Investigating Conspiracies with Shane Dawson


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    I'm so proud of this video and I hope you guys enjoy it. Thank you for letting me make stuff like this and for supporting our channel. We appreciate it more than you'll ever know. -Shane & Andrew

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    Fuck this shit is wild. PS I will never eat at Chuck E cheese again

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    Shane is absolutely a queen

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    Brittani asked twice if she could stay with Shane and he just didn’t respond both times... wtf. Unsure about that

  8. Josie Lever

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    What if Milos “Mom” was actually the potential buyer of Rex? That’s why she kept saying “My Baby”. Milos “slept” in his “moms” room when they’re actually discussing how to traffic Brittani etc.

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    Thanks for ruining my childhood ya lil bitch!

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    Chuck E Cheese's pizza slices are straighter than Shanes sexuality.

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    1:15:23 he didn't blur Milo's face.

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    LOVED IT😂❤️

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    The ending!! What a savage😂💪

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    Milos from Jane the Virgin!!

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    Swear to God, I would always leave there with a horrible stomach ache every time. I was told I could have a sensitivity to the garlic that was put on the pizza! OMG... I'm traumatized! And wtf is up with that scary rat in the corner like that?! Come to think of it, after watching this the whole place kind of freaks me out.

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    *I want some fucking pizza now*

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    Shane I can picture you as an investigator you would be good lmao

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    Make more videos like this

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    Shane I am so glad someone else noticed the chuckee cheese pizza and this video was also awesome

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    I've been a fan of Shane and Brittani since the beggining for real. I stopped watching Brittani for a long time and then came back to see what was with her and I found out she was pregnant. I started to watch her again all the time and I really never noticed anything wrong, like I literally thought he was such a nice guy. Then it all stopped and then Brittani posted a video explaining what was wrong and then she announced the pre-order of the book. I really wanted to get it but never got around to it because I am poor lmao. Till this day I was really unaware of what actually happened. It was good to know some of the story because I was worried about the situation. Brittani is such a strong woman that really didn't deserve this, I hope she is truly happy now.

  22. Gypsy Dover

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    Watching this causes my ADHD to have ADHD. It bounces around more than my brain before I take my medicine.

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    This video is soooooo good!!!!!

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    This was the most incredible story-telling, impeccably crafted and edited to suit our short-term millennial attention spans. YOU WIN, SHANE. I love you.

  25. George Lightbown

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    Shane get on this throughout this video there were adverts meaning they dont want me to hear the truth!!

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    Milos Is A Sociopath

  27. Amira

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    I was dying when he called Morgan

  28. it's not important

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    1:11:07 Shane's face is full of realization and regret

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  30. Akesa O.

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    I love how Shane snapped and that’s one reason why we Stan this queen

  31. Nicole M

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    Wow Brittani has been through so much! She's definitely a power of example!

  32. Ella Santos

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    On our family channel,"Santos family vlogs", i had a video of my birthday at chuck e cheese.If you scroll to the part of me trying pizza,look closely at the pepperoni pizza.Its wayyy uneven.

  33. Kim TaeTae x

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    i feel so bad cause one minute im laughing at shanes chuck e cheese clips and the clips of brittani come on. then i feel bad about laughing even though im not laughing at her story :(

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  35. Jacquelyn S

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    Shannnneeeeeee. LOVE the conspiracies. BUT MORE GHOST HUNTING AND SQUAD TRIPS PLEEEASE! I love those vids so much I've watched them all at least 3 times.

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    😭😭😭😭😭😭👌👌👌👌👌😭😭😭😭😭😭 SO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD

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    the vid is fucked up for me but his other vids arent

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    he said siri 😂😂 ryland is hilarious

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    Man you have vindicated me with this pizza thing! Thought I was crazy!

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    Hannah Rayfield9 นาทีที่ผ่านมา You need to see this shane💕😱

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    that ending though jsksk we honestly love a savage mom friend

  43. Eminem obsessed ❤️

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    My heart goes out to Brittni I’ve loved her since 2013

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    Am I the only one that started laughing as soon as they brought out the pizza? lmaoo idk why that was so funny. I need to go the chuckecheese and try this out

  45. You just cooked my rice

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    1:27:07 Rip

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    balkan anyone?

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    men like that scare me so i think im becoming a full time lesbian

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    EPIC!!!! GREAT JOB SHANE!!!!!!

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  50. Kyra Michelle Davidson

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    Rex is such a cute kid!!

  51. Madison Burton

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    i’m in love with andrews laugh

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    Anyone from country where there's no chuck e cheese's?

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  54. Hannah Duckman

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    omg blt!!!! I literally totally forgot about her... total blast from the past!!!!!! ❤️

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    Your amazing Shane Dawson. 😍😘

  56. Sydney Addison-Rudat

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    I just went to Brittani's old video that you mentioned and my god I felt the creeps yuckk

  57. Alexandra Castillo

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    This is crazy... I actually met Milos. In the army. We were in the same Company and we were both being discharged at the same time.. He even told us he dated a THreporterr but wouldn’t tell us who 😱

  58. Caroline Ortiz

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    Shane that ending I can’t sksksks

  59. Nickthegamer107 Roblox and more

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    Wait is this a part 2 of the theories of last vid yay

  60. R XXX

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    This is my first conspiracy video!!! Anyone knows other conspiracy videos from shane?? Please tell me

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    Wow. Idek what to say.

  62. Frenzato Gaming

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    Basically Ted Bundey 2.0

  63. Lps Rose

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    Did u guys notice that was luardiy and Alex wasabi

  64. kennedy nicole

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    his netflix series is needed 😫😫

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    This was amazing

  67. Jana Trpeska

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    Shane can you pls bring back the funny videos like from 2017

  68. Sandy Sanchez

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    Hey Shane please make edit the videos more in order it confused me so much ... I still love the video. Thanks shane ♡ much love !!!

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    Ok so lowkey like one slice looks good 💀

  70. Nina Vasquez

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    i’m weak asf @ ryland @ 31:00

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    Follow my insta and I’ll follow back bryangarza9049

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    Can someone tell me why those pizzas had more than 8 slices

  73. kaitlynn

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    That ending was crazy and so savage to expose him like that and I think he deserved it every bit for what he did to her. Rex is the most adorable kid ever ♥️ i wish her and her son the best! Also fuck chucky cheese, they be serving people other peoples pizza 😂💀

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    where's Garrettttttt??????

  75. Deianeira 56

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    Lol the chuckie cheese thing is literally being talked about on news and they are using Shane’s name

  76. Claire Foster

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    Anyone else get really pissed off when it stops mid conspiracy?????

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    Loved this one!!

  78. RobRob Spurling

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    Chucky cheese may have made two different pizzas cut them up and put the two halves together however that still doesn’t explain why on the other pizzas the pieces don’t fit together in size

  79. lac92576

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    OMG Chuck E Cheese isn't a "casino for kids"! It's an ARCADE! Kids don't learn how to play Craps or Black Jack from the SpongeBob Squarepants game! And the kid saying he has a "hardcore gambling problem" is just laughable and obnoxious! It's like saying you get drunk off of root beer! *eyeroll* It's the parents who put these ideas in their kids' heads, to the point where kids are actually proud of it and showing off (hence his making a YT video on it). So glad we don't have any Chuck E Cheeses around us!

  80. iiJenni

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    Rex is adorable, oml 💞

  81. It's Nyla

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    Shane needs to write a conspiracy book😱 I would buy

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    he did it again .. another amazing series.

  83. ArtsyDoesStuff

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    Wow... I have no words except that I'm glad to have waited for this 2 part series. Good Job!

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    Cant wait till the next one ;)

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    more like chuck-e-leftover-cheese

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    Yassssss! ❤️♥️❤️♥️

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    Chucky cheese is hella creepy and sus

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    Shane is coming for us in 2019

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    shane video is entertainment funny,scary,silly all types of feelings however he kindes over reacts soemtime

  90. breatheinthepinkair

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    Was this edited by a hyena on cocaine? Why are the segments all spliced up? I just wanna watch the fucking Pizza Rat segment

  91. Elizabeth Vanbuskirk

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    Anyone else notice how the ice cream at Chuck E. Cheese literally doesn’t melt

  92. Arii Fendí

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    YAYYYY I loved the last video I’ve been waiting for this 🥰 glooks from da Bronx 😙

  93. Arii Fendí

    Arii Fendí21 นาทีที่ผ่านมา

    YAYYYY I fucking loved the last video I’ve been waiting for this 🥰 glooks from da Bronx 😙

  94. Arii Fendí

    Arii Fendí21 นาทีที่ผ่านมา

    YAYYYY I fucking loved the last video I’ve been waiting for this 🥰 glooks from da Bronx 😙

  95. Bby Kitten

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    what if milo's mom was his wife and his "mother" couldnt get pregnant so they used her instead...

  96. Fruit Bowl

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    Yaaas QUEEN expose the LYING CHEATER. oh and we want part 3 please

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    When the pizzas come my jaw dropped 😭

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    I’m from Serbia😬😂

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    they should never let employees drink before shift, imagine Chuckie attacking your kid. fucking disgusting. C.C. should be taken down

  100. Kristina Stamenkovic

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    I am from serbia and i am shook.

  101. Emra Jansen

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    Shane I love your videos but this one is confusing jumping from conspiracy theory to conspiracy theory I think you should just stay on one then the next

  102. downtothestars

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    All the dislikes are chuck E cheeses employees

  103. Kristina Stamenkovic

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    Mi srbi smo govna .

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    1:15:23 they didnt blur his face OMG! Shane! Suscribanse a mi canal! lol