Samsung Gear Sport | Gear Fit2 Pro | Unboxing & First Look


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    THreporter nafrat ke liye nahi hai, bas pyar mohabbaat ke liye hai. Hit like and share if you agree with Sharmaji.

  2. Subham Anand

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    Fantastic video

  3. Subham Anand

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    Sharmaji Technical excellent job

  4. Subham Anand

    Subham Anand10 หลายเดือนก่อน

    Sharmaji Technical sharmaji nice video

  5. Annie's Space

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    Aapne bataya hain Rs 22990 price hain gear sport watch ka, and amazon pe almost rs 44000!! Aesa kyon??

  6. Annie's Space

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    But sir, gear sport watch ka price almost rs 44000, dia hua hain amazon pe.. Aapne toh rs 22000 bola hain yaha..

  7. Subham Seth

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    Can we use WhatsApp or any documents reading app in this watch

  8. Sudarshan Panchal

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    Samsung gear sport ka pura specification review plz... like app support THreporter navigation and imp speakers and microphone

  9. Amit a

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    Nice watch

  10. Sher Sher

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    Kay ye vivo y71 mobile pe connected hote he

  11. Raju kadam

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    Gear sport call received, sms suport karta hai?

  12. Sourav Prasad

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    FALTU video😒😒😒😒

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    Sir please tell me kaay yeh sirf Samsung kaau phone pr he chalay ga ya kisi b band kay phone pr

  14. Vishnu Dutta

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    Can I pair with my ipad

  15. Yuvraj Singh

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    Samsung gear app ka kaha se download ho ga

  16. meeta mathew

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    God job. I like your video.

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    Can we make calls

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    Phone received kr sktebhe kya watch me

  19. Shub Faiz

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    Phone received kr sktebhe kya watch me

  20. Best bayan

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    price gear sport ka

  21. Avdhoot Kirpekar

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    Hey I got my gear fit 2 pro in January 2018 and was working really nice up to the mark but on 07.06.18 , i got an update and now its all stop counting my steps , floor count and heart rate as well as it's raise to wake feature also not working , i already read the forum answers and try troubleshooting it , i have reset it more than 3 times but still problem remains the same, if you know any solution over this please let me know.

  22. Harish Wagh

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    Sharma ji kya ye watch me music play hota h Mtlb kya is watch ko speaker h Aur kya is k notification audible h Aur kya ham ise call receive kr k baat kr skte h kya????

  23. singh technical

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    I have gear sport

  24. Ram Valaskar

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    What is the cost of this watch?

  25. Mr. Awesome

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    Looking to buy gear fit 2 pro

  26. Shivraj Nath

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    Sir can we use Google chrome to search anything

  27. Mr Ace/Hashim

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    Can this gear sport fit kids about 12 to 13 years old if does then which size

  28. Gna Naveen

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    i would like to know whether it is possible to connect Bluetooth headset and gear fit 2 pro at a time in same phone

  29. Moeed Butt

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    Samsung gear aap available on note 5 plzzz ....

  30. Moeed Butt

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    Sharmaji plzz Tell me

  31. Moeed Butt

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    Which one is better plzz Tell me

  32. Mohit Grewal

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    Waiting for the full review

  33. Mithilesh Yadav

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    very very nice watch sir i like it

  34. Rahul Madaan

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    Give away

  35. Pranav Saini

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    Which one to buy? Sir ji Hope you reply Sharma ji On the spot poetry 🤣😂

  36. MADHURJYA Nath

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    Kiya eshme picture zoom hota he ??? Sir please reply my question


    TECH GANG8 หลายเดือนก่อน

    Can you make video on Samsung gear fit 2 pro vs Fitbit charge 2

  38. Rony Goyal

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    Samsung gear sport se wireless sony ke headphone attach ho skta ha

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    Disliked just for one simple reason....Hindi...

  40. Virat Nihalani

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    Does support Samsung pay

  41. Manan Awasthi

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    Does this count calories automatically? Urgent

  42. Manan Awasthi

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    Is mei hame discount kab milega?

  43. Manish Kanayalal

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    Sharmaji honor band A2 ka review kariye..

  44. Akshay Dontula

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    Samsung smart watch is best 😎

  45. Akshay Dontula

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    Nice smart watch

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    Nice gear

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    Superb unboxing sharmaji

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    Price kitna he

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    Love to sport gear

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    sharmaji Samsung gear fit 2 pro kya call function hai ya nehi ?

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    sir iska meter mae range kitna hai

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    Ur biggest fan...

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    shi ha ji

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    I lost my give me that watch.....

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    Bhot r nice

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    a66a hay

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    bhot bhdiaa

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    I like both

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    Gear toh always se killer hi rha hai but price wise 😲😲😲

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    Vah yr de do

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    Aaacha h

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    Wow nice look

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    I want one

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    mahngi bhot h bhai samsung

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    Samsung Gear Sport nice .

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    Samsung gear fit 2 bhot ache hai

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    Nice one sir

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    Awsome sharamaji 👌🏻👌🏻

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    Give me one

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    nice product but high price

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    Nice product

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    Nice video

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    Nic sir

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    kuch samajh me ni aaya sir...

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    Best ever samsung

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    Nyc sir

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    In Unboxing sharmaji is the best

  87. Sant Kumar

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    In Unboxing sharmaji is the best

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    Brillent watch

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    Awesome watches but price is little higher

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    Waooooo nice

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    Gear sports

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    awsm hai

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    Nice video

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    Lenovo HW 01 ka review upload karo plz