How to Remove the full screen pop-up ads from android phones! Android 8.0.0! 2018!


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    It didnt fucking work

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    Like to say thank you

  3. Irina Savina

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    Those adds are horrible!! It woke me up at the middle of night with some loud music and talking and sound was off. Almost had a heart attack!!! I would love to sue these! Had enough! Hopefully, it will help... Thank you :)

  4. Anubhav Roy

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    Man I was playing pubg and a full screen pop up came right when I was in middle of crossfire.....becoz of that fuckin ad I lost the game....😏

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    Thank you a lot you helped me a alot 🌻🌻😘

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    Very helpful. Thank you. ☺️☺️

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    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!


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    Thank you so much for your help,,


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    Please coy Hindi mein batayega kya hai

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    Thanks man your a life saver

  12. Kalypso Volkonskaya

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    Mine still keep popping up, and I'm just on THreporter, I even got an antovirus

  13. Jaye R

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    Did this...still see ads just not personalized ones

  14. erika ortega

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    It didn't work. The ads still pop up. 😫

  15. Yusuf Abiola

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    How to remove this on android 6.0 version gionee s6s

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    thanx brother

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    Thank you this helped me alot the tech dude had a older version thanks for the advice

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    אחלה אנגלית אחי

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    תודה אחי עזרת לי הרבה!!

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    Really helpful thanks

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    Thank you for your help. I hope this stops the pop-up ads from appearing after unlocking my phone.

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    Thanks it actually worked

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    thank you ~

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    Did that is still poppin up

  27. Pab Gee

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    Itz annoying . When i wuz playing a game it pops up and i need to reconnect back to d server


    PRAKASH TANDAN6 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Thank you so muchh

  29. Michael Casile

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    Looks good so far. Wife was very tired of ads all the time, so far so good. Thanks much.

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    It will be back

  31. D_BuSH

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    What do u do when it says status unavailable and ads still pop up

  32. The Vojta

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    My 7 y.o. was have this 'virus'... but it was a porn ads 😣

  33. Sourav Mazumder

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    Thank you bro


    Imagineyourmusic.com9 วันที่ผ่านมา

    thanks but does not work with samsung galaxy A6

  35. Olivia Berry

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    I just did this and dont know if it has worked yet but it has been several minutes and no ads so if it worked thank you so much.

  36. Ashton Rollins

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    We need to make a No Ad Colt where we destroy all ads that pop up on anyone's phone. Who's in?

  37. Kévin Boulay

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    I still have ads please help!!

  38. MR-BOSs 900

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    My phone said i jad a virus i got scared and clicked on remove virus which brought me to an add that keeps showing me pop up of clothes and other apps so pls help

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    thx for what you did do at least i'm on the right track thx damn ads

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    7 of these ads popped during the 4.42 mins I was watching this video for.

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    Didn't work


    CHRIST IS RISEN!11 วันที่ผ่านมา

    That is Exactly what is Happening now with my tablet!

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    Very helpfull thanks a million

  44. Tapps47

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    I did this and suddenly i am getting ads again. i guessing you have to keep doing that. what i hate about the ads and crap is that it eats up your data...Who the hell allowed these people to do this shit. Pisses me off.

  45. Yes.

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  46. Matas Kažkas

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    Its still poping im crieing it my new phone i got it just for 3months and i disabeled all this shit off and its still poping 😭😭😭😢 rip my s8...

  47. Tim-Tam3

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    Did all of this to my friends phone but he still has ads so this didn't work 😕

  48. BanG BanG

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    I know how frustrating are these ads and I got rid of all the ads and I know how it feels so I am trying to help the ones going thru the same thing.There is only one solution to get rid of all the stupid ads. 1. The one app that bring these pop ads on your phone is the pro measure app, get rid of that app. By uninstalling that app if you still get these ads, Than uninstall all the apps that you have installed on your phone. Than install the aps that you need and don't install stupid games and ads that have no content. You know sometimes you install an app and when you open it there is nothing, these are the apps that bring the stupid ads to pop to your phone. I had the same problem. 100% guaranteed it will work

  49. A̵b̵u̵ I̵b̵n̵e̵ A̵b̵i̵ T̵w̵'l̵i̵b̵

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    Thanks Thanks Nd Many Many Thanks🙏🙇 For Ur Best Help😘😋

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    ya when ur friends pop up u laugh. when ur phone pop ups u take action😈👏

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    I send him searching like i did 😁

  52. SweetAngel

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    You are AMAZING!!! Thank you!!! This really helped I was about to break my PHONE! I already hate this phone and cant wait till the contract is done so I can GO BACK TO APPLE!

  53. Reeshav Roy

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    How to make the company ads customization to No to Yes... Can anyone help me??? Please...

  54. Shoko Adgo

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    It's still working for me guys DONT give up you will find a solution

  55. Madhuri Kumari

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    It's not working. Still playing ads.

  56. abhi17patil arena

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    My add personalisation is off....but adds keep on popping.....I need a solution for that...!

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    Thanks so so much bro.. it has been making me going crazy. Watch all kinds of videos couldn't do it.

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    Thanks bro!!......I thank you for your hard work

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  60. Angery Mechanic

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    I just reset my phone it's a mall ware vires and I know how I got it. I modified an app game and it uploaded the vires.

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  67. Karen B

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    This got rid of many, but, "Opt-Out Temporarily Unavailable" is the message I got on several...I've tried again a couple of times right away, but, I will check again in a few hours. Thanks!

  68. Chris A

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    I want to thank you you really helped me out a lot I was getting terrible pop-ups constantly and I went to my settings and account and turned it off and it hopefully it will work thank you

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    well done good English bro 🍃

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    Didn't work for me. I am still getting the stupid pop-up ads

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    it keeps popping up, i tried everything and nothing works. pls help

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    But my ad personalization is off. And I'm still and ads are still popping up.

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    Today I got some emoji porno ad and yelled what the fuck

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    Sent from 136 to 8 after repeating the process 5 or 6 times but still getting ads when I start up!!! very annoiying makes me rethink my choice of leaving iphone.

  81. VaskiYT

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    Who ever put ads in my account can die in a hole

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    Hey it doesn't work


    NEVM GAMING23 วันที่ผ่านมา

    This ads are not downloadable it can be only download if you download a Virus App or something else that is not trusted that's why your phones have a Pop Ads Literally this ads are annoying Cuz I just got this Virus Ads 2 months .. You don't need to download any Apps to Delete this Virus Ads just do this steps of my own ... 1. Go to settings 2. Go to " Application Manager " 3. Go find an App that does not show any Logo or Picture ( Invisible App Picture ) 4. Delete 5. ^^^^^^ if Delete does not work do " FORCE STOP " Then go enjoy your NON VIRUS ADS PHONE !!! Enjoy what you need to do Enjoy what you want to play ENJOY !!! :D

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    But my phone does not have application manager cuz i got huawei can u help me pld

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    I did it watching this video 😂😂😂 it works good luck to you too

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    I have done this but the add popups are still popping on my screen

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    Google has become money thirsty hoe

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    how can i stop the ad on you tube? I was praying and the add shows up in the middle of pray! so annoying ! need help

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    Thank you so much! IT WORKED! I have a client who got a new Samsung and was unable to use it; ads popping up everywhere. I gave this video a like. So sad that Google allows this. I have an iPhone and never gone through this kind of headache. Thanks again champ!