Street Food in Kyoto JAPAN - 6 different types of Street Food


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    Whenever i try to go on diet these kind of video show up in recommend

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    I am so going to visit Japan😇😇

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    hahahha there is filipino 😂

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  7. 高下哲也



  8. 高下哲也



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    aku kennnnnncooooooottttttttt !!!

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    1:00 is she kaira sane wwe

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    I just focus at that many cheese😑😑😹😹😹

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    07:49,wtf???an many cheese,i love cheese😶😅

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    Is this considered cultural appropriation or appreciation on my part? hmmm

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    pinay kumukuha ng video😊

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    Make me hungry

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    Они хоть слышали о санитарии и гигиене?

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    Japan and street food? I thought those were opposites that didn't exist in the same universe. Messy (but tasty) food by neat freak Japanese. Guess I have no idea about Japan.


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    im the one who really obsessed of shushi...damnnn

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    Recipes please?

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    me watching this at the middle of the night, 🤣 I wanna taste it all!!! 😋😋😋


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    pankakes with DOGMEAT paste …………….yummm!!

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    Кто знает как они называются?

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    Terima kasih Aden Films,saya jadi tertarik oleh ide jajan di kyoto japan,tapi semua itu perlu modal untuh usaha dengan cara berinvestasi.Anak muda sekarang kan paling suka ni yang gampang2 daripada ribet2 males ahh. Lahh sama kaya gue hehe , gue dah dapet jutaan dari investasi "P2Pinvasi". Gue cuma mau ngenalin kalian, coba googling aja deh. Awalnya iseng2 tuh investasi, gilakk sekarang hasilnya bikin gue puas bisa beli indomie se gentong hahaha.

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    the dango being pushed down into the grating makes me a bit nervous. isn't that kind of dangerous to ingest?

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    nice antoja bueno alo menos amiiii 😣😣

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    ayyyy nooo q asco un chingo d mugrero qq asca

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    Is the cameraman a pilipino?

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    Сейчас 1:36 ночи... и я хочу эти ништячки мммммм

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    Constantly amazed at the creativity and innovation of Asian cooking. And everything in this video looks amazing! #1 - brilliant execution but...they leave them RAW in the middle? #6 - I never knew I wanted a cabbage sammich so badly! (but I think if he put the bacon on LAST, it would cook nice and crispy! I might seriously try to make this at home, and will undoubtedly fail miserably, LOL)

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    Most of the young guys got that anime look down lol

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    May na rinig akong nag salita ng tagalog at korean.

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    Oh man....I wanna learn to cook these at home.

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    I love Japan! I love its food! 😍🤩

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    Reminds me of the feast in Hideo Miyazaki movie Spirited away, if I was there eat so much good food and hope it doesn't turn me into a pig ; P

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    What is the name of 7:21 . Wanna try in my life anyhow 😋

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    3:37 why did I hear some random Chinese in japan lol

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    ... I REALLY need to go to Japan...

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    Everything looks delicious but Okonomiyaki is something else. Now I want one! XD

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    Stupid food 😠 Haram

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    I love food, too. But i don't have a money. And i make Vietnamese food video {>,^}

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    Have a nice day

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    Holy shit i think i heard some Spanish in somewhere.

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    4:15 Filipino what??@?!??@

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    How much do those beef skewers cost? Damn that looks so good.

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    4:14 That did not sound like japanese...

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    Ternyata di luar negri ada apem🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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    standing in a line for street food, only in japan

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    Woooooow.. Que delicioso!!!!

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    OH MY GOD! feels better than sex!!!

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    Can somebody just kidnap me and take me to Japan😶😶😶

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    3rd food DONGU family - "Clannad" for all those Anime lovers!

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    It looks like imagawayaki is made from the same ingredients as taiyaki. You know, a batter that's cooked on pans with butter or oil, then stuffed with either azuki red bean paste or custard.


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    Every single foods look so yummy and just to see Waters my mouth. I wish visit Japan to devour these foods.

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    I can hear some tagalog...

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    what is the name of last dish?

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    What were the white things he sprinkled last onto the okonomiyaki before flipping? Beans or sprouts?

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    Thumbs up if you were hungry, saw this thumbnail and ended up even hungrier XDD

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    "amoy bbq na kami dito"

  65. Jaxx Lmao

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    "amoy bbq na kami dito"

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    日本のよさっていろんな所に実はあるのね。 日本だけじゃない、他の国もね。

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    Asian deserts are quite tasteless and bland...not my cup of tea! P.S i don't include Indian/Bangladesh/ Pakistan deserts which are delicious

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    Now now, where is Japan In our hearts

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    I'll have 6 of everything please

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    Damn look delicious 🤤😋

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    Alguien más escuchó el "tú quieres chango?" 😂😂😂😂

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    May mga Filipino diyan listen @ 4:20

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    I can hear the Filipinos talking about the barbecue. lmao xD i got confused for a sec.

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    i heard someone speaking filipino •o•

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    lol same in the beef skewer part. "di pa ata luto" or something like that

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    lezat kayaknya

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    Qual o nome dessa comida com ovo e bacon? Quero fazer aqui em minha casa no Brasil.

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    já vi na descrição kkkk valeu

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    Yes. .It's a Go. .

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    fushimi inari street food is the best 😁😁

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    I need those spatulas... lol

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    Zou voor mij niets zijn, ziet er niet fris uit.

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    why don't you tell names of each recepie?

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    faking yummy

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    Can someone name each one of them foods?

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    2:30 that's pikachu .... 3:30 , this guy looks like a real life anime character...

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    that bacon is obviously not cook well

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    Looking at that grill gave me diarrhea

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    Was it me? Or did i jeard someone spoke in tagalog (Filipino) 😂

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    Why does street food look so damn good 🤤🤤

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    I hear pinoys in d background

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    martabak mini.. di taiwan jg ada.. sy suka yg kacang merah. jagung .. mayonais. sm cencu.. keju.. 😋😋 hen hauce

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    Ok I have to stop watching....I think I'm getting food envy depression

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    I heard Tagalog...

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    wow that was great..!!!

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    I want that last thing whatever it is!

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    What are those round circle things?

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    The difference in quality between street food and restaurant food of the same dish is crystal clear. What is the dish that is filled with Cabbage called? This one here ===> 09:20 Nevermind, I just noticed the description.

  103. Kevin Panda

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    LMAO around 4:09 you can hear someone say “payb handred, dong.” which is just “five hundred, dude.” in the Bisaya language of the Philippines.

  104. Kevin Panda

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    And they keep on saying stuff like “i was there yesterday” in Tagalog. You can also see the Filipino dude with his kids waiting for the food.