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    Super fun!! Chad was SOOO surprised!! Be sure to check out Kesley’s family and their channel at The LeRoys. They’re such a cute family. We love to watch them. threporter.com/block-UCRPIJ_-fU0fycIi4a6PUXRg

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    8 Passengers 😍

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    +8 Passengers This was a GREAT idea from Kesley! We did the same for ours when they were teens. It was just good, plain ol' fun. They are 34 and 31 now and i miss doing those fun little things but at least we have the fun memories to reflect back on.😘❤

  4. LisaArkie

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    This made me tear up!! How precious!😭💙❤

  5. Louann McNally

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    In Chads room he has that big picture of the American Prophet Joseph Smith...where did you get that?

  6. Diane Heitman

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    I am old and when I was young we bought special gifts for our boyfriends and we received things as well. It is perfectly harmless! Stop criticizing and build people up instead of saying bullying things that children read.

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    Y’all are so cute together ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    When are you guys going to go back to school shopping?? X love you guys

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    Wait did he find the one in the closet?😂

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    So is Kelsey and Chad dating

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    Chad is a cutie

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    He said that the Vans shirt smelled like Kesley!😂

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    Am I the only one who likes the actual cookie part of Oreos? I could never do the double stuff haha

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    In the description it says chads 13 he’s 14

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    I thought you had 14 m subs for a reason

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    I can’t not sleep

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    Kesley and Chad are both so cute!!! They are sweet with each other and I love it , I hope they will have a relationship

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    I like the photographe......😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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    Wonder what there gonna do on valentines

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    That was so cute and Chad had such a cute reaction.

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    7:18 it smells like Kelsey

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    The whole time chad was reading the card he was blushing so much

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    It takes me 2hrs to fall asleep

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    half of this video *smells like kesley*

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    You guys should date you guys look perfect together

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  28. dermot37fitz


    Chad and Kesley are so cute together

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    I cried.... this was sooo cute! 😭😭💕

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    Sherie: 10 bucks he stars crying Me: I agree

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    She’s a keeper Chad, don’t let her slip away and I guess it wouldn’t hurt to say you guys are a couple

  32. Leah Ouellette

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    Awwww 😭 this made me cry, they're soooo sweet 😍😍😍💍

  33. Makayla’s vlogs

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    Omg I just died at the end “ of your new you saw that me and kesly kinda like each other “ oml flipping out 😭😁😁😁😁🥰

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    I think Chad is so lucky to meet a family like the Leroys. They are so nice and cute and funny and I wish somebody would do that for me. 🥰

  35. Hannah DeLay

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    Abby should’ve let him figure it out

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    7:21❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ omg that was adorable

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    Chad needs a haircut 💇‍♂️ 😆

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    Love yall💕

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    “It smells like Kesley” 😂😂😂😂

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    Here comes the water works 🥰 who else agrees there the cutest?

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    That was so funny. I Love the posters and decor in their room

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    I love y'all's channel and the Leroy's both really cute families.

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    I love the 8 passengers

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    Chad u are very lucky

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    awee Chad is soft 😂

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    so cute ! 💖💖

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    Chesley is the cutest "couple" ever.❤Like if u agree!!

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    Just get him an IPhone

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    7:19 ‘‘ It's Smells Like Kesley ’’

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    The second one their spoiling me ok if you don’t want it I’ll have them then

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    I so ship it Chesly. They are so cute together

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    I have never clicked on a video so fast

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    Oh my gosh, this made my day. I love you 8 passengers.❤️ Also, Chad, you better rock Valentine's day. No pressure 😂😂

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    Kill Harry Potter

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    Happy birthday Chad

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    I ship Chesley 😀

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    Well i hope your havibg a good day. Im not.

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    I am crying and I didn’t start the video 😂😂💕

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    I ship Chesley ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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    That was so awesome! You are extremely lucky to have someone take the time and effort like Kesley did to make sure you had the best Birthday!

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    I completely thought her Mom was her Sister. Wow!

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    Young love is super cute and fun. Happy Birthday Chad xoxo Alana - Chris&Alana

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    I love you guy so much Kesley so funny

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    chad and kesley are the cutest thing

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    I've been dating my boyfriend for over 2 years. 3 year anniversary is in October. I am a freshman, he is a sophomore. And for Valentines day I went over board 😂 I can't wait until actual Valentines day so he can see all of my things. Even tho we both said we would be happy with nothing but maybe when we are in our 40s and have 2 kids then I'll just buy him chocolate and a card and that's all. Also my bf's older brother said that he went over board too. But I know my bf will cry because he cried at Christmas and his birthday when I got him a present. And I also got him a picture and a customized frame that has our names in a heart in the corner.

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    Chris&Alana oh thank you so much

  71. Chris&Alana

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    sounds super cute, I bet he will love it. xoxo Alana - Chris&Alana

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    Chad has gotten SO good looking 🥰

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    What happened with danielle? Wasnt there something going on there for a little bit? Or always been just friends?

  74. Averie and Maya’s channel

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    Haha hahahha 7:20 “ smells like Kelsey

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    Can you do do a parents swap with April and davey

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    8:51 - 9:05 they say mmmm like so many times bc it smells that good 😂😂🤩🤩

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    After you started talking about taking naps and sat the camera down and the music started playing for some odd reason it touched me and I almost started crying. had that part of the video gone on longer I would have actually started crying. :-P EDIT: The entire video makes me want to cry! I don't know why!

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    Hey I’m new too the fandom ❤️

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    This was just the cutest!! Ughhh his reactions 😂

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    UGHHH Kesley is really amazing! I really hope they get together. Love this gift it was so cutee!!! Chad better go all out.

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    Kesley and chad are so cute

  83. Jazliene Concepcion

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    If he wasn’t tired he would of had a shocked face

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    Wait are they dating ?

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    His reaction was absolutely adorable

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    That was so nice of them to do that for chad birthday ❤️❤️❤️

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    This is such a cute idea I honestly ship and I like the tip spray your scent on the item to smell like you smartest thing ever also I love your family happy birthday chad

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    That Was Such a Beautiful Vlog. God Bless You All And Happy Birthday Chad.

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    Who else thanks chad is cute ❤️❤️

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    “Me and Kelsey kinda like each other”

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    I swear the leroy's and 8 passengers are my favorite vlog channel

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    this is so cute

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    Hi, I am here from The LeRoys

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    They do fortnite dances and chad can’t play fortnite battle royal ALI-A

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    Awwww I almost cried. Why can’t they just be dating already

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    I’m in the future and Today Is JULIES BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY

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    What is it with Utah and Dr Pepper.

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    when he smelled the ins shirt and said "it smells like Kesley" I melted

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    Ruby where did you get your necklace? it's sooo cute!!

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    He smiled when he said that him a cess like each other

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    what part of idaho did you use to live in

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    Is chad actually 13 omggggg. I guess we have the same age

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    Even though they are not a couple, they are still couple goals!

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    His sister was ruining it by giving him hints

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    I love how humble he is

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    Omg I love chat and Kelsey so am I the only one mad that he only said"kinda like each other"😑