What Does a 4D Ball Look Like in Real Life? Amazing Experiment Shows Spherical Version of Tesseract


  1. Elizabeth Downie

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    Wig? Snatched Hotel? Trivago Understood? None of that Sorry this is really unfunny. I hate myself.

  2. Ben dole

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    Paper has height too

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    i am sitting here high, thinking damn this guy is smart, and i don't understand shit,,,

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    No like no dislike, acctually a ?...

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    Looks like a regular Ball to me. Hey come on it was the fair Siri

  7. Dylan Chua

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    isn’t time the 4th dimension??????

  8. Eliecer_XGamer

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    El poder del editor de videos, like si hablas español

  9. SporticHeroes

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    I think the 4th demension is time

  10. NEPTUNE117

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    Essential if god created our 3D universe with time as a fourth that exist with in our 3D space. He is outside such existence and in turn can see us no matter what. Even if we try to hide the ball like the figure because we hide it from our own view or the view of other humans, the eyes of god can see past any of our illusions. Incredible.

  11. Aidan Wilson

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    4:07 onwards is great editing watch his hand and watch the reflection of the ball

  12. Tony Xelow

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    A 4d is a hologram....so uh yeah

  13. F This life

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    Can we make a computer program to show us how the 4d being can see objects in 3d like we used the paper to show how a 3d can see a 2d objects?

  14. Paul Birchenough

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    Well illustrated.

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    OK, now for the 5th dimension, are you ready?

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    you can just go down and down ( AND THEN GO UP AGAIN DONT WANNA MISS VIDEO)

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    I can't help it but this dude's eyes are seriously close together!

  20. magicUFO Show

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    Why are you talking about other dimensional worlds like they actually exist in our reality? The whole reality is 3D !!!

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    4:10 there is a cut faaakkkeeee

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    I feeling so inteligent now

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    Lmfaooo there’s a dildo at 4:15

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    Do the eleventh dimension next :P

  25. jomy10

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    Graphics: 10/10

  26. jomy10

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    2:12 So Mario doesn't actually see Goembas, it just sees lines.

  27. tanzeel ali

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    Flat earthers are 2 dimensional beings ..theroy coconfrimed!!!

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  29. Seeing Clearly Media

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    The more I learn the more I believe in God

  30. Official RYNO

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    It's fake af watch carefully

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    Brain.exe stopped working

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    Show me a 2 dimensional being like wtf

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    this video makes me look dumb.. 😂😂

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    Most annoying voice on the internet. Sounds like he’s constantly taking a shit.

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  36. Death

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    dimensions 1st- width 2nd- length 3rd- height 4th- time that's what I know

  37. Oshadha Pathirana

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    Then our age?

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  39. Danijel Peric

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    This doesn't make any sense. There are only 3 dimensions. Up/down, left/right, back/forward. How can you talk about a fourth dimension if there's no such thing? And if so, how does it look like?

  40. John Paul Robin

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    Mind blowing.

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    OMG Messi 😱😂

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    can you make a chokolate bar bigger

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    Right or wrong, this video has gotten people to talk and show an interest in this topic so can't we just appreciate that?

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    Wtf are you going on about I just had a wank over the stick man instead. that was hard enough :)

  46. Slayer DUDE

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    I thought time is the 4th dimension

  47. GAZzA B

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    At 4.12 why does the shadow randomly appear around the ball 😂😂😂 that was some trick editing

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    4D Balls😂

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    It starts at 4:16

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    Anyone else’s brain bleeding? No? Just mine? Okay. Continuing with the video.. @~@

  51. Callum Smith

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    so since its a 4d ball, if i saw that in person and saw my own reflection from it, basically im feeling myself??

  52. Clint James De Paz

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    At the beginning of the video, I always keep watching the emoji he is holding, but then I realize it was just a reflection.

  53. Sam Richo

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    I actually completley understood this is everyone just really dumb? Not that complex

  54. JMR Fishing

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    so what your saying is flat earthers are in 2D??

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    Dont press read more You have a bad luck in 2019 ,like to undo

  56. Daniel Tucker

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    What about a 3-T Scrote?

  57. Lewis Chen

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    There is no way you can visualize 4D hypersphere using any real life objects. Only a computer can generate this 4D object, yet visualizing the hypersphere is tiresome.

  58. Brian 4 YouTube

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    I want a pair of 4D balls (Lenny)

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    You can see photo shop and cut

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    Photoshop lol

  61. skylerbird 45

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    No hate tho

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    Nice editing!!

  63. Chenzhong Wang

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    What's the forth dimension?

  64. Meme Mistro

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    We are in the matrix

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    That ball is smiling

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    Did someone say D bol?

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    Thanks for wasting my time mate! Yolo

  68. xXeyescreamXx 55

    xXeyescreamXx 55วันที่ผ่านมา

    Actually this is fake but he didnt make a video showing a real 4d ball, he made a video to show us how it would look like

  69. Alexangelica


    Which are these other dimensions? The ones that go 'unnoticed' I mean...

  70. James Baum

    James Baumวันที่ผ่านมา

    What if we were to look at this cube... (points to a clear rectangle stack of paper)

  71. Alze


    I don’t get it

  72. Osoroshi & Me

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    This was the most confusing thing I have seen so far 😳

  73. TechnoGuz GD

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    Depth Height Width Length The four dimensions

  74. Jpeench Games

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    I didnt understand a word u said this dude spoke another language lol

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    I’m from the 7th dimension.

  76. One Culer

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    Love you Tess

  77. 1Way2Die


    U cannot create a 4d Film .. btw

  78. soltube8


    a line drawn on something is the only line. Other than that it's our inability to see the uper and lower plain or thikness of the object. It looks an image of line not an object. The actual object line has uppper and lower, starting and ending point like a cable.

  79. Standoff339 MR.

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    You cutted in badly

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    I don't think i understand a thing

  81. Gilbatrar ヅ

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    Warched this 6 months ago and I didn't get it at all, but now I do.. guess I got 'smarter' haha

  82. LoGeX


    4:13 Nice Editing

  83. Ulukai Azgard

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    You are no Carl Sagen!

  84. Manoj Kumar Kamal

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    The image formed by the mirror reason later inverted image

  85. FascoGT


    I m scared that OUR universe has only 3d

  86. Hami Afsar Nafis

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    *0:01** SMILE!*

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    Why no shadow before he pick it up?

  88. Kiana Nunya

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    I honestly don’t know what I was just trying to listen to, but I concentrated so hard at the mirror part that I didn’t even hear a word he said

  89. blommetje 1

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    People cant see 4 dimensional we can only see 3 dimensional

  90. John Griffith

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    Ok so can we deduce from observation that 4th dimensional bring are not interacting with our 3 dimensional world as i never heard of any objects suddenly gaining or shrinking in visual size or shape?

  91. Allan Tober

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    I just made my own with tin foil and a hammer!

  92. megadeathx


    The entire lack of production quality is amazing. I got to the part when he moves his hand up and down while calling it the x axis, and then left-right calling it the y axis. There is nothing you can learn from a video that can't portray even that much appropriately on video.

  93. thedrewdelrey


    my last two brain cells committed suicide trying to understand this video

  94. Ventilate


    Reminds me of KADO

  95. Son of RA

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    A simple, yet insightful explanation on the matter...Thank you!

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    That eddeting skillst

  97. 𖥠 ꧁Æ♱ℍᴲᮄℜᴲⅅ꧂𖥠

    𖥠 ꧁Æ♱ℍᴲᮄℜᴲⅅ꧂𖥠วันที่ผ่านมา

    In a two dimensional world you couldn't see anything from the side at all. Flat landers wouldn't be able to see anything. They couldn't look towards either dimension because there is no thickness. If there is no thickness, you cannot see anything from the side.

  98. William Boyde

    William Boydeวันที่ผ่านมา

    Ok, mind blown. Thanks to your visual “walk-through” I totally get it...and I’m not that smart :)

  99. anti stupid

    anti stupidวันที่ผ่านมา

    Wtf happened to humans. They used to be normal. Now they are bat shit crazy and believe that there are other realities going on due to other dimensions existing. I think humans are devolving into wet wipes 🤔

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  101. Paul Nisgutski

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    How would this affect the mass and density of an object?