Will Quantum Computers break encryption?


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    Man in the Middle // Quantum Entanglement RSA can/has been Broken One Way Hash // Collisions DNS Spoofing BlockChain Vulnerabilities? crickets Gold Bullion // Tungsten ingots

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    Why cant you just reverse the incyption? Like if you were sent one that was to make everything backwards? For example if I had ABCDEFG then use it cant people have my reverse key then reverse the reverse to make it normal? Like how you solve a math problem that is missing values.

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    Easy DOS incoming

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    And if you can't clone them how the heck are you supposed to send them along??

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    You can make multiple copies of a known qubit state without cloning.

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    Will quantum computers make my THreporter video load faster?

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    Okay so can it run games like hella fast or..?

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    Wouldn't quantum computing allow for even safer encryption? Based upon how quantum particles behave

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    We also could just have a new encryption system for quantum computing, just like people made different encryption methods for different things or like a function that does the same thing but in 2 different coding languages

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    This is just like a physical lock dilemma. The best lock for your door is to turn your door into a solid steel wall that doesnt open, but that is too secure because even the owner cant get in. The easiest door for the owner to get in is none at all. The goal is to have the most secure door with the easiest way in. Somewhere in the middle.

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    What if the server is quantum and the computer is the today's standards?

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    What if the Eve's dropper acts as the receiver by blocking the receiver message to pass to client?

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    Very well explained, subscribed.

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    Brain.exe has stopped working

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    Please do more videos ...

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    I feel like they don't fix the problem they solve, specifically because of the new transport system required. If the computers themselves can break the encryption, then any eavesdropper has now a way to decrypt messages. However, the new system requires a way to transport qubits. So, in order to safely encrypt, we have to have an infrastructure overhaul. So, what happens is, some parties will have a way of decrypting our messages, but until the infrastructure gets rebuilt, we have no way to counter it.

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    2:32, idk but this killed me lol.

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    lol the "ARE WE DÖO͍M͡ED̪???"

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    Quantum? as In the gray, oblong pill Quantum nano-technology CPU A SQUIP?

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    5:14 the fact that the server is surprised is so cute

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    Quantum meKEYnics.

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    5:17 F YEAH!

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    With Quantum computers comes quantum encryption, making this point null.

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    the eavesdropper takes the public key, encrypts a message like "pls send me the private key" and sends it to the server lmao

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    Unless we invent qbits that work at room temperature or somehow micronize the cryogenic cooling systems for them, there will always be at least some significant obstacle to overcome in regards to using quantum computing for hacking. You can't exactly build your own supercomputer in your basement for pennies.

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    Thanks for so detailed video, only after you I got how RSA keys work! :D

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    This is like finding a solution before the problem gets big. Damn son! 😘😅

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    Sure, but can my MacBook Pro simulate quantum mecha- *Explosion*

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    Answer: No, quantum-level encryption will be invented.

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    NASA: Lets send message to usa and the reports of succesfully going to mars Network: Whats that thing(qubits) umm lets say it 011001010 USA: NASA why you send me random things?

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    When a random video on THreporter discussing a random topic explains public and private keys better than your computer science teacher or textbook. And that segment is literally the introduction. I could have used that explanation half a year ago, because some teachers don't really teach to well.

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    great illustrations, really helped me understand what the hecc u was talking about.

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    This would require both the client and the server to have quantum computing and unfortunately many hackers will potentially be able to use this technology before all possible clients; meaning we would not be able to use quantum encryption before we would already be overwhelmed by quantum decryption

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    now question... what programs do you use to encrypt data via privet/public key

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    It's done automatically by your web browser when you visit a site using https. Though technically, any program could do it in principle, as long as it performs the TLS protocol.

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    why not just add 4 different locks next to each other like having to open 4 doors with 4 different padlocks and 2 of the padlocks are easy to unlock by quantum computers causing the old hackers not to be able to hack it and 2 of them are diffecult to solve by quantum computers. ofc they wouldnt have the same lock in a row they would go from quantum lock to normal lock and repeat this once or the other way aroundyou even only need 2

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    The systems that are difficult to break with quantum computers are also difficult to break with classical computers. Also, the eavesdropper might have both quantum and classical computers. Also, doubling the number of keys just doubles the amount of time it takes to break. We want our systems to take an astronomically long time to break. In order to do that, we need a system where the time taken to break it increases exponentially.

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    I just want a quantum computer so I can finally run crisis and play minecraft

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    what i learned: because quantum mechanics im so glad i know how these work xD

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    This is a very good explanation of the concepts behind Transport Layer Security (TLS), the thing which kicks in when you have https configured correctly

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    and while all this cryptography the pigfuckers in "intelligence" agencies all around the world try to elbow themselves into the process and create back doors that eventually fall into the wrong had because they are nosy assholes who don't think anyone is entitled to any privacy what so ever... You better believe the NSA and CIA will try to fuck about with quantum encryption... they also likely will try to get their hands on quantum computers before everyone else and then abuse it to no end. And really its stupid because actual spies can just use one time pads for really secret info and that is absolutely uncrackable period... (unless you re--use the one time pads which is very crackable)

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    so does this mean the same could theoretically happen with the cryptocurrencys too?

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    if what you say is correct, than it means that NSA won't be able to to read my mail in the age of quantum computers!

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    so if quantum computers are our doom why invent it (aka why invent our own doom)

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    Morris' Law: Any encryption of a cat photo just turns into another cat photo... - j q t -

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    Quantum computing is gonna break EVERYTHING we know!!!

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    7:41 that symbol is the wrong way round. It should be equal to or lass than one, not greater than.

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    This is awesome

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    I just want to know when i will be able to buy a quantum computer at Best Buy.

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    first, how do you prevent all the hackers keylogging of everyones computers? Like most, Im not an IT specialist to even know where to begin. I guess there will be harsh punishment , life or death for hackers in the future for who goes against the AI system.

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    "The bench is around 2m long." * Measures the bench * "Hmm. Well, it's 9*∞ KMs long now."

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    Like everything else in this world today new tech will just end up selling you something.

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    Wouldn't there be some problems with higher-end encryption though? Wouldn't it require more data to be sent, requiring even better and more expensive data to have a somewhat smooth experience? And what about lower end computers struggling to receive the keys?

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    5:17 The eavesdropper says "F YEAH!!!"

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    A few mistakes I thought I could point out. First, at 2:11, we don't really use RSA for data exchange. Instead, most cryptographic systems use RSA to encrypt and share a symmetric key (f.ex. AES), which is then used for other messages. Second, 2:22, actually, RSA public and private keys are mutually inverse, in a sense. You can use a private key to decrypt a message encrypted with the corresponding public key, sure. But you also can use a public key to decrypt a message encrypted with the corresponding private key. Mathematically, public and private key are basically interchangeable (with a few assumptions on how part of the public key is generated -- in a nutshell, if it's cryptographically random -- which, to be fair, isn't something most implementations do). Third, which follows from the second, ad 5:42, you argue that it's easy to reconstruct a public key given a private key. If we use the textbook definition of the private key, this is not true. A private key is a pair of numbers {d, n}, where n is a semiprime number (which can be nontrivially factored only one way, n = p*q, where p and q are prime numbers). A public key is a pair of numbers {e, n}. A public/private key pair must satisfy d*e = 1 mod (p-1)*(q-1). Hence, given just a private key {d, n} you can't really reconstruct (p-1)*(q-1), unless you factorize n (which is NP, i.e. we think can't be solved in polynomial time), hence you can't easily compute e = d⁻¹ mod (p-1)*(q-1). As I said before, choice of what's public and what's private is somewhat arbitrary in principle. Implementations, however, are known to simplify public key generation (by choosing e not randomly, but assigning it to be a well-known or easily guessable number instead), which means usually, given {d, n}, you can guess e fairly quickly. To reiterate, it's not that generating a public key from the corresponding private key is "easy" (in the sense that it's a P-class problem), it's that *guessing* half the public key is usually trivial, and the second half is also a part of the corresponding private key.

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    ^ All valid points

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    I've been wondering about this issue for several years. Finally someone explained it in detail. I didn't know that current Quantum Computers are for specific algorithms and can't do general computing (well). I didn't know that we can continue to use classical computing, and simply start using new algorithms that don't have fast quantum computing solutions yet. I didn't know that Quantum computers had a known system of security that can be used. And most importantly I didn't actually know about general purpose quantum computing, I was just told "It can just guess all the possibilities at once and break any encryption". Jeepers, can't trust specialists on the news anymore.

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    Simple answer: no.

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    You can just use paper and burn it after it's read. Encrypt it on offline devices and encrypt it on offline devices. No internet no middleman no breaking the code unless the sender or reciever gives it up. Its slower and inconvenient however as technology progresses answers often regress.

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    So say someone would intercept both the packets as well as the public key. The time it'll take to generate a decryption key would mean it'll be outdated for new messages sent. Couldn't they however still use their generated key for packets they sniffed out during the same session in which the (now decrypted) public key was sent? i.e. still decrypt your messages; just delayed.

  87. Frame of Essence

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    WPA2 only adds security for the journey from the device to the router. So that would only need to be broken through if the eavesdropper is trying to get into your local network.

  88. Dutch Blades

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    +Frame of Essence Thanks for the reply ;) Would there be additional encryption added when it comes to wireless traffic from router to client? Or would it be just as bad as being on the exact same network as a potential hacker on a Starbucks hotspot or something when it comes to sniffing out packets? I'd imagine you could use Wireshark on monitor mode or similar software with a WiFi adapter to intercept any traffic otherwise... Then again, cracking a WPA2 encryption is nowhere near as time consuming as SSL traffic would be...

  89. Frame of Essence

    Frame of Essenceหลายเดือนก่อน

    Yes they can. They would have to target someone specifically though, since storing everyone's packets could get costly.

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    What if the 'easvedropper' just sends 'q-bits' to the server acting like they're the guy stealing from them. Then you get a key, right? Like a Man In The Middle Attack EDIT: Nevermind, that was brought up

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    How would you send a "copy" of a q bit to the customer you can't copy them

  92. Frame of Essence

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    If you already know what the qubit state is, you can just make another one with the same state. It's a "copy" in a sense, but it isn't cloned from the original.

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    wait quantum computers have to rely on an entirely different Internet? Does that mean there will be 2 Internets with their own content?

  94. Frame of Essence

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    The quantum internet would only be for generating keys. Everything else can be on the normal internet.

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    So its possible for to run the BB84 protocol on regular computers

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    You can simulate BB84 on classical computers, but it's not safe to use anymore since you can fully control the quantum state.

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    7:40 so you can run convention computer programs on quantum computers(with emulation most likely but it means that you CAN use binary code with quantum computers)

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    but how can data, that under no circumstances be observed/measured (like the qubits) be transmitted? how can you b certain that the cubits that you have are equal to the once the server has? the act of transferring data with anything would be impossible with qbits in superpositions or am I totaly wrong here?

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    The properties are preserved as long as the state doesn't get exposed to the environment. So for example, if you store the qubit in a photon's polarization, the quantum properties are preserved as long as you don't cause the polarization to effect the environment somehow.

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