Korean TRADITIONAL Market Street Food Tour in Seoul



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    "I got a little more.. Like 40.." That not a little more that more. Oh mike.. 😐😐😂😂

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    Really love watching your videos

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    "honey pancake body" tho

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    Hahaha i didnt know that in Korea they have Kaszanka xd

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    Ok that's it I'm going to eat my ramen noodles in a cup now

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    Omg that chicken in the beginning looked SOOOOOO delish

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    These videos are so comforting! Thanks for alleviating my anxiety the "natural" way!

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    I love how you don't even pretend to know about all the complex stuff you're eating you just enjoy it.

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    I really like your video...im your new subscriber....😍😍😍

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    Honey pancake body ! omg thats so me

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    Just wish I could take out that black tray from your video hhhmmmm yummmm

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    I am mystified how Asians survived without chilies before the " New World " was discovered ! It is in a great deal of their foods ! Oh and potatoes and corn

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    That sneeze. Lol

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    one of my favorite food channels no chewing sounds a friendly good host and delicious asian food , this it chief

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    I want to tour Asia with HIM! Only him!

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    If you love foods, you gotta go to South Korea once. I'm thai and I was so amazed how good their foods are. Street foods are awesome and the chicken ginger soup is sooooooo good

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    Best food review channel

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    Different country=no calories

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    2:21 “How can you resist that?!” “You can’t...”

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    He makes thinks that I would of originally thought is grossbgg and nasty seem delicious and delectable.

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    Mmmm, those spice side dishes look soooo yummy!!! I don't like any hot oil or pepper even tho I'm Korean *_*

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    I ate like 10minutes ago and after this vedio... I can feel my empty stomach

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    i'm also thicc, dense and heavy

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    LOL that granny convo gmfu HAHAHA

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    11:03 the grandma is so cute

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    someone taking: ya they have good food man mike: did i hear someone say good food it is my super power to hear people talking about food.

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    U should travel Vietnam next 👍🏻👍🏻

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    Love kimbab

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    Love dumplings

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    I am korean

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    Who else just wants to see mikes camera fall into big pots

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    where are you from? delicious

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    kroean aunties love jackie chan

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    Omg i miss korea

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    i never knew jackie chan is also a youtuber

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    How is he so slim even

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    9:50 song please

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    I want to be able to eat as much as he does lol

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    I lived in South Korea for 2 years and tried all of those foods. I sure do miss it.

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    10:36-10:40 lol your response was super cute tho hahaha

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    I love watching you eat and travel..travel channel need to pick you up.

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    Man i remember when miss mina went to that market i wanted to go there ever since

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    When did Jackie Chan became a food blogger? Awesome videos btw.

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    myaak kimbap so good

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    The food looks so good, but I have heartbearn from just looking at all the spicy food.

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    is the kimbap vegan

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    She confused u for Korean, because she recognize the 8% Korean blood in u.

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    Man, u probably get a lot of 1 million views. I wonder how much over 1 million views make?

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    Awesome video as always. What kind of camera do you use?

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    those aunties are so cute hahaha

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    1:36 looks like hot Cheeto puffs

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    "Like 40" most casual way of saying I can eat more than anyone, ever.

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    I have my exams and literally i watching 1 of your video and revising 1 chap lol😊😊😊😋😋😋

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    8:06 no 8:08 *DANG IT MIKE*

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    Wake up with empty stomach. While watching this vid, more hungry . And no ready food 😂

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    3:15 The older lady with the gray and red shirt just watching you eat is kind of entertaining and she even pointed out you eating to 😂

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    why the tokens....isnt money simpler? why to complicate?

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    That girl gives the weirdest smile ever. Are you happy. Disgusted. Angry or faking the whole thing? Answer me random lady that sells noodles

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    You always wanna kick it jackie chan.

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    I just love your videos you are so entertaining. You make me laugh quite often too. Thanks for always making such enjoyable videos. You're the best. I'm a big fan!!!

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    I love that the song has hentai in it omg

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    Wait I couldnt catch which one is this dongdaemun ?? I didn't get any of the tolkens when I went:(

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    He sneezes when full. Man this is a first.

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    preparing myself for upcoming korea trip with this video because i choose food over shopping !!!

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    9:06 background music says hentai..!!🤣🤣

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    OMG i love watching you eat but it’s making me SO hungry 😭 about to book my ticket to Seoul

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    9:06 that hentai music tho

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    South koreans are so nice. They welcome strangers.

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    9:07 “hentai”

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    Man you can eat

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    I’d grab the crown of jewls

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    Sesame leaves or Padilla leaves?

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    He is the man i hate the most on THreporter,he makes me hungry and hungry again😭

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    zorgo diffuse 2:03

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    9:05 "hentai"

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    3:14 that asian lady on the right is staring at him

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    Korean food is healthy but American foods is not too gross

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    The lady was so happy 😁 but it was a creepy shot in the background 😂 @7:24

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    im literally dying watching you eat those foods. arghh ! really want to try those😭😭😭

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    The fact that the gimbap ahjumma asked Mike where he’s from & he totally answered her questions wrongly, so adorable lah you... haha

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    NOTE: Don't watch this if you're hungry, you will drool and gulp with your saliva.

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    Kim bop is the best

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    Lol at 4:04 he said "I need to act fast before this octopus dies on me"

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    i got a little more....................... JUST 40

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    Lady at stall with kimbap was asking you where are you from. Too bad you didn't have someone to translate for you when you're there.

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    Next time you get kimbap you should also get an order of spicy rice cakes so you could dip the kimbap in the spicy rice cake sauce. (only if its the saucy type of rice cakes of course)

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    I enjoyed your video. I like that you don't take 10 minutes to describe the food before you take a bite. Also, you're honest. When it's not that good, you say so. Personally, I don't care for Korean food very much. I especially hate the pancakes and the sausages are questionable. I found Koreans put anything and everything in their mouths.

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    The korean pancakes filling is nuts and brown suger

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    Brings back memories of being stationed at Seoul Army Airfield and Camp Stanley. I spent as much time as possible in Seoul.

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    Please don't make videos about South Korea. Thanks.

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    Why? South Korea is a country with a great food scene.

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    Korean food looks so healthy!

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    I think you look a lot like mikey Chen and also sound like him 🧐🧐 LOL

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