Nerf War: Nerf meets Minecraft 1


  1. CCMegaproductions


    Hey guys I hope you enjoyed this video! I tried to incorporate more actual minecraft animation in it. But i hope you enjoy this nerf minecraft video! Make sure to comment below if you can find herobrine :D!

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    Can u do a minecraft war plz🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼👨🏻‍🎤

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    CCMegaproductions iii

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    Cer aparecer o harobrine

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    herobrine is behind the nether portal

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    herobrine was behind the portal

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    I saw herobrine

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    Голем ты крут

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    Hero broom was in middle of crafting table in time 3 10

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    He was behind the portal

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    Я задам вопрос што там делает железний голем он наоборот должен убивать мобом

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    Crafting table for rlz

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    At 9.24

  20. shannon swift

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    I saw Horebrin

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    Oi iu. Kjhyttyiii m

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    Y por ultimo like si notaste que ningun mounstro disparaba

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    Like si notaste q se callo un balin 8:45

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    Like si notaste que el GOLEM no disparaba nada solo tenia un balin ahi pero no disparaba en el minuto 7:42

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    I found the hidden hero brine up in the tree

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    herobrine at 3:16

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    Yes I find the Herobrine

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    I sew herobrine

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    I found heriobiron

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    3:19 how did he dodat

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    Rtfrrfggfddr is the time of my epic game play on Xbox is the game play on Xbox is the game play

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    saw heriobrian is that right? well i saw him when you where crafting

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    Herobrine's behind the portal

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    Hreobrine was behind the portal

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    What's the music

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    I seen herobrind

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    0:40 found it beside the tree

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    When the boy was making the gun

  48. DragonBreath23 Mincey

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    I seen Herobrine

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    I saw Herobrine when he is crafting the strong arm

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    He's by the portal

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    He was at the portal at the end

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    Harobrine on crafting table

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    Found Herobrine @3:09 on the crafting table

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    I found herobrine

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    Hola me gusta minecraft

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    I saw herobrine

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    I saw hero roan at the portal behind and saw him in the crafting table

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    hello Gaius

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    The herobrine is not really hidden

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    . ..for Io

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    In 3:17

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    Тамбов Херобрин

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    i saw herobrine

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    What was the thing running

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    One Herobrine was in the corner and the other one was behind the Nether portal peeking out.

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    Found him he is in 9:27

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    Ti potevi rubare le sue armi

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    herobrine is 9:27

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    9:27 Herobrine

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    I found herobrine behind the portal at 9:27

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    La ardilla al minuto6:48

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    Hidden Herobrine on the crafting table

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    que chafa esta el video

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    Like video

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    Found herobrine when crafting a gun

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    Там была белка

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    I found him Next to the portal

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    HeroBriane is knowere

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    At 927 Now

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    I saw herobrine

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    I found the herobrine

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    Hero brine in 3:07

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    On the crafting table

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    I saw

  94. Kathy Hardcastle

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    I found hero brine after the monsters came in in the crafting table

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    Great video

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    Esta de putamadre

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    I saw the hidden hero Brian it was very weird you were placing down the stuff to make the Nerf gun

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    like si vistes a herobrine en el minuto 9:27

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    Amazing !

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    Saw herobriane when steve crafted the strongarnm

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    I fuand him

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    awsome real life graphis

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    And behind the portal

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