Rie Makes A Cat-Shaped Cream Puff For Niki


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    Thank you guys so much for watching :) Subscribe to my new channel, I'll be posting videos here next year!

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    The Emperor 2020

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    make videos

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    Does that sweater sparks joy?

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    Rie McClenny lol

  7. Holly M

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    I love how Rie understands that Niki doesn't drink and doesn't press the issue

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    I thought choux pastry was spelled shoe pastry. No wonder I was always confused.

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    i tried making the custard and it's heavenly ❤️❤️

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    I want a friendship like they have. So peacfull and loving.

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    I love rie i love nikki

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    That looks so gooooood I want it

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    Rie said sh!t omg!!!

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    This is a perfect exhibit of platonic romance. I love these two!

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    When Rie said, "Mix the sh*t out of it" I was crying.

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    I want one! 😋😭

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    Rei is soooo cutee


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    Every time when Rie cooks, I feel so hungryyyyyyyy 😋

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    I wish you were my anut❤❤

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    Rie want to puff puff ? lol

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    This video was so fucking cute

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    This isnt a jUST a cooking show, this is a heartwarming video of 2 friends spending time and appreciating each other :')) its actually so chill and warm hearted like ;u;

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    hi tasty! you like desert? me too... i hope you can make a level up of torrone( i discovered its existence last week and its beautiful hahaha)

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    Niki has a nice cat.

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    I really like their videos😂

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    Rie is so underrated I love her

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    Dose Niki have a Instagram or a THreporter? If she dose pls tell me I would like to follow her 🙂

  30. Mustaffa Asad

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    Niki is like the one grown up daughter, and rie is the mom who’s making a desert for her after a day at work.

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    Im going to take a minute to appreciate Rie's hair

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    Who else is desperate for some too? 😂

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    Rie sounds so funny when she cusses

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    I'm into you Rie!!

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    Anyone else wish they could get cooking and baking lessons from Rie

  36. Niyara Gray

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    They’re such good friends I love them

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  38. Corrina Maltarich

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    Rie + Niki + Cats + Baking = The. Best. Video. Ever!

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    The "gooseberries" are actually ground cherries! Part of the nightshade family, and closely related to the tomatillo :D Gooseberries are a little different (the small, green (sometimes purple), very tart berries.

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    Rie could literally make a dessert that roasts me and all my flaws and I'd still adore her


    ELEKTRARE4 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Rie is the Queen of pastry okkuuuurrrr Fierce gurl yaaaassss

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    12:54 we called "Ceplukan"😉

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    Rie makes it look so effortless! She's adorable x

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    Adult flavor lol

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    Rie cursed 😂

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    Ugh I LOVEEE Ríe !!!! She’s the bomb.com

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    Was that a perfect circle!!!

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    aww they're so sweet :))

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    i would take a bullet for rie god

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    Why was this video so awkward?

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    My favorite tasty whatever is nikki 😻

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    This was honestly so relaxing and pleasant to watch. It felt like two introverts interacting, or at least two relatively calm personalities just enjoying the process & each other’s company - whereas there is usually someone who is louder in volume/energy than the other in these videos. Loved it, would love to watch more videos with this kind of vibe in the future, too!

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    Rie is like my favorite xD Like

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    New Tasty Video - Niki ate my cat🙀

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    *silence* Rie: "Did you just gasp?"

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    i want a friend who hand mixes whip cream for me

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    Rie is a macaroon. Best description

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    Love her accent

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    Rie may just be the most adorable person on the planet.....

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    I really like the way Rie speaks xD its so cute

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    I thought goose berries were called love berries until now because that’s what it translates to in Norwegian ( me n my fam hates love/goose berries so I always imagined some dude who hates his wife being like This tastes like shit, im gonna call them “karen sucks berries” N the wife’s like “tf u say hun” “Pfffn no i said nothing look i called them LoVe bEriEs because they rEmind mE of yOu”)

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    I ship Rie and Niki so hard

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    The transition in 10:32 is the best reason why i watch rie.

  68. Olivia Lowe

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    pause it at 4:39

  69. ur

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    Hi! I'm ew and i -ship Niki and Rie- Don't like shipping real people, it's gross and you should really respect their privacy.

  70. Kevin M Abraham

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    Rie, Niki, and Safiya should open a channel together

  71. Ruhana Tahreen

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    "I get to eat the thing" I'M SO JEALOUS!!!!

  72. Careless Provoker

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    Rie is wifey

  73. Golden Suga Kookie with Tae

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    Idk why Rié sounds so cute with her accent

  74. Ellen E

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    Rie is tottemo chill, mature, and smart; I adore her. Btw, oishiso!

  75. HyperRainbowLand

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    I think choux pastry is also the basis of French crullers!

  76. RoséPastaEnthusiast

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    That thumbnail and title is the cutest thing ive ever seen

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    I wish I had a friend that loved me this much

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    Me and Nikki are rie rie good friends

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    #There i have a story I really love niki but she is lesbian. . Then the rest..

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    Nice adult flavor lmaooooo I love her

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    I see Rie, I click

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    Rie I am your biggest fan 🤣

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    i only come for rei

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    While it is true that cats learn to meow for the sake of humans, I have two cats who definitely communicate vocally with each other. One is very talkative and will literally meow distantly in the house both to announce his presence (literally where he is in the house, he's a drama queen) and because he's hoping a human will meow back so he can locate them for immediate pets. The other is terrible with strangers, but loving and possessive with her the humans who live with her, including frequent visitors that were previous roommates. She likes to purr-sing spontaneously, very loudly, while doing midnight sprints, and the first cat definitely responds to that in the same almost conversational way he does around the house. It's like a chaotic musical by toddlers in my apartment sometimes.

  87. ana Hasani

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    Rie: now im gonna make custard. Niki: yummy. Me: whats that?

  88. patricia goeyardi

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    where to get this recipe 0.o

  89. Cha1n

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    I dont make the rules but I think this makes Rie the president now

  90. Rianot Ipaye-ibrahim

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    WOW! I wish I had a friend who would handmix cream for me. Now she is a true cook, God she's talented.

  91. Isabel Gacha Life

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    I need a friend like Rie. Rie will you be my friend plz.

  92. Reen Diaz

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    The cat-shaped cream puff is just to adorable to eat!! Well done, Rie.

  93. Andrea Betancourt Salas

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    Ahhhhh Uchuvas!!! Now I know how to call them in english! ♥

  94. Dhaval Paranjpye

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    I cannot explain how warm and cozy it feels when someone very close to you makes food for you and you get to chat while they make it. Every time I have had a bad day in office, I drop in at my brother's place and he makes me tea and noodles and we chat and then eat together. I can see an amazing chemistry between these two. Plus, Rie is awesome!!

  95. F u Z z y

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    Oml rie and Niki pls dont pop my heart today,its valentines day and I cant handle you guys being too cute

  96. Camille

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    y'all better patent this before Disney sees this

  97. camicuwu

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    i first thought it was a churro then i thought it was a scarf tHEN I THOUGHT IT WAS A CHURRO SCARF IT WOULD HAVE BEEN GENIOUS

  98. Diana Lam

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  99. Farah Hossam

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    It's so fun watching rie fit in with them she used to be so shy. She's my favorite

  100. Amai-Usagi-Ojo

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    “Oh that’s nice” *loud pans* xD


    LEGENDS NEVER DIE8 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Niki: oooooohhhhhhh Rie: yaaaaaahhhhhhh *awkward stare for 0.5 seconds* 🤣🤣🤣

  102. Salonn Ghimire

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    Nice adult flavour... hahahaha Rie!!!!!💖💖💖

  103. Elliot Rook

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    They’re physalis not gooseberries?!

  104. taekookies&cream

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    "who also appears on the buzzfeed show eating your feed! with me!" RIE IS THE BEST HUMAN

  105. Ernie Grimble

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    Does Rie watch anime?

  106. Isobel Higgs

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    That's not what a gooseberry is in England...