TRADITIONAL Taiwan Street Food Tour of Tainan: EEL Noodles & Milk Fish


  1. H Chui

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    Anyone know the name of the shaved ice/fruit place he goes to?

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    I literally just drooled onto my trouser leg 😑

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    I love eel.

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    If Jackie chen made food travel channel

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    I think, u do ur job well. I assume u like your job, also.

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    Sniff it lick it piss on it

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    Notice there's never turkey meat dishes

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    What's your favourite cusisne

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    Got to say mike the adds really just hits me like a tornado

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    will somebody please get mikey on tv

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    Beef soup mafia 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 no soup today

  12. Mike Zhang

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    If all the beef restaurants close on tuesdays and all the lamb restaurants close on mondays; then how was mike able to have that lamb soup on monday night (the night he had ice cream)? 🤔

  13. Kao H

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    If you're Asian and you can't cook fish, you're a twinkie ---- My mother

  14. lanna yang

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    The beef soup only use fresh beef, and the slaughter are close at tuesday, that's why no one open. feel sorry for you.

  15. Vincent C

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    This broth is amazing!!!!! I need to get a bun and dip into this...

  16. uncleouch1

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    Enlightened by the eel. Love em myself. About the Lamb. My family is from a lamb based culture. We just salted them up threw them on the spit. What people call gamey is the character of that meat. You can either eat bland all your life or immerse your self in the flavors. Mikey knows what I mean.

  17. Ella Chavez

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    Please do foods around the Mexico Culture!!!! ✨

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    Song name in 12:47 ??

  19. Kevin Li

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    Dan Zai mien is usually not that rich in flavor. The braised minced pork is its main flavor source. It's more like eating a sense of nostalgia more than its taste. It's usually smaller in portion and a bit higher in price.

  20. Hazel B

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    Strictly dumpling video marathon!

  21. Smile Park

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    I really love your videos...but was this the 1st time u had a milkfish belly? I'm very curious...🤗

  22. Sally Wang

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    Hey Mike which day of the week do you try to visit the beef soup restaurants? People in Taiwan normally don't kill cattle on Tuesdays so that's why most shops are closed.

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    "It is pretty dark and im pretty tan" dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    i swear food i wouldnt eat could become yummy if i just follow around with mikey

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    i love all your food videos

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  27. Moo Moo Puppy

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    I wonder if they have the mango grape melon dessert? What is it called and has anyone seen this in the US?

  28. Dai Young

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    A local Taiwanese, and a little late to the party here, but Mike - I recommend you to try turkey on rice in Chiayi. They were originated from there and every single stand/restaurant that serves it in Chiayi is just mind-blowing. I dont wanna say that the turkey rice in Tainan is bad, there are plenty of good ones out there too, but trust me, the ones in Chiayi are way more delicious and they have absolutely different taste than the one you ate. Nice video as always! Thx for the vid and hope you come visit Taiwan again in the near future. There're so many different types of food you can enjoy here!

  29. David Patrick

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    Grape ice cream?!?

  30. Dai Young

    Dai Young3 หลายเดือนก่อน

    I would say that they are more like grape sorbets. They dont have that sort of a buttery-vibe in them but instead they have some sort of a refreshing flavour. Try to imagine you put semi-condensed grape juice into borderline-frozen-state. Doesnt melt watery like ice but also not buttery like ice cream, kind of an in-between yet pack a strong-fruity-punch. That's how they taste like!

  31. Judy c

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    I know this is an older video but wanted to say thank you for the heads up regarding the six thousand beef soup because I was about to wake up at 5AM also to check this place out. Guess I can sleep in now!

  32. kookaluv

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    cant agree with you on the milkfish mike ..but i suppose everybody got different tastes wife filipino and they love milkfish BANGUS weedy tasting and fatty for me

  33. Franklin MacGillacuddy

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    Wow another great video Mike! Great work.

  34. Franklin MacGillacuddy

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    Anybody who thinks lamb is either tough or gamy did not have it cooked properly.

  35. Gordon H. Welles

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    Was the turkey dry? I ask because either you cure turkey or undercook turkey, it always seem to come out drier than chalk.

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    That milk fish has my mouth watering like crazy. I’m borderline drooling.

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    You know what you like jackie chan,,can i know your nationality?

  38. Elery Robert Libo-on

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    Did you by any chance get to eat the Milk Fish skin? It is one of the best tasting parts of the fish...but then again they might have not descaled the fish because it's grilled. But you should definitely try the milk fish descaled and fried with the skin..seasoned with just salt and pepper...and make sure the skin is's like eating thin pieces of crackling heaven.

  39. John Lynch

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    love your vids , make me want to travel , but got two questions . where do you put it all ? and how you stay in shape . the way you eat puts sumo wrestlers to shame .

  40. Keiko Camille Cruz

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    I think I just died when you put the chicken, fish, and rice in one bite. I never thought I can get this envious!!!

  41. Yee Bao Ng

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    A non-mandarin speaker can't really go there huh

  42. Milca Maquillao

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    Hi Mike thank you it's called the tofu soup in the Philippines we calld that taho

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    Im hungry

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    so he is in love with bob when he wears a tux??? Gaayyyy!!!!!

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    I love it when you end it by saying until we eat again. It's the best

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    Drunken chicken looked very pink

  47. Moo Moo Puppy

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    Is that the tofu dessert w/ ginger syrup?

  48. Moo Moo Puppy

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    I always see this dessert art 99 ranch in this big yougurt container tubs, but the container looks sketchy.

  49. Dai Young

    Dai Young3 หลายเดือนก่อน

    _-ginger syrup-_ brown sugar syrup. Yup, the whole thing is more like a dessert, and it's cold and refreshing. I dont wanna use the word Tofu here, because even tofu will be too hard when comparing to that dessert. The texture of it is more like a tofu-pudding, and it's really that soft, you can barely feel it when you put it into your mouth, yet it's quite healthy cause they are made from soy beans. One of my fav gourmet in Taiwan!

  50. Amber CC

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    Glad to know the love of milk fish belly is universal! That's my reaction whenever I have pan fried milk fish belly! Simply out of the world! Eel is like a platonic friend...haha...Smoky and sexy Eel noodles -- I prefer the dry noodle type - you don't feel so neutral about it, do you?

  51. pearl burns

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    you really had opened my eyes in regards to traveling MAJOR ASIA in order to appreciate the Beauty of Mother Earth especially in West Pac--thank you so much and it's now listed in my bucket list plus I will also include West Indies. You're GREAT! I APPRECIATE ANY FOODS THERE IS!

  52. May Xiong

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    Thanks for sharing! Brings me back to the time I spent in Tainan ❤️

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    90% of this channel is noodles

  54. Neale Gray

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    You should try lamb soup in Iceland. It's a sort of Irish stew but as a soup, and delicious!

  55. SkunkApe95

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    Eel’s freakin delicious Mikey! Get an unadon when you go to Japan next!

  56. SkunkApe95

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    I don’t really get the cold noodle thing...I like most food hot except sushi.

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    I think with training I could eat as much as you

  58. RogueController

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    I think with training I could eat as much as you

  59. Kevin Lee

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    what's the address of the lamb soup place?? i've been trying to look for it!

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    Im dying for that dessert... 💕😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

  61. wittygardener

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    I was in Taipei and Tainan in January, and it was great, but Tainan was a bit difficult to enjoy because very few speak English there, and my Chinese skills are extremely limited!

  62. terence

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    butter does not clog the arteries

  63. Haris Ansari

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    Mike its funny that you say, they all had a meeting and decided to close on the same day. im from Toronto Area, more specifically Hamilton and when im craving some Caribbean/Jamacian Food, their all closed on mondays and some sunday and monday, it sucks. :(

  64. danpt2000

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    Hey Jackie! Do a back flip for us!

  65. Kuroneko Nya

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    Dan zai noodles actually come in dry form, which in my opinion tastes a lot better. The soup tends to wash away the taste. But being from Tainan, I confess that this is not my favorite. My preference is 意麵 and milk fish. Also the brown 碗粿。In my family we serve two milk fish for lunch everyday, and I’ve never grown sick of it, ever.

  66. Pamela Chow

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    Dude, how do you think we will do in Tainan if we can't read Chinese?

  67. Aimee Howell

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    I feel like a lot of food reviews are kinda fake tbh idk why. But it doesnt feel "real" but Mike is the one food youtuber i enoy that i feel just gives straight up and i like it because i know what i would enjoy and what i would because his reviews are real and honest and the way he explains it just you feel like you are there. I love it. I love him

  68. Ashton Paugh

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    Omg. A food vlogger who actually tells what they think about the dish! It's so nice to see someone say 'oh it's ok' instead of 'omg this is just the most delicious thing I've ever eaten'.

  69. katzeehuman

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    You can buy milkfish in the Philippines for $3. 3-4 whole fish for $3.

  70. wmhsu1999

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    Mikey, I'm so glad you came to visit my hometown. You must have done some decent research, or some local citizens must have been your guides to show you all these places where I actually dine regularly. These places are no random food stands or restaurants. Too bad you missed the beaf-soup breakfast. You'll definitely have to sample it next time when you come to visit here again. BTW, please do put Tainan on your wish list of moving to and getting settled in Taiwan.

  71. Christian Valeroso

    Christian Valeroso7 หลายเดือนก่อน

    milkfish is phillippines(my country) national fish.its a really delicious but super bony fish so when u got a boneless type of that usually the price tends to get much expensive considering the job to remove all of the bones.

  72. Jocelyn Ko

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    Little tips when you go to Tainan ! Go for street food and not a restaurant

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    lol cows are like its tuesday bro we can relax . LUL wtf

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    Do you have a friend holding the camera or do you go solo?

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    We are here at the exact same location as we speak! 😀

  77. Janus Rome

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    Really enjoy your videos! However, you missed the skin of that milk fish imo, it's crispy, salty and tasty in that dish, usually, anyway. Normally I don't eat fish belly or fish skin, but I love both when it comes to milk fish.

  78. 傳偉曾

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    Actually food in Tainan is famous of it's sweet taste compares to other cities in Taiwan, they basically add sugar in every dishes, and it surprisingly taste good.

  79. Tracy Diller

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    Once again another mouth watering video, thanks Mike keep those videos coming.

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    wait... who actually doesnt like lamb?

  81. Charles Lee

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    lamb and Turkey are healthy meats

  82. Gold and Diamond Trade

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    You realize you were doing the steps wrong after the first donson noodles ?

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    Did u say "kinda tan"? 😕😕😕

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    Hhhmmmm daing na bangus

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    And then you fall in love with bob😂

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    "Oh no, its leaking, that's never when it comes to caskets." 😓

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    I need to stop watching his videos! Keep making me hungry and mouth watering!! Trying to keep my diet and all but its making my stomach growls and it hurts. Literally drooled on the table watching this.

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    Had the same experience going to Tainan on a Tuesday... But at least you had good lamb soup!

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    Don't go if you can't speak Chinese.

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    why would you use such a small spoon and why didnt you get more of that pork and rice in the first resturant?

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    lol the little asian kid behind you

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    Mikey have you thought of making a vid with the girl from CupofTJ? If you have made one I need to see it, I bet it is off the hook!

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    Try milking an electric eel and see what happens.

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    擔子麵好吃的不是麵....... 是米粉..... 大家都不知道。

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    I always get distracted watching the people in the background watching you 😂

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    I also appreciate your USD pricing for relative comparison.

  97. dragonz83088

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    i appreciate your honesty on the first bowl of minced pork noodles

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    This Chinese older man in front of me on my last flight kept farting. Even when we disembarked he continued on the bridge. I hope you will not become like that Mike.

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    Omg you visited my hometown, I'm so happy! Glad you had a blast here!!!

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    You can eat I see you love your food like to know how much you spend on food on every video you must be very rich I only had one meal Less then one of your meal enjoy thank you for sharing very good video .

  101. Christine Lee

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    Went to the eel place after seeing this video and I would say the dry one tastes better than the wet one. The wet one is more sweet and peppery but a little too sweet so try the dry one guys! Would rate 8/10. The noodles were too soggy for my liking and it tastes like a better instant ramen but the eel and sauce is amazing. Btw the noodles were 90/120 ntd so it's not $7. It's $3-4 depending on which you get.

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    I actually want to eat that Eel!

  103. romanys3

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    It's official Mike, I'm a BIG fan... I'm not skipping the adverts! :)