Nerf War: Nerf meets Minecraft 1


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    Hey guys I hope you enjoyed this video! I tried to incorporate more actual minecraft animation in it. But i hope you enjoy this nerf minecraft video! Make sure to comment below if you can find herobrine :D!

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    That’s cool

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    I recognized him from his clothes

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    He was on the crafting table

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    I spotted the herobrine

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    Herobrine are in the craftingtable

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    I found the herobrine

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    Herobrine at 3:08 :)

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    you put herobrine on the crafting table

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    Why is there 3 zombies not 1?

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    I saw him

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    Herobrine is on 9:27

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    It's. Cool

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    On the crafting table

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    Herobrine 3:09

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    I seed herobrain

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    I see in crafting table

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    The hero brine is in the middle of the crafting table

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    3:18 Hidden Herobrine Right Down

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    I found herobrine he was on the crafting table

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    Herobrine in the house

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    Hey You I Sald a nerf Gun in The Bench

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    He was on the crafting table

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    I saw him

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    Herobrine was in the crafting table

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    Time 3:19

  49. Rajesh Sharma

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    I found the hidden herobrine in bottom right when he is crafting

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    I saw him. I saw Herobrine.

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    3:09 pause to see

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    Saw herobrine behind the portal

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    Cer aparecer o harobrine

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    herobrine is behind the nether portal

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    herobrine was behind the portal

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    Crafting table for rlz

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    At 9.24

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    I saw Horebrin

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    I found the hidden hero brine up in the tree

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    herobrine at 3:16

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    saw heriobrian is that right? well i saw him when you where crafting

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    Herobrine's behind the portal

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    Hreobrine was behind the portal

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    What's the music

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    0:40 found it beside the tree

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    When the boy was making the gun

  100. //ANNONYMUS//


    DragonBreath23 Mincey jjvt

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    I seen Herobrine

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    I saw Herobrine when he is crafting the strong arm

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    He's by the portal

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    He was at the portal at the end

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    Harobrine on crafting table

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    Found Herobrine @3:09 on the crafting table

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    I found herobrine

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