KOREAN STREET FOOD at Mangwon Market in Seoul


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    Which food made you drool an ocean? I'm craving for 11:29! It was mild in flavor compared to the dakgangjeong, but there were so many beautiful ingredients embedded into the rice cake :D

  2. evajialing

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    Yea Boi

  3. Shor Wei

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    ahhh i love hotteok!!!!!

  4. HaZE


    @sweetandtastyTV you said that you've never seen Kalguksu being made, but my favorite Kalguksu restaurant in Gangnam called "Halmoni's geumshik" (Grandma's food) there was always this kind old man who made Kalguksu noodles infront of the customers. GG Mina 😎

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    Ok great!! I click on the minute you put and it jumps to ad😑

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    IT'S 18:02 IN ENGLAND

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    your head and face is big just like a lego

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    와.. 스트릿 뮤직도 중국리듬 같은게 흘러 나오네..어디서나 짱개 자욱.

  9. Liza Til

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    I like you and your mom

  10. Nam_ Jin

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    They only thing I know is the Makgeolli and that’s only from BTS😂😂😂

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    Mommy oh is so cool 😂😂

  12. Nana Iman

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    Mina u have to diet bc u will get fat if u eat much food!!!🤗🤗🤗

  13. L. Crayton

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    Such pretty thin women how do u eat so much?

  14. Sophie Damdinsuren

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    I was drooling like crazy 😜 ugh it looks soo good

  15. J N

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    i just found my new favourite youtube channel aye🙌🏻 AND YOUR MUM IS SO CUTE🥰 p.s. just a suggestion but you can have a video where u talk about how you grown fluent in english all while maintaining the west & east culture? and also a tour on make up/skin care shops in korea!!

  16. Vhedoria U.

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    You really love food! Aren't you? Everyone love food anyway

  17. Sooner Betancourt

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    Love your videos and I get so hungry every time I watch them lol. What do you recommend there for people that can't eat seeds? I noticed alot of the foods have sesame seeds.


    EXO LEGENDS11 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Whoa. I really want to go to Korea at least once and eat all the delicacies

  19. Chasing Sheena

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    Looks so good! Pretty Please let me go with you on one of your adventures in Korea one day!

  20. Stray Kids Stan

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    Your intro is so iconic

  21. Caprisun

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    did anyone else see the girl walking all weird at 0:36

  22. jayson aresta

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    oppa and his Bicycle :D 14:15

  23. Chimmy. Baby yo Christ jimin

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    I hear exo In the background lol

  24. Angelo Sanchez

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    I would try the green tea hotteok it looks delicious it actually makes me think of pancakes in america

  25. felix ochoa

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    Damm girl you making me hungry with that super delicious streetfood, and by the way I like the facial steam moment!

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  27. Mercí A.

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    I like how they say Hello friend! in the beginning

  28. Deborah Rigby

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    Mina I love you and your mom, momah Oh! How you describe what you’re eating makes my mouth 💦 Thanks wish I had you and Momah Oh when I come to Seoul in 2019, September!

  29. Lucy Perez

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    I loveddddd this video new sub 💕💕💕

  30. Myful Meha

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    Does most of the Korean pple can speak in English?

  31. taehyung's property

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    11:00 i thought it was a cookie


    ILOVEMFEO17 วันที่ผ่านมา

    you are both sweet but your mother is super funny and joyous! i was knocked off the chair laughing when she turned for a steam facial hahahahah. happy new year with health prosperity and many many videos! :)

  33. Miracle Bood

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    She is so funny with her cool collected narrative voice 😂

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    8:40 lol

  35. Cecil Maye

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    Could you please make video of fried Chinese chicken wings, and mean Ingredients, please ,please, please

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    (Threesome comment)

  37. Sami Stark

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    i came to miss mina's channel as someone on c-milks channel suggested it in one of their vids and im so happy i took the hint hehehe if the commenter who suggested it sees this: 'thank youuuu' ^_^ you and your cutesy mom are such a joy to watch such amazing energy and vybes you two give (hearing your mom talk in her native tongue warms my heart it sounds beautiful) merry christmas and a happy new year Oh family

  38. Discover Korea

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    Korean food is 맛있어요!!! Delicious, and not all of them are spicy, and patbingsu is amazing ^^

  39. Gaurav Noida

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    Is she your mom if she is mom she is so kind I'm from india I wanna be in Korea for one time because mostly korean food are so steamy and healthy more

  40. Junior Diamond

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    Do they sell dog meat in that market? I hope not.

  41. Kawaii_Mochi

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    1:25 I think I can hear Got7 Never Ever in the background??

  42. S. Monica Monica

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    Wow! What a big appetite you both had. You made me laugh!

  43. Surfer and Snowboarder Jin

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    Going to Korea this May. I might include this in my itinerary

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    I wanna travel and explore food with your Mom.. ❤️

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    lol she gets all the details even when she got food on her jacket

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  47. _ Roses_

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    0:01 what's the music name?

  48. siuL Chalo

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    No no no that's a bad food not good at all. I was in Korea Seoul I did not like it. Evrything very pracy I do not know how people live there I said fuck Korea

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    Mommy oh is nice

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    Omg !!! Yaas !!! I want more !!!!

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    I want tu it

  52. DoNot Need

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    I saw some foods I have not had in years. Mom is a hottie also.

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  54. Antara Mitra

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    I might learn Korean so that if I ever go to Korean I can eat the street foods 😂😂😂

  55. Kim Miyayi

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    when koreans say kimchi is spicy lol

  56. LilyWolf Paw

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    I guess she takes after her mom because dang they look like twins only if her mom didn’t have grey hair

  57. Vebyna Nolagh

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    Bro what is this “ the cracks remind me of the desert” bro just shut up and you have really bad editing

  58. lacey Macpherson

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    You two are adorable ❤️

  59. Lindi Lyons

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    Ive never tried any of those but they all look so good. 😭

  60. lucky love

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    why bother cooking when its cheap to eat out every day, one can get so fat very fast living there, the food is so yummy looking.I'm drooling.

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    please say how much in dollars or British pounds things cost as well,

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    Wow almost 1M subs

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    Did ya pay

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    Mmmm *edible paint*

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    I really want to go to korea for this street

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    "I think I spit something onto my jacket and it. just got stuck." -me every day :D

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    Korea has the most healthiest food in the world.

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    You and your mom are so cute😍😛

  69. Brunetka


    Your mom looks similar to my granny. So heartwarming to see her.

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    Reminds me of me and my mom shopping . I miss her . 😭

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    i heard exo kokobop ❤️😭

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    I really want to go to Korea just for the food omg😔

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    I love how she said “BYE MINA!” Such cute voice Love her and her mother

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    She bought a toilet sign for her room?!

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    Hi... Nice video...In Janpan I Love Tonkatsu

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    Super cute video!!

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    8:25 Wasn’t that guy about to do something funny?

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    I love to go there! And try all korean street food..

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    9:23 made me drool 🤤 because I love meat it’s the best thing

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    The dumplings and yakgwa 😋

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    your mom is a cutieeeeeeee

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    I LOVE when mommy oh takes care of you when she feeds you you just see how much she cares and loves ugh favorite mommy daughter duo

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    Who else shares food with there mom I do

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    you and your mom are adorable i love this SO CUTE !! 💗💓💓💓💓

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    Lmaooo I thought they were saying hot dog but then I realized it was hotteok

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    N you R so dry..your omoni is better than you

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    5,000$ im done

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    what am i doing living in America spending 6.00 on a hamburger when i can feed myself for 2.00 for something that will stuff me.

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    Did you know that man

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    You two are the cutest!! New to the channel and I’m lovin’ it Mc Donald’s style.

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    At 7:47 when she said Banchan Shop I thought of bangtan for some reason lol I’m to deep in the kpop fandom!!

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    Me: Mommieeeeee want to go visit South Korea with me? Mom: Êtes-vous déjà fatigué de l'Amérique, tsk! Va laver la vaisselle avant d'avoir des cafards!

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    Ha, the guy in the background at 8:22

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    Your mom is so cute omg

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    You need new glue on nails.

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    HAHAHA $5,000 😝 GO MOMMY 😍

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    Your mama is so sweet.. I love these videos!

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    *watches in fatass*

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    9:25 it's 8 not 7

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    Wow everything looks so yummy! I would love to try everything ☺

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    Omg ur Mom is so cute

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    How rude....