Samsung Galaxy Book 12 Unboxing

  • 6 ต.ค. 2017
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  1. Zaeem Siddiqui

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    Hello, everyone! Thank you so much for watching my video! I just released my full review of the Samsung Galaxy Book 12 after a year of using it as my main computer. You can check out the full review here:วีดีโอ-RLHGPxBXK-g.html Let me know what you think!

  2. temo gamer

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    How much is it

  3. Fardan Khan

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    Hello sir .. Sir if in this book keyword have internet cable connection then it's very good to used

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    What price

  5. Salma_Sara _creations!

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    Amazing samsung galaxy book ihave a mobile samsung

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    Who is good ipon or samsung

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    Good job

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    You sucked all my energy man :)

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    What's the price

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    How much in Pakistan rupees and it will take SIMcard

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    Or not

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    Hit by Lenovo Yoga Book..

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    Anyone here in 2018 or 2019

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    the next time you show the product Then explain

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    Vean el minuto 9:50 la mano de el( la derecha)

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    What is rate bro

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    Is it available in Pakistan

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    Ram Rom???????

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    5:53 if you here to watch galaxy book

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    If anyone what to know when does he switch this thing : 7:57

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    How much it costs?

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    In samsung box is Microsoft

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    I went here to watch the Samsung Galaxy Book 12 unboxing but the advertisement is Iphone XS Max. How hilarious? Lmao

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    What abt the price?

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    This looks like a surface

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    Why don't they make a 15 inch version for artists?

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    i want the galaxy book but disappointed its stand is shit compared to the surface

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