Mystery Wheel of Slime Challenge 2 w/ Funny Satisfying DIY How To Switch Up Game


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    Ewww stop saying yeet

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    >me watching this >me: i wish i was raped instead of just taking a look at this >me: good ytp material >thanks for the footage cucks

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    round three Devan is cooler the first time because that was a lot of color

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    Why is this #1

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    lol #1 trending..... for now..🤔🤪🙃

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    The editing gives me anxiety

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    I’m going to have a epilepsy attack

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    I want u guys to make slime but the dog picking then thing to make slime I want that to happen

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    What year is this

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    Ok THreporter,no more going to the bar this can’t be on trending

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    what the heck is this even about lol

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    I'm Literally Subbing To Everyone Who Likes This And Subs To Me! (NO JOKE!)

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    I'm ending your suffering 20:59 29:59 20:59 20:59 20:59 20:59 20:59 20:59 20:59 20:59 Your welcome

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    uhm, i just went to trending... and saw this. Congrats I guess?

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    Keyper sqaud I have auto correct I did it in 4 secounds

  24. 日本海側の気候

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    You’ve changed...😔 I like the old you better..

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    Keeper sqaud

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    Im 10 seconds off a stroke if I hear you say yeet 1 more time

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    I don't know how to chose

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    please quit life okthxbai

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    I love how Devan is so used to Collins craziness

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    Kok tiba2 yutub trending luar negeri semua ya. Yutub eror kah?

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    Beach slime

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    doing wayyy to much you just need to do what the video is not unicorns blowing up like what the world

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    I disliked the video in 3 seconds

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    Yay ads

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    I think you both did good

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    Collins w/ that number 1 on trending

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    Wen u bust a nut soooo hard it hits your grandma "LOL" I NEED HELP

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    Why how is this deformed crap number 1 on trending

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    So this is what you do to get #1 on trending...

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    On yukooooo

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    I'm being honest, I like this channel because they try.... 😂😁😀😂😁😀😂😁😀😂😁😀

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    girl idek what this is about lol

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    Jaelene Grace I use to like this channel but Collins has too much editing in his videos now.

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    lol same here

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    Key per squad

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    How the hell did this make #1 on trending?!?!

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    hi collins


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    collins you are 22 OMG!!! but you are such a go youtuber BYEEEEEEEEE

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    Candle slime

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    Candle slime

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    1st round: Collin 2nd round: Devan 3rd round: Devan 4th round:Collin 5th round: Mr. Man n cheese slime

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    When he was glittery he looked like Edward in the sun

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    Keeper Squad


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    Hahahahaha so not funny I’m dying

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    Collins can you returne back to the Thursday vlog?

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    Its not actually a piece of hair lol

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    Editor: So how would you like us to edit the video? Collins: yes

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    huh lol

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    I wanna know how the hell hes number 1 on trending

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    when 6 year olds get 15 million dollars

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    1 Davin 2 Davin 3 Collins 4 Collins 5 Davin

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    Finally you made a video

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    What the hell happened to this guy first he’s a magician who went real far on agt now he’s parlaying that success into making overtly edited kid oriented content on THreporter. Talk about a fall from grace

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    Inner circle

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    Round one deven Round two deven Round three deven All deven sorry Collins

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    why is this #1 trending

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    When I feel down I whach your video you make me laugh cause your really funny

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    #1 ON TRENDING!!

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    #1 on trending good job!

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    wth this is trending

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    Devan Devan Collins Collins Devan

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    why ?

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    we love your videos so much we are one of your fans

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    Can you make 2 different slime and mix together it will give a cool texture

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    keyper squad!

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    Collins had a breakfast slime and it made me hungry

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    srry dude, im on team lucy

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    Oh god this editing is hurting my eyes.

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    *M E T A L L I C M A N*

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    Inner Circle

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    When they put the eggs in i almost puked

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    Me: Hey Siri, what is comedy Siri: I don’t know but this isn’t it

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    I think Collins won

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    Is the target audience

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    THreporter: hmmm.. what do we put on trending... THreporter:

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    I 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 your videos so so so so so so so much my name on Instagram is hallbarabbas 😜 go on it

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    Hi my slime broke

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    I have done it and done your team and I love the tablet pls

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    Devin's glitter slime

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    Devin Devin Devin

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