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    MrBrent i love your vidioes so much you should do a fortnite dance chalange

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    MrBrent98 part two please we need more tea 🍵 .

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    Part 3 on never have I ever please

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    0:48 really surprised me that he said that

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    Y would Lexi even like Ben he is so ugly

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    Wait …7 Million!!!!

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    5:30 ‘i dont wanna go’ still hearts since infinity war😢 #SpidermanTurnsToDust

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    Same detector from yes theory

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    Tbh I think Lexi was rlly sad when Ben said all that stuff

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    Ben:/holds up hand\ Brent:/tries to high five\ Brent: *lexi I think that’s for you* I dieddd💀😂

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    I think you and Eva are a couple

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    are lexi and ben actually dating

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    Wait a question for Brent Are you an overprotective brother???

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    If I did this Brent:have you ever kissed anybody Me:I’m finished I’m gone

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    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo is Ben and Lexi really dating I want Ben to date Sofie Dossi

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    More lie detector videos. I vote for it!!!

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    Is Lext one of those Like girls I’m mean like when she says something sometimes it goes like this “Oh my god that’s like the most annoying like thing in the world like stop”

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    OMG! I think Ben is very very Hot:)

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    I want to see Brent do a lie detector test lol 😂 never mind he did the lie detector test to lol 😂

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    Oh no he is exposed

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    Im shook cuz Ben knows Sofie Dossi and Ben is Lexi's boyfriend

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    when is part 2

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    Honestly my girlfriend is like lexcy Your sister 😍

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    I don’t trust Ben he just seemed a little suspicious during the polygraph test or whatever it’s called

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    I'm at Jc Penny right now and you're in a picture in the dresses section

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    Ben is wearing a James Charles sister sweatshirt

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    Haha "Boyfriend"

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    Brandon is the poopy pants

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    Did anyone else notice that Ben was wearing James Charles merch?

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    1:40 is sooooo cute Btw please take this quotation marks off of the word “Boyfriend”

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    He's not going to marry me how dare he my name is Eva Brent jk I know ur talking about a different one XDD

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    Brent love you and your videos brent you never noticed me i know thats impossible for you to notice me brent love you please follow @i_asmita123 in insta on 10th March because its her birthday and i would be a surprise for her she is a big fan of yours . I wanna say a question for your next lie detector video for you "have you ever date loren gray" I'm sorry brent if it hurted you .

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    Question: have u ever lied to Lexi Before that question: *SO MANY LIES*

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