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    For more information on the Huawei Mate 10, Mate 10 Pro and Porsche Design | Huawei Mate 10 click here -

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    Unbox Therapy your numbers are insane!!🤑🤑🤑

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    Unbox Therapy can you send it to me

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    The speakers on the Galaxy S9+ does the same...

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    You said top secret. why are you put it on THreporter channel

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    Note 9 had that first

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    Bro, how may phone du u have?

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    Get me one...

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    0:28 Yeah this is also my reaction when I did something so good and so awesome for me at the same time

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    Make the video of unboxing new crackers and sky shot please

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    You are amazing to entertain the people super

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    "Top secret unboxing" *posts it on youtube for everyone to see*

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    Sala phone la ka tod diya

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    2:25 - What kind of expression is this? What does that even mean? ...

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    Opens suitcase* *See's flex seal can

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    Now this isn't a secret


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    Not secret anymore

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    تيي يل يتقخحس اسسهخسةق

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    Gonna blast or what?

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    Where do these gadgets go when the unboxing vids are over

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    You know the problem with THreporter on mobile.... Is that if you don't know what is inside the unboxing video, they tell you wtf it is in it..... Like for example, I clicked on this video, not knowing wtf was going on and what was in the unboxing but then I look down and I see Porsche design and then I already knew what was going on..... Please tell me I'm not the only youtube mobile user who has this......😒😒

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    Damn how many phones do you have now???

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    i wish i have that smartphone too😥

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    Huawei mate 10😍😍

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    in the philippines it was released on 2018 like recently that guy is a time traveler!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH

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    Try a ROG phone is good and is a game phone

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    I might be getting this if I can’t get the p20 pro. Anyone got any other suggestions?

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    hey you must donate some phones

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    Mate 20 pro is out

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    Only THreporterr who don't lie about video in thumbnail

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    3:00 to 3:04 what the hell lew

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    Give some phone . Haha

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    He says "wahwayy" Why does this bother me.

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    Now is not a secret

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    Haha top secret...

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    What do u do with all the things that u unbox ??? I guess there are almost 10 smart phone with u

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    SECRET SMARTPHONE has a cheap earphone

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    Muito Loko

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    Woah, are you rich?? Please explain Unbox Therapy, ive never seen youtubers reply to my comment before😔😢

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    I still cannot afford this phone,,who can gift me,,,,

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    Can I have one of your phone

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    Wow, they actually made nice phones, back then in pre iPhone X era :-D

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    I've always wondered- all this stuff, all these phones these companies send you- you get to keep them?? So essentially you just basically have like hundreds of all the latest phones and all the special edition phones laying around? And they are all yours to keep? Just curious.

  49. LA Bjorn

    LA Bjorn27 วันที่ผ่านมา's top secret 😂 I like the Inspector Gadget case 👌🏻

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    Hey can u give me that fon

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    How much are they going for retail? the website isnt giving out prices

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    Who never watches the whole video of unbox therapy hit like

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    Dont send this phone to jerry..... HE WILL KILL IT!!!!😂😂😂😂 (JERRYRIGEVERYTHING)

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    0:27 He looks like Gabe Newell

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    Donate me one of your phone's :')

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    This guy is a little over dramatic

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    I feel like the Huawei earphones are copied from apple

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    The face he made when listening to the music

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    I'm triggered by the way you say Huawei

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    At 7:26 it became the next apple launch video

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    Grand theft auto v work?

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    Please give it to me

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    What do you doo with all these products


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    basic ass phone

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    Can i have one?

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    2017: OMG HAUWEI MATE 10 2018: yeah whatever hauwei mate 20

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    OMG 😵😍 😍

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    How Many Did you have in your video😎🧐🤑📱📱

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    thumbs up for that intro pic on the youtube server

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    Everything Samsung already did....or more like exact copy of Samsung. So why is this guy so excited about things that are already done?

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    it was looking good until he said there is no headphone jack

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    How secret

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    Huawei Offical In Phillippines

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    Its Porscheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee not Porsch

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    now this is more like smartphone.


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    Will we get that case too if we buy this phone ?

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    great job dude 👉👌👉💪

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    I'm sick of overrated videos of expensive devices with stock android

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    Wish could have those😍

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    9fuck china

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    Featured phone👍🏼

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    Very Nice.

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    Dude f*** the phone I want to see a review on that dope ass briefcase

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    i dont´t want the phone, give me the box

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    Do lenovo tab 3.7 video

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    3:04 big smoke

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