Top 10 Scary Things Found Frozen In Antarctica


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    Top 10 People Who Were Frozen In Timeวีดีโอ-cOij4aUwnBE.html

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    Do one on South Africa

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    Dats hawt

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    ,1911 huh

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    The first one is clearly SCP-354

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    Isn't number 6 where they shot fast and the furious 8

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    But your still my favorite THreporterr

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    I'm sorry I don't wanna be mean but you look like dead meat and you sound like James

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    You said patchy but wrote matchey,hhhmmmmmm🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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    Why would anyone trust a politician or their salary employees…?… They are either pathological habitual liars, or paid to lie as part of their job. There is a very important and good reason our Founding Fathers & Mothers made it nearly impossible for District of Columbia to be recognized as a state that are represented in our government. The liars ARE said government and their job is to represent… It is only human nature for them to eventually lose sight of their job. Power corrupts, and all… In addition, they all live in a bubble isolated from the rest of reality. Therefore, they are doubly cursed… So again, why believe their lame excuses…?…

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    you said it was patchy mass but it was really matchy mass

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    How can you tell its million years old...Because ts only 2019...does this means the scientist lived before

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    Who's just here for Jason?

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    Mostamazingtop10 More like Mostclickbaittop10

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    where's Jeff the killer though?

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    There was an ancient civilization on Antarctica!!!! Wake up people!!!

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    I love the creepy music in the background it's helps make me scared

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    Oxenir iron

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    Make scary spanish (SPAIN) folklore

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    when do u decide to make a top ten


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    Lol "doesn't mean it's impossible"

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    Do it on Russia next

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    "Hellish blood monster" 😂

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    Top 10 scary things in albania

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    woooow bacteria soooo scary

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    They found Jason Vorhees

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    Wow I just finished my Antartica unit in social studies at school XD

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    Pyramids are NOT a complicated shape, but neither is a cube or a sphere or an arrow head. Yet when we see an arrow head, we know immediately that it is unnatural. I have seen hundreds of mountains with my own eyes and not ONE of them was a cube, sphere, or pyramid. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but you would have to be utterly imbecilic to believe that pyramids are common in nature. Show me natural pyramids. If they are common in nature, why have I NEVER SEEN THEM in nature? Show them to me. I am waiting.

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    "All the states in North America"? Do yuo thinks North America, which is an entire continent, has only the Unites States of America? What about Canada and Mexico? Canada doesn't have states and it is in Nirth America.

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    You click baited me I expected jason

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    I have an idea! scary things in Asia. king-on-un

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    Im not dead guys

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    U didn’t do Nebraska

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    I just got click baited super harddddddddddddddddddd 😱😱😱😱

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    Did anyone else get a mattress add?

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    It's my bday today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Does anyone just fast foward to see what the number one thing is on these videos youtube reccomends

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    Is his hair bothering anybody else?

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    Why are you making the thumbnails scary but there not even in the video

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    It was my uncle who caught Jason Voorhees in Lake

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    “17 mIlLiOn YeArS”

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    Can't you go to Denmark

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    what about vietnam?

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    non are scary at all

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    Anyone from Create Unknown?

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    Welcome to my game

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    1:14 This was on the back of one of the science magazines I had to read after a test

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    King ghidorah should be one !!

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    The only scary thing here is the amount of people who believe Jason is real and was in this video.

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    I feel like they are hiding something on the pyramid in ice

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    Fun fact After Amundsen won he died in a Zeppelin crash trying to save his italian friend

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    What if that meteorite from mars made the earth develope.

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    Who else skipped through the video to see of he was click baiting with the Jason picture? And guess what I was right I knew he was click baiting

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    do one for south africa please.

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    The lost one hmmm..? Sounds like me when I use my phone, I always lose my way

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    hay man i love your videos plus your smart

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    Aaaayyyyyy I heard my state

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    I only clicked this video because of jason

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    Na-Nani where TF is jason

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    He said matchy😂😂😂

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    Very interesting stuff, about half were things I was unacquainted with. FYI 'Bacterium' is the singular form, 'Bacteria' is the plural. You appear to have them reversed.

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    NUMBER 1, your virginity

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    Damn you have a real wide

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    Number one is so wrong

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    wow so scary sarchasm

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    North Sentinel Island

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    were is Jason voorhees ?

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    If you came for jason... press this 👇

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    Toy story 2 was okay

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    umm the earth is round so there are not corners lol 0:02

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    5:03 how they have been ice-olated, get it??? HAHAHAHA

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    these arent scary :/

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    Number 1 megatron

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    Global Warming boi

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    Lol they clickbated people for things that ain't even in Antarctica

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    There was no jason i clicked this because i wanted to see if it was real but no ! 😡

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    hey bro have you seen *_MY CROBE_*

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    Do a hallow earth video please

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    Wasn’t there a movie about the blood ice thing? Like the one about mutants and what not?

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    Hi fellow Burke

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    Please do An Australian mysteries or similar to this video on Australia, i live here and would be interested to see what you can find on our little old country of Australia, other then the absurd belief it doesn't exist lol. Thanks and look forward to maybe seeing something from you in the future :)

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    Could you do top scariest things from Minnesota

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    Croatia ;C;

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    Jason did go to hell!

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    Tomorrow is my birthday. Please like this comment as a b-day gift. Thanks! P.s. the most likes I've got on a comment was 86. Plus a little ❤ from sssniperwolf

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    bacteria with a beard

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    Remember when u were a normal top 10 acc

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    Disliked for clickbaiting -_-

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    One question what is that picture on your jumper?

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    Isn’t that Jason from Friday the 13th

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