I Found A Mysterious Box In My Backyard And It Changed My Life


  1. kab kab

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    1958 - The year I was born. In 1969 I found two diamond rings and a gold watch in my back yard. They turned out to be cursed.

  2. kab kab

    kab kab43 นาทีที่ผ่านมา

    1958 - The year I was born. In 1969 I found two diamond rings and a gold watch in my back yard. They turned out to be cursed.

  3. hannah f

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    This video kinda how THreporter rewind went, we expected something good but got something boring and made for little kids.

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    My uncle won’t leave my room

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    Who can't relate Yes I've liked my own comment

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    Anyone here before 1 million subs

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    you should put a ote on how to use the recording ou put in the box

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    She put her smartwatch in the box? Ehem, this definitely happened....

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    Maleficent might knock at your door to ask you about a box..

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    Trending page has joined the chat

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    Is there a way to block channels on youtube

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    This is some freaky ASMR

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    Actually did not happen

  16. Bald_Eagle

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    "Changed my life" oh yeah, making your own time capsule that propably took 15 minutes to completely forge changed your life.

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    Bad and fack video

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    This is my favourite story yet!♥

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    It’s true! I was the box!

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    I killed myself ACTUALLY HAPPEND

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    Gardening: A story of procrastination.

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    And then you check if you have a box in your back yard

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    Awwww. ☺💕

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    Thought it was gonna be a dead animal

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    *is this voice acted because no body actually speaks like this 😂*

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    Did these happen though?

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    This you tube cannll sucks

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    These stories are so god damn generic

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    I think you should bring the box to the right house

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    So heartwarming’ she found a box and found some old lady did nothibg

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    This changed my life

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    I stubbed my toe and it changed my life... ACTUALLY HAPPENED

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    Oh yeah yeah

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    1# in trending ACTUALLY HAPPEN

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    A Day i found out that i was going to School it destroyet my life

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    This was

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    I think there’s a lucky emblem somewhere around here

  40. Kevin Hill

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    Doubting anyone finding her flash drive in 60-70 years will be able to retrieve the video due to obsolete technology. What would you do if you found an 8 inch floppy disc today, encoded with an abandoned format?

  41. LoLking 1894

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    I actually do have a time capsule somewhere

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    Fakeness 100

  43. 3numbers


    I don't think any smart person would put in a random flash drive they dig up from the ground.

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    She found the poop sock in the box

  45. Jose Robles

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    Did you heard about a time capsule? Dummy.

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    I’ll take “things that never happened” for $500 alex

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    Who's watching this 2078?

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    1# no em alta

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    We’re going to mars in 2030

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    OMG there’s something hard under the DIRT omg omg 😑😑 0:44

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    bring back max oh yeah yeah

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    I dit NOT liked my comment cause everyone will

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    N U M B E R 1 O N T R E N D I N G

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    No sabia que asi es la Vida tenia otro canal en ingles xdxd



    You don’t say? The animation is unique. Not too bad.

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    Porque esto es número 1 en tendencias

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    Awwww! Something is so precious about how she showed an old lady a video of her young self and then did the same thing she did

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    Oh yeah yeah Bring back max

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    This is crazy!

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    I dit diarrhea in school and I cried cause it felt weird and when I after I played outside my belly felt weird again ACTUALLY HAPPENED

  65. 1995martin


    LOL that usb might last 10 years if your lucky.

  66. NSNick


    Omg, actually happened commented on my THreporter video

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    “My shovel hit something hard” Me: these nuts

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    I found the divorce papers...


    THE MAGNIFICENT SANS.ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา

    Frenchvanillish FV me too

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    I started a gardening project and dug 10 feet into the ground for no reason *ACTUALLY HAPPENED*

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    Okay stop now i believe u!!

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    This is #1 on trending... *Actually Happened*

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    nice 🌹💕

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    Just buried a 300$ smart watch...


    HOT POCKETSชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา

    Yusss ur trendiiiiiinnnngggg

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    This channel makes me angry

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    R u subbed to pewdiepie

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    asi esla vida ?

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    It was the bird box

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    This channel is cancer

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    *I am so glad you shared this. Time is such an interesting topic. It keeps the world interesting and ever connected...:-))*

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    No the hell you didn’t.

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    I think its a time capsule

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    Roses are red Violets are blue The thumbnail drew me in So did it for you

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    What if that was Walt Disney’s house

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    *Ставь лайк, если ты из России! Посмотрим, сколько нас.*

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    I remember her voice from a different video and her name wasn’t Megan in the other video

  90. FBI


    *Takes out box * *Opens box* *Paper reads* " SUB 2 PEWDIEPIE "

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    so, why are you on trending again?

  92. arayna


    okay, but they should've shown the actual tape..

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    This content is shit lol

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    This is so *real* right guys

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    I got a video to reach #1 trending ACTUALLY HAPPENED

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    was hoping a ray gun would be in that mystery box.....

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    I found a poop in my toy And it talked.. It’s still there

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  100. Marlee


    at least make it seem a little bit real...

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    I only watch this cause I like stories XD

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    I saw a *unicorn* in the sky Its still there

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    The fact that this is #1 on trending is really weird