[MV] BTS(방탄소년단) _ EPILOGUE : Young Forever


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    This song is sooo underrated 😪

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    Amo esta cancion

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    I love this song so much😭😭💗💗💗

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    Kurdish army with bts

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    Lets go 60 million views 🤜🏻


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    Till this day I cry when this song comes on.😭 This is the most perfect song.

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    Why is such a happy sounding upbeat song literally making me sob, like wtf.

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    2019 ???

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    I have just got to listen this song and I am so amazed by it. BTS delivered multiple layers of the feeling of themselves as idolized artists and musicians. There is so much sensitivity, awareness, and minor pessimism in the first half of this song. The other half then is full of self-encouraging and persisting. The melody, vocal, and instrument mix are also perfect. Just awesome.

  12. Saranghae Jimin 나는 당신에게 지민 사랑

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    Epilogo es el final de una obra donde explica mejor lo que no entendistes de toda la lectura En conclusion si el prologo de la lectura se baso en ese video de BTS, para Webtoon entonces este epilogo es el final Creo que ya seria el 11 de abril donde Jin ya logra salvar a sus amigos En este video se ven todos felices en la playa corriendo como Jin dijo que pasaria( en la gasolinera le dijo a Rm en el cap 1 de Save Me) El cap.16 terminara bien entoncessssss😍🤩😍🤩

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    Es como si Todos revivieron o algo no???

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    51 326 624

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    Hey armies pleaseee come and str3@m dna. We lost our title and we want it back but we need only 2 more millions. Pleasee.💜 A.R.M.Y.💜 we can do it together pleasee.💜 A.R.M.Y.💜

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    오랜만에 Young forever듣고 위로받으러 왔습니다 방탄소년단은 진짜 힘과행복을 주며 방탄의팬덤 아미에속해있어 좋고 너무행복합니다 방탄소년단 노래을 듣고 김남준 김석진 민윤기 정호석 박지민 김태형 전정국 BTS의 목소리만 들어도 힘이 불끈납니다 방탄소년단 forever 맨날건강하자 방탄사랑보라해💜💕

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    SAVE ME~~~

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    Gak ngerti maksutnya teori apa 🙁

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    Who’s Here Because The BTS webtoon “SAVE ME” ???!!! Hahaha hehehe. me To

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    Ini came here because story in Webtoon. Who same like me. 😂😂

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    Even though I get old, I will never forget armys and BTS. Why? Because they are the people who helped me loving myself. Because they are the people who made me laugh whenever I was sad Because they teached me how precious I was Because they are my hope 💜💜💜💜💜

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    that made me cry

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    i love bts❤

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    I know someday this will all end but not today, not for a long time.This is just the beginning and we still have a long path to cover.

  29. Tae BTS

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    *Warning, this is an emotional story about reality* "Oh my god! This concert is going to be the best one in my life!" My friend said while shaking her Army bomb in her hand. "And my first one.." I answered silently while looking at all the other armys that seem like... A family? I am feeling safe around these people, who I don't even know. But they're all here for the same reason. I wasn't a fan for a long time. For 8 months maybe? While my best friend beside me (her name is Ana) is an Army since 2014. Not long after their debut. Her bias is Jimin, while mine.. Well, to be honest.. I don't have a bias. They all worked hard, they all didn't give up their dreams and they all love us, Army. "Ana.." I turned to my friend. She went quiet and listened to me. "Don't you think.. They need a break?" To my surprise she laughed. "Break? They are not gonna success anything if they are going to nothing. We, army, want them on the stage!" Her words kept me thinking. Is it really that easy, keep doing what they are doing now? 3 hours sleep, practising for the show all day, 3 hours sleep again, stand up, eat for a little while, practise, driving to the airport, practise after that again, do the show, sleep for 3 hours again, stand up, practise for the concert, .. All that again and again, everyday. Could they atleast have.. One day? One day, on which they can do whatever they want to do. Ana shook me and brought me back to reality. I looked at the stage and spotted them. My heart was racing fast. I looked closer. I was very near the stage and they were very close to me. But.. Why wasn't I enjoying it? Why wasn't I screaming, like everyone else? They were pale, and sweating hard already. The next moment shocked me. Jungkook almost tripped even tho he didn't do a dance move. J-Hope looked at him, worried. He wanted to hug him, but couldn't. He needed to focus on the dance, while Jimin sang his line. His voice cracked. "They didn't practise much." I heard an Army behind me speaking. I ignored her and looked at Yoongi. He looked like he wanted to sit down for a little while. Not because he is lazy, because he wanted to rest. I could see the pain in their eyes. RM then coughed when his part came on. I hear another Army in front of me laughing. "Cute" She said. Jin's mic fell down. Jungkook did his part fast. Jin smiled at him and his smile faded after he sang his part again. That all kept on for 3 hours. *This was just a reminder. Don't push BTS too hard. They are doing it for you, Army. They cry, scream, cough, sing, dance, fall, crack, because of YOU. Please.. big hit.. Give them a break*

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    Who's here 2019?

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    Forever we are young 2019

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    Namjoon 이의 첫번째 프로듀싱곡 young forever 좋다. 남준이 시작하는 부분 목소리 너무 매력적이다😍😍😍😍

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    BLACKPINK-Forever Young BTS-Young Forever sjdjsjjjsjjjdnghfmsgfsy

  38. Do you know aNnYOnghASeyO?

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    Forever Young and Young Forever are both good songs. Young Forever came out before Forever Young💜


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    I 💜this rap💜💜💜

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    100 5ting 💪💪

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    Here bcs comment on webtoon save me lollllll im not even watching or listening to kpop but im here now

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    This Queen is too sad to get more view. Everyone just can’t come back to watch this. 😭💜

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    Brasil cadê vc

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    2019?? Army

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    Soft boy hours

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    Who's come here for comic?

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    Im here because webtoon

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    This song needs more views😩💜

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    Each time I am more impressed by their music is Unique and the truth causes me nostalgic why it is beautiful music I LOVE THEM

  53. GamerAssasin


    If I go deaf I will still hear their voices in my head. If I go blind, they will be the only thing I can see. If I die, I will die thinking about them. And if I live, I will live thanking them. I love you Bangtan❤️❤️❤️ And I love you Army, for helping them become the 7 men we know and Love❤️❤️❤️

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    BTS 7 en 1 forever 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

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    Jan 2019?

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    2019 ? Like si te gusta taehyung

  58. TaeyeonIsLife


    I’m not a hardcore bts fan but I love all their music. I probably only know the surface level of the hardships that they went through and therefore I’m unable to empathise with them truly but, I’ve been listening to bts ever since dope era, I rmb when their dope music video was fighting with twice’s Ooh Ahh. Both videos climbing up slowly, 64mil...65mil...66mil..., I was hooked onto INU and RUN because that particular time was hard for me. Studies, relationships, insecurities, everything was weighing me down. Then when Save Me was released, I was addicted to that too. Waking up at 5:30am when the sun isn’t even up, to prepare for school. Leaving the house at 6 for a 10 min walk to the train station. I would loop Save Me in those dark mornings. Those mornings for the 4 years I was in secondary school. I had music to accompany me, and Save Me was the fondest memory I have during those walks. The mornings were tranquil, not many people roam the streets, there certainly weren’t many cars on the roads. In any case, my schooling journey is almost at an end, with my last year of junior college this year. I didn’t want my schooling experience to end, I didn’t want to grow up, I still don’t want to grow up. So that’s why when I listen to this song, there’s a suffocating pain in my chest of regret for wasting most of my youth. I really wanna be young forever

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    51M views ??? *We can do better than that army*

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    Siempre q veo esto lloro como boba.. Sera q algún día dejare de pensar en teorias

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    Any here because webtoon ?

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    *JAN 2019.., Anyone here..?💜💫*

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    Who is here after SAVE ME webtoon?

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    Forever I love Purple

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    forever young🖤💗 young forever💜

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    I've been reading some comments below and now I ended up crying BTS & ARMY have the best relationship!!!!

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    Did they disband

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  69. blurry dexrfren

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    Slip apart I think, like in save me

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    im here to put some pieces of the theory of hyyh that is so confusing

  71. Do you know aNnYOnghASeyO?

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  72. Real-_-King


    the plane at the end is the one jin takes to go to the usa ... one of my theorie from smeraldo ooks I'm sure, forever young is taking place before the beginning of Smeraldo books

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    51.277.861 18/1/2019 21:50

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    Only 51M? ARMYs let's make it 100M.

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    Here after the webtoon 👌🏻

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    At 0:10 it says 2015, but was uploaded in 2016.. anyways, who is here 2019?

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    No hay ningún comentario en español :v

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    this make me cry

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    Webtoon Save me💕

  80. *see's bts* 'oh my hearteu'

    *see's bts* 'oh my hearteu'วันที่ผ่านมา

    Jin's sacrifice.

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    I came back after reading the SAVE ME WEBTOON and this video shows how the 7 of them will have its happy ending. I mean, it would be hard for jin but i think everything will fall to its right places.

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    *100m ARMYs c'mon frnds let's str**m!*

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    I just hope that when I'm laying in bed at 1 in the morning bawling my eyes out to this song, that someone else is too.

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    Taehyung always in upside down even on webtoon

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    Semoga ini spoiler episode 4 webtoon save me💜

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    I just came here to listen this bop song but why the comment makes me crying T.T

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    BTS 😍😍😇😇😇

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    This looks like their new webtoon.

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    Like si lo miras y escuchas en 2019

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    Esta canción me hace recordar por que me comenzó a gustar bts, nadie en mi opinión hace estas canciones mejor que ellos

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    use my playlist to str3@m!

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    Came here after “Save Me” WEBTOON to watch all this videos in order (I need you, Prologue, Run, Young forever, Save me, Wings 7 short films, Blood sweat & tear Korean version, Spring day, Blood sweat & tear Japanese version, Highlight reels, Serendipity, DNA, Euphoria, Singularity, Fake love, Epiphany) I am blown away 🧠🌪 My last brain cell left me. 😪

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    I love jungkook

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    El comentario español ke esperaban xdxd UwU

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    Why does this Video has more views than the Original ohne 😂

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    Who's here after seeing BTS Save Me Webtoon? All the theories began to unfold one by one! Im crazy with this fandom.

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    Who's watching this after the webtoon and realizing this was all how they "passed" and met in heaven and is sobbing?

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    Who here after webtoon?

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    Y si el avión se refiere a que jin vuelve, refiriendose al webtoon? Digo ya no entiendo nada así que ya no se nada

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    coming after the webtoon 😁😁

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    Webtoon save me