Will Quantum Computers break encryption?


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    I am way to dumb for this ;(

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    The internet will die with article 13, so there will be nothing to protect

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    I love how computer science people try to explain quantum mechanics. This video is like the most watered down explanation yet. Please don't make any more videos on Quantum computers since you don't understand what you are talking about.

  6. Kerem gürbey

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    Though, here is the issue confusing me: in BB84, if the attacker eavesdrops on all the messages (i.e. the qbits server sends the client initially, the guesses client sends the server, and the confirmation of the guesses server sends the client), wouldn't they be able to figure out the key? They could just apply the guesses of the client on the qbits the server sent previously, which would allow them to obtain the same bits as the client on the bits whose direction the client guessed correctly. After eavesdropping on the message from server confirming the correct guesses, wouldn't the attacker also know about the key?

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    But to do that, you have to know what the rules are for the encryption. If you create your own set of rules that are not published, I don't think there is any way in hell you can can decode it. The rules for all well known encryption are very well known, and that's the problem.

  11. Corey Hartman

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    Public key encryption is what we have to worry about. Symmetric key encryption will be fine for now.

  12. Victor  Popov

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    Ok but you didnt explain the important part. How much faster will quantum computers be able to guess or do a "brute force" of 2^256 encryption? Take a cryptocurrency as example, currently it is mathematically impossible to guess a combination of public and private keys because computer power is not enough. How much closer if at all will quantum computers bring it to the "possible" range ?

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    The evel one in the middle trying to steal data is backtrack Linux ?

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    What if a quantum computer use all the permutation and combination of the qubits to encrypt the password

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    In my opinion at the start it’s funny (Scarednes) : ARE WE DOMED ???!!!???!!!????!!!??! Him (comely): maybe.

  16. Prithvi Chintha

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    In BB84 algorithm, But the hacker can get our orientations when we send it to the server to check them and also track the response of the server about which orientations are right. In that way a hacker can get the key right?

  17. Frame of Essence

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    Nope, because they can't know the results of the measurements with that information, so they can't get the key.

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  20. Eli jakubowicz

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    but what if u both get a vertical qbit but yours is up ( 0 ) and the servers is down ( 1 ). you will both think that its the same and will not have the same key?????????????????????

  21. Frame of Essence

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    No problem :)

  22. Eli jakubowicz

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    thx so much. i get it now! :)

  23. Frame of Essence

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    You publically send the server a list of the orientations (vertical, horizontal, vertical, etc...). When the server receives your message, it compares it against the orientations that it created initially (vertical, vertical, horizontal, etc...). It then send back a list of correct and incorrect orientations (correct, incorrect, incorrect, etc...). Now you both have a list of which orientations match.

  24. Eli jakubowicz

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    +Frame of Essence thx. this answers my first question. but you didnt answer my second question. at 9:55 how do they compare the orientation of each others qbits? none of you know what the others qbits are.

  25. Frame of Essence

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    If there's no eavesdropper and both you and server measure horizontally, then you will get the same bit 100% of the time, because we made the qubits entangled. An entangled pair of particles has that physical property. When each is measured in the same orientation, no matter what orientation it is, the measurements are the same. EDIT: I just realized I misinterpreted your question. My mistake. If you measure horizontally and get 1, that's because the server gave you a horizontal 1 on purpose. The server already knows the exact qubits it sends to you, so there's no way they can't match up when measured in the same orientation. (Unless there's an eavesdropper) Does that answer your question?

  26. kaustubh mani

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    Which algorithm are you talking about which can only run on quantum computers.

  27. Frame of Essence

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    Shor's algorithm, Grover's algorithm, etc... Though, you can technically run them on a normal computer if you use it to simulate a quantum computer.

  28. ORO 0147

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    Computers get better? Encryption gets better.

  29. Berk Can

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    still cannot understand how can server identify that you are the one that server should communicate with if you are guessing like eavesdropper

  30. Frame of Essence

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    The server can't know that for sure. It needs to ask you for a password if it wants to identify you. The protocol in the video just sets up a secure channel with no authentication.

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    no, they won't do anything, because Quantum mechanics is fraud. Its just as stupid as Einstein's time dilation, or curved space-time.

  32. Espen Bøgh

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    I'm still confused as th efact that there is quantum computer on the marked - D-Wave with 1024 or 2048 bits, but all they are doing is som secret, that no pubic results have been publisized, that really puzzles my mind! Why can't we read anything about these wonderfull computers ability to solve common problems like those stated in many videos about these quantum computers alility. Often had I seen THreporter stories about the how these somputers in an instance can solve the probem of the lowest valley in the landscape - "you could map everything(the khole world9 in a trillion of a nanosecond" with a quantumcomputer. - But it's still not hapening. It can't all be that secret these computers are doing.

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    E91 is the only way to ensure safety

  34. Tyler H

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    IBM and Google have Quantum computers that don’t rely on quantum annealing... D-Wave is the only major quantum annealing company

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    couldn't you just make a reverse-function to do the exact thing that the public key encryption function does, but in reverse so all you need is the public key? If you only use private keys, then the public keys can't be turned into private keys, because there is nothing stopping the functions that encode strings with public keys to be reversed into functions that decode encrypted text into a valid string of characters with the public key.

  40. Frame of Essence

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    Technically yes, but we can choose an encoding function whose inverse is very time-consuming. Most schemes use a function called modular exponentiation, which is easy to perform but difficult to reverse.

  41. Tele Tepat

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    how server send we a key ?

  42. Frame of Essence

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    Your computer requests it from the server.

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    Cool, I didn't understand any of this.

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    Best explaination ever you can get about cryptography.

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    Nope. I still don't understand how quantum computers work. What's the point of the uncertainty? How is it better than being certain what the bits are?

  47. Horny Fruit Flies

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    +Frame of Essence Wow, I didn't think you would answer some dumbass on the comment section. Thanks for the info, that explains it a bit !

  48. Frame of Essence

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    It's only applicable to certain situations. For encryption, you can use uncertainty to your advantage to limit what the eavesdropper can do. And for some algorithms, it's possible to make the uncertainties cancel eachother, resulting in a certain answer, and the algorithm ends up being more efficient overall.

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    Use a quantum computer to make encryption. Simply use quantum computers to make 2039274628729383758202019471947927467284729847389382749287462674912738273498472365867787346748237984787834343423457387145858725833974796474798324873465982865774387556298473644246337958484728330576428434523439285849837492374998446873349183612533545328470959073814226558342039274628729383758202019471947927467284729847389382749287462674912738273498472365867787346748237984787834343423457387145858725833974796474798324873465982865774387556298473644246337958484728330576428434523439285849837492374998446873349183612533545328470959073814226558342039274628729383758202019471947927467284729847389382749287462674912738273498472365867787346748237984787834343423457387145858725833974796474798324873465982865774387556298473644246337958484728330576428434523439285849837492374998446873349183612533545328439482928471 bit encyptions

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    Super insightful. Thanks! :D

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    If a quantum computer can decode, can't it encode just as well?

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    how about you just send the person an heavily encrypted file through an email and then send the encryption code in the post, it is very unlikely it will be intercepted, and you could just send it to a PO box or have it split into 5 parts and sent to different po boxes.

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    Quantum teleportation still requires transmission of qubits. It's teleporting a quantum state, not matter.



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    Why cant you just reverse the incyption? Like if you were sent one that was to make everything backwards? For example if I had ABCDEFG then use it cant people have my reverse key then reverse the reverse to make it normal? Like how you solve a math problem that is missing values.

  69. Frame of Essence

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    There are certain operations you can do that can't be reversed. They're called one-way functions. RSA uses modular exponentiation, which we don't know an efficient way of reversing.

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    You can make multiple copies of a known qubit state without cloning.

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    This is just like a physical lock dilemma. The best lock for your door is to turn your door into a solid steel wall that doesnt open, but that is too secure because even the owner cant get in. The easiest door for the owner to get in is none at all. The goal is to have the most secure door with the easiest way in. Somewhere in the middle.

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    I feel like they don't fix the problem they solve, specifically because of the new transport system required. If the computers themselves can break the encryption, then any eavesdropper has now a way to decrypt messages. However, the new system requires a way to transport qubits. So, in order to safely encrypt, we have to have an infrastructure overhaul. So, what happens is, some parties will have a way of decrypting our messages, but until the infrastructure gets rebuilt, we have no way to counter it.

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    Unless we invent qbits that work at room temperature or somehow micronize the cryogenic cooling systems for them, there will always be at least some significant obstacle to overcome in regards to using quantum computing for hacking. You can't exactly build your own supercomputer in your basement for pennies.

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    When a random video on THreporter discussing a random topic explains public and private keys better than your computer science teacher or textbook. And that segment is literally the introduction. I could have used that explanation half a year ago, because some teachers don't really teach to well.

  108. Dylan Boyd

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    great illustrations, really helped me understand what the hecc u was talking about.

  109. Sneakerhead Farb

    Sneakerhead Farb3 หลายเดือนก่อน

    This would require both the client and the server to have quantum computing and unfortunately many hackers will potentially be able to use this technology before all possible clients; meaning we would not be able to use quantum encryption before we would already be overwhelmed by quantum decryption

  110. Boom Miner

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  111. HalfExotic

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    But what if you where a spoopy boi and got sum lockpicks and picked the padlock. I'm intelligent.

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    Is "Pictures of cats" code for "Hentai" cuz by now I think cats are irrelevant

  113. Gnar

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    now question... what programs do you use to encrypt data via privet/public key

  114. Frame of Essence

    Frame of Essence3 หลายเดือนก่อน

    It's done automatically by your web browser when you visit a site using https. Though technically, any program could do it in principle, as long as it performs the TLS protocol.

  115. Silver GoldTwine

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    why not just add 4 different locks next to each other like having to open 4 doors with 4 different padlocks and 2 of the padlocks are easy to unlock by quantum computers causing the old hackers not to be able to hack it and 2 of them are diffecult to solve by quantum computers. ofc they wouldnt have the same lock in a row they would go from quantum lock to normal lock and repeat this once or the other way aroundyou even only need 2

  116. Frame of Essence

    Frame of Essence3 หลายเดือนก่อน

    The systems that are difficult to break with quantum computers are also difficult to break with classical computers. Also, the eavesdropper might have both quantum and classical computers. Also, doubling the number of keys just doubles the amount of time it takes to break. We want our systems to take an astronomically long time to break. In order to do that, we need a system where the time taken to break it increases exponentially.

  117. Jake Bramhall

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    I just want a quantum computer so I can finally run crisis and play minecraft

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    what i learned: because quantum mechanics im so glad i know how these work xD

  119. Whoofian Brony

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    This is a very good explanation of the concepts behind Transport Layer Security (TLS), the thing which kicks in when you have https configured correctly