What Does a 4D Ball Look Like in Real Life? Amazing Experiment Shows Spherical Version of Tesseract


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    This video is confusing

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    4th dimension can only be experienced by large dose of Marijuana.

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    if we were to live in a 2 dimensional world and we would look at the stuff sideways we wouldn't see anything cause even the thinnest possible line has a certain length

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    Omg he just epxlain flat Earth

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    Anyone else remember when this was a hydronic press channel

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    The 4th dimension is the time axis

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    Why did the chicken cross the street because he needed to go to the chicken coop LOL

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    The example with a two dimensional stick figure is unrealistic and causes confusion. It's possible that your entire life is/was/will be one solid 4D object passing through the third dimension. It's possible that your soul is the operator passing the 4D object through the third dimension. It's possible that your soul is extruding you into the fourth dimension. It's possible that a skyscraper is a 4D object and as it passes through the third dimension it gets built, gets used, corrodes, erodes, and is demolished, but it has to be part of everything else (conservation of mass). It's possible that drivers of 4D objects are in the third dimension. Someone cramming 4D objects through a 3D plane and 3D objects appearing out of nowhere is impossible.

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    Look iant no stupid but while the ball is growing it tottly looks like edit

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    I hope he’s joking

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    нихуя не понял сука иностранная, извини

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    You need to take some more video editing classes kiddo, it’s edited so badly everyone can see the quality of the ball when it grows and then suddenly shadows appear😂

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    Really good explanation

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    Actually, the ball would appear as if it were floating. Until the diameter is in our plane of course.

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    Whooooaah. Did you just speak another language? I just dont know what youre saying all throught out the video 😂😂😂

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    "So here is my 4 dimensional BALL"

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    Firstly you need to learn about animation and VFX

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    Enough of youtube for today

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    4:48 watch closely , you can see its edited

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    "they could turn you into a image of yourself" um maybe because it is an image of yourself!

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    Proper 2d has zero height, making it impossible to see


    LUK ELECTRIC17 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา

    I wonder how a equation of mass would look like for this process. Because from the 3D point of view it would mean that the mass is being created out of nothing. Of course in 4D world all the equations would be OK. I imagine that the same thing may happen on the smallest scale possible: Vacuum Fluctuations...

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    What if I do it with a gold ball bill gates I am coming for you

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    Ummm... we’re all in the fourth dimension

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    I don’t get it

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    This guy looks like he wants to die

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    6:59 are you have baby?

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    Okay so his last sentiment that there are 11 dimensions but only three are noticable is a very hard man thing to say. Imagine if that second dimensional being developed physics and certainties that they comprehend as fact. Then take a shit all over it. That's us pretending we know everything.

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    Xd this is the worst channel i have ever seen

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    My... brain can’t process all of this information...

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    I’m so confused in the first minute

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    The 4th dimension is known to us as "Time". Much like the 2D person can only see 3D objects as a line, we too can only observe 4D as a line.

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    Dude, you are awesome

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    Do you think aliens are in the 4th demintion and that’s why they disappear quickly

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    *true illuminati comfirmed*

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    Negative mass

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    lies that piece of paper still has a y axis

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    Nice editing btw

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    If I was a asshole,I would said that you just Photoshop the marble and made it bigger,than got a different sized marble want you needed to touch it But I'm not a asshole,so good job

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    Man it looks just like a 3D ball.... amazing

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    Honestly when I first saw this I was 5 and thought wow now I just flip my 4d being middle fingers up through the fourth dimension. EDIT:Missclick i was dumb so that was 10 yrs

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    4d is impossible how could anything see 4 dimensions at once you can’t do that

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    Do you mind adding the background music track link under the description below or as a reply to my comment.

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    I have 8d balls

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    appear and disappear like a ufo

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    How much acid are you on?

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    Then you play too much Roblox

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    Isn't the 4th dimension, Time ?

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    The green circle isn’t in the middle😬

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    This channel is so

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    Nice cuts

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    Why the hell this shithead makes videos?. I swear I will never gonna watch this chanel again

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    Fake af the cam cuts lol

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    +Boneless Spaghetti I'm none I just was scrolling through youtube and I tapped it I aint no geek like u so how would I know

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    +josh jwb tf, you clicked on this video thinking you were going to see the fourth dimension. youre either 8 years old or have half of your brain missing.

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    +Boneless Spaghetti yeesh someone's mad

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    no shit sherlock. how young do you have to be to think he could actually film a fourth dimension

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    4:38 to 4:42 that’s my balls now

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    U think we are that stupid

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    I just saw a 7D movie!! HOLY DIMENSIONS!!

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    Show a pile of paper :"We have here a 3dimensional cube"

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    Da feck did I just watch

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    MIND F@#!NG BLOWING! WOWOWOWOWOWOW. Thank you for this video.

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    2D = 3D minus one dimension it has either width or depth or height missing you Wally! A sheet of A4 has plenty of thickness for the printer ink to stick to. The line that you see when you look at a sheet of A4 edge on is called thickness. It tells you how thick the thickness is on the package when you buy it with your much thicker 3D plastic credit card. Go outside and look at some trees witness the changing light and the movement of the tree in any measured way that you like and think without a felt-tip-pen or a blinking world reducing white sheet of A4 cartridge paper! Please stop slowing development down so as to make money.

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    Everyone saying they are dumb, no, they didn't explain well. First, what is the fourth dimension? He explained 3d which are left, right and vertical which is up down. What is the 4th dimension? Where does it travel that adds a new dimension? He did not establish that, instead he went on and explained how a 2 dimensional being sees things and how we see things and then he escalated that saying that a fourth dimensional being would see the escalation of how we see things vs how the 2d being sees things which is just fallacious. You aren't dumb, he's just incorrect. How can he assume that a 4d being would see an escalation of how we see things compared to how the 2d being sees things if he doesn't even know (or fail to let us know) what the 4th dimension is

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    in a 2D world nothing will be visible exept if you see it from above, but seeing something fro above would mean that there is a 3D world so that cannot happen. So that leaves only that everything will be invisible. If you can see a piece of paper from the side it must have a 3rd demension because your looking at the hight of the paper. So a piece of paper that is really only 2D sould be invisible from the side and not turn into a line. The vision of the ball wil not be blocked by the square around it. In order for an object to block lightrays from another object there must be a 3rd demension involved. The must have the same hight or the sqare must be higher. But in a 2D world there is no higher. So nothing is visible. Just like a wall in a video game. The wall doesnt turn into a line it will disappear.

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    They ate

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    All this is fake you can see his trash editing making the ball grow

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    Isn't the forth dimension "Depth"? Meaning that a 4-D sphere would just be hollow with a way to access the space?

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    Don’t watch if your high*

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    So it's just an integral of the 3D world. Ok I understand it better now

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    I thought the fourth demention was time?

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    well this explains the UFO sighting

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    Now what your seeing is the power of editing

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    Nice photo shoping 4:48-4:49

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    As he represented the growing ball that was being moved in the 4th dimension through our 3d plane. I thought about the fact that our universe is also expanding, similiar to a balloon or a ball like this that is getting bigger.

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    How Tf is it getting bigger

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    What if the 4 dimension are the ghosts we see in our world that fade in and out?

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    Wait, what if ghosts are real, they’re just 4D beings and not someone who’s died.

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    You have to do alot of drugs to come up with this stuff

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    I recommend the movie flatland

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    The 4th dimension is time. That box is NOT a cube. This guy has no idea of what he’s talking about. The piece of paper is in 3D. The “line” is a dimension.