 so there are still 2 I cant opt out of and I'm still getting ads. Any advice?

  55. Aaron Ester

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    Did everything you suggested and it didn't work.

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    Thanks for responding I tired so many diffrent video's last night then finally got rid of it. Have a good day!

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    Happy for you :)

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    Doesn't it just remove the PERSONALIZED ads? Leaving all the non relevant ads on your screen?

  60. Daniel Aldana

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    Little banner ads over other apps were blocked too?

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    Thanks for the details explanation friend...better than the other video where the fix was to just factory reset

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    Can u plis help me remove a screen pop up with weather and apps that is saved on my screen saver and wont go away.

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    R they coming from n app?

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    I'm hoping this really works. Im.paying enough for my.Note 9 that I shouldn't be seeing sponsors ads.

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    Nothing works ...factory reset no malicious apps ..only factory apps on board Im at a loss. Still all full screen google ads constantly popping up. This happened same day I purchased my new phone never encountered this headaches on my old devices.

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