Why all world maps are wrong


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    After tearing apart a globe, Johnny Harris got a chance to travel to its most unique borders for our ambitious, international travel series - Vox Borders. Watch the full series now on THreporter: bit.ly/2QBGvwR

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    Did you check out J S Christopher's projection?

  3. Aidan Gillanders

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    Vox the world is flat so it doesn’t matter

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  5. Pedo Bear

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    Idk why i expected it to be political.

  6. Clara Alessiani

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    I sarti di tutto il mondo hanno lo stesso problema con i nostri culi

  7. Hans Jürgen Vetter

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    Great teaching. Even in the special theory of relativity you'll find two types of projections: 'time dilation' and 'length contraction' ... why? ... well ... because of the 'twin paradox' ! These projections are only sensational phenomena for the obserer related to the object, but they do not take place in reality for the object. Only gravity can cause real 'time dilation' for the object, as it does e.g. for satellite based navigation systems. But 'length contraction' stays to be an illusion for the observer by observing the object ... getting "shorter" ... depending of its relativ speed ... as I said ... just an illusion ... ;-)

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    Mercator...cousin to Mercia!! You’re welcome, globe.

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    because the earth is flat joking earth is round

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    So how about making the fabric of the globe different, how about paper then you can take a picture of the flatenned globe and everyone can know the true area and size of everything on Earth. Do not hate me I am just a fool and there is probably a explanation why using paper or another fabric would not work for a representation of Earth.

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    Your title is misleading cause i got no answer and apperently there is none wtf .....but verry informative so thank you sir

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    But is that globe to scale?

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    Literally all the comments: Something about flat Earth... Something about flat Earth... Something about flat Earth... Something about flat Earth... Something about flat Earth... Something about cube Earth... Something about flat Earth... Something about flat Earth... Something about flat Earth... Hit or miss... Something about flat Earth... Something about flat Earth... Something about flat Earth... Something about flat Earth... Something about flat Earth... Comments like this one... Something about flat Earth...

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    Gawd, just stop with the pulling, stretching and, and... really? Your foot? We get the point and moreover, you're just embarrassing yourself.

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    Whatever they sell... you all will buy it!! Believe only your eyes... not what they say

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    Flat earthers have a. Plastic b. Exit this video c. O MAI GAWD

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    I like this also: thetruesize.com/#?borders=1~!MTc1MzE1MzM.MTAxNTA2NTc*MzU3NjkyOTI(MjMxODEyMA

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    I do never know

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    The earth is actually an oval sphere

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    The earth is flat I’m kidding

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    If the earth is flat, Why are balls round And not flat?

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    Shame on you flat earthers

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    Flat earth?? Now that's a case for the magic school bus.. 😁🤣🤜🤛🌏🗺

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    The earth is round.

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    Informative video. Thank you for making and sharing. I use the eclipse of the moon and the earths moving shadow shape to prove that the earth is round as we are spinning simultaneously. I really would like to see a true picure of the entire planet earth from space to see the pear oval shape our planet is suppose to have. It exists nowhere except stories.

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    Yea, my globe trolled me. There are two Nigerias.

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    Is there a way to calculate the exact area of ​​a country and place it on a flat surface? Then just mount the map as a puzzle

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    Here come the flat earthers.

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    So interesting!

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    R u a flat earther vox?

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    I thought this was going to be one of those videos saying that the earth is flat

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    Omg i have that exact knife in my kitchen

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    شكرا على كل هذه المعلومات المفيدة

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    Forgot to mention latest map developed by the japenese...!

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    +I hate words huh neat

  46. I hate words

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    +Crudestjuggler the authagraph world map

  47. Crudestjuggler

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    What's it called

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    theyre all wrong because the earth IS flat

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    I don't care if it is wrong, I just remember it, go to school, pass the exam, forget all about it. see, life is easy :)

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    *_People still be like: No! Earth is flat!!!_*

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    A 100000 dollar globe wasted

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    It looks like a butt

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    Earth is a half sphere. So little people say it is flat because the flat part is In the Pacific Ocean. The population of the round part is greater. Therefore, the flat earthers are a shamed minority.

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    Am I missing something? Does anyone believe that a flat map is area accurate ? This bloke must have an honours degree in stating the bleeding obvious

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    This beach ball globe...Means our world is flat!!! :OOOO

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    Is Russia really smaller than Africa?

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    REASON: Earth is flat

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    The earth is flat

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    Ur mum flat

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    Leoreo nah its a cube

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    Can we solve by Sunlight and time for distance ?????

  66. sami rocks

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    Woow ........ Really strange but true

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    No, by the flat map the countries are distorted

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    in the thumbnail you look like Messi

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    The opusit is the truth......the earth is flat and globe is off because it's hard to represent the FLAT EARTH as a globe...this is why the globe is off GLOBEXIT Research Flat Earth Research NASA CGI augmented reality Research bobble in space

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    So... where is a working flat earth map? Research QF27 Research LAN800 Research PanAm 50

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    Explain this flat earthers

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    racism / white supremacy for ya

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    The Earth looks way better round. YOU GO GIRL!

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    Instead of mapping earth,why no we use the same satellite's turn the sensors to outer space an use all of them an ping a 3D image of what's around us can we see please

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    what if you split the earth from the poles, and do it again, and again, and again. Do this again and again till the pieces have Planck size width. It will be unreadable, but hey, it's flat.

  81. ItzTevin!

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    This proof shows that Australia *does not* exist.

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    johnny Harris: I need to cut this globe open TAKES KNIFE OUT OF BACK POCKET WTF???

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    Stupid clickbait title.

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    Natives didn't need maps, they navigated with the stars. Stupid white people.

  85. The android sent by cyberlife

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    The earth is a saucer. The ocean is my spit on your stupid ideology of flat earth.

  86. Angela Milano

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    why not just use a globe?

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    Because it is flat

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    Oh at first I thought this was a flat earth video

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    "A map is not the territory"

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    You'd think they would have come up with at least one design of the flat map that shows every country as their actual size... Surely... I always wondered why we had to fly over Uluru from Bali to Brisbane in Aus... Made no sense. Just seemed like a waste of fuel! Haha that's so trippy... Australia's iconic shape is nothing compared to what it actually looks like... Lol 🤣

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    The earth is secretly starkiller base and the rebels are going to come and murder us all by blowing us up ~Star Wars fans (me)

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    Flat earthers joined the chat, this video has joined the chat, flat earthers left the chat

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    I remember we had this in our geography textbooks but the school skipped that chapter because it was mostly practical than theory

  94. Galactic Ketchup

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    3:24 Please never use the Gall-Peters projection for anything. It is a terrible map projection that gives equal-area maps a bad name. Use Behrmann, Eckert IV, Tobler Hyperelliptical, or Equal Earth! None of them distort shapes nearly as much as GP.

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  96. Sam Bell

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    Definition of proof in the human race means just agreeing with somebody or something that agrees with your own point of view , no actual studies prove anything definitively, it’s all belief just like a religion of its own kind

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    Okay, I'm an English learner, and what's the difference?

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    should of looked at the Dymaxion map

  103. stavroula paok

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    Έχω βάλει τους υπότιτλους και στο 1:38 που λέει "if you are American" το μεταφράζει "αν είσαι ΕΛΛΗΝΑΣ" αντί για Αμερικανός 😂

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    10.248 flatearthers disliked this video

  105. Gray Storm

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    All you explain there is just a bullshit. You can know about map of the world with knowing shape of the earth. Its Elips, you can find more in Al-Qur'an. It had been written on the book for a long time, even before the Scientists examined it. Anyway sorry if My english is so so bad, I still learning.

  106. gobeegamergg

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    Google maps use globe

  107. Anna Carmel Amurao

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    Wow, thank you for this. I've learned something new today

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    What is the song that plays at 4:00 called ?

  109. Muhammad Fairouz

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    mercator idea is so pro canada and pro russia.. they made that 2 country so damn huge..

  110. I have to wait 90 days to change my name

    I have to wait 90 days to change my name6 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Earth isn’t flat or round, it’s shaped like mario

  111. kailey bitgue

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    Mario song goes on*

  112. James Mills

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    Couldn't you just have a map that simply aims to represent each land mass to accurate size/shape and roughly the right position? I know that the compromise would be to end up distorting the size of the oceans (making some look larger than they actually are) and therefore not representing the full surface of the earth, so would probably be useless for navigation purposes, but for the everyday person the ocean is just a uniform expanse of water and maybe they don't need to know exactly how large it actually is; for basic purposes of getting a sense of the size of land masses this type of map would be useful and surely nicer to look at than mercator or that other distorted one, but I have never seen this type of map mentioned in these videos.

  113. shandy Torok

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    Have you ever thought that the Globe Earth and satellites are LIES????

  114. shandy Torok

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    +Sebastian Nolte And I have answered!!! And you didn't get it, end of story..................

  115. Sebastian Nolte

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    I have asked you why private companies, whose aim is just to make money by selling their products or services, should lie about how their products work? So they have the technology to make phone calls in the desert or the middle of the ocean. Or to watch TV there. If it works with antennas on earth - why not just saying that it works with antennas? Do you want to say that they hide that actual technology and instead claim that it works with satellites? Why? And have you ever calculated where the source of the signal of TV-satellite dishes is according to their adjusment?

  116. shandy Torok

    shandy Torok5 วันที่ผ่านมา

    +Sebastian Nolte For the ONE and only reason SOCIAL CONTROL, they lie to you so they keep your attention away from BIGGER things, which you don't even think about, such as 33 other continents, Antarctica-treaty, fake space programs, fake space vehicles just to name a few, you just need to stand in line and pay your taxes to feed the big dogs.............yeah just do your research and free your mind bro!!!

  117. Sebastian Nolte

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    Wich reason would private companies like Iridium (satellite phone system) or Astra (satellite TV) to tell the people, that they are working with satellites, when they actually work with another technology? And do you know that there are meanwhile cheap little satellites run by students?

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    insert flat earth related comment here

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    Everything is a lie lol